Olmert's secretary under investigation
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.01.07, 12:21
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1. this is no unusual for the gang of olmerde
haim ,   mtl canada   (01.02.07)
2. Surprise surprise
9-5   (01.02.07)
Pens, paintings, tax free, sign up sign up...small fee of course...
Terry ,   eILAT - iSRAEL   (01.02.07)
4. Hmmmmmmmm not surprised
5. The real undoing of this country . . .
Fred Nerks ,   Israel   (01.02.07)
Who needs enemies from the outside when Israel is run by the types of people we have from within? We're our own destroyers. It started off with a few 'kidainiks'. But now the culture of corruption is present in all echelons of society - from the top down - like a cancer that is terminal. Save Israel (from itself)!
6. Well, surprise me...... not!
Liz   (01.02.07)
7. hUMMM who is going to investagate MAZUZ and the entire MK
R0OBIN   (01.02.07)
investagate MAZUZ and the entire MK mafianitcks, they are the ones who rape and smile and sale the nation to arabs for cassino and personal benefits
8. Olmert: not only ineffective but corrupt as well !!!
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.02.07)
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