Bush considers firing senior US commander in Iraq
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.01.07, 20:37
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1. Glad to hear Bush isn't backing off
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.02.07)
He doesn't want anything less than a American victory. That's what I like about him and I for one wish him luck and if I could give him 8 more years in the White House to accomplish it I'd do that too! Don't withdrawl from the middle east until it is civilized or depopulated!
2. To #1
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.02.07)
This will be a good one. If the moonbats (Dems) deny more troops, guess whose fault our not winning will be? If they ok more troops, they'll go back on everything they promised, in order to get elected, and there'll be hell to pay in 2008. This will be fun to watch. And they think Bush isn't smart. HA!
3. halutz should follow suit!
Arie ,   Afula   (01.02.07)
4. #2 Hartley - Diversity of Skills
Umm El Kul Naqba   (01.02.07)
Right Man At Right Time for the Unfortunate Job Thrust Upon Him It may well be true that Bush is not a Rhodes scholar or a Harvard scholar, but when Islamic terrorists attacked USA at WTC, pentagon, and where ever the third intended planes was to hit, it was not a time when USA or the world needed a scholar to philosophize or debate moral issues. What was needed was someone with ability to stand up and fight. That is exactly what Bush did. The fact that Afghanistan is largely off the radar screen speaks strongly for Bush. Iraq has been more difficult but Bush's resolve to win the war is admirable and commendable. Many others (Dems specifically) would cut and run causing permanent damage to USA's image as a trustworthy determined world leader. There are times to do the right thing and this is not always popular. Again Bush chose to do what is right even though it hurt his party in the last elections. History will decide. Unfortunately if USA and others do not act soon, Iran will be rewriting "history" with Islamic imagination totally devoid of facts and creating a new reality for the world.
5. fire his black ass
6. No Accountability
Thomas ,   Philadelphia USA   (01.02.07)
Now Bush is blaming the military for his failures?? What a shameless guy!
7. To #4
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.02.07)
I am a Bush supporter, because I do believe the man tries to do what he thinks to be right. As for "book learning," he does have a degree from Yale, and that isn't too shabby.
8. Following Honest Abe
Captain America ,   USA   (01.02.07)
I like Casey, but generals are fungible. His troop level forecasts were worse than guessing the Dow. Let's do something serious like conquer and then sort out the losers. This is what Israel should have done with Lebanon last summer. This is war, not nicey-nice
9. Unfortunately, Bush Doesn't Fire Anyone
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.03.07)
This is a war that could have been won, hands down in 1 year, even with 6 months of bad strategy. Close the border with Iran. Not done. Close the border with Syria. Not done. Level every Sunni insurgent city. Not done. Take out Muqtar al Muqtar. Not done. Level every Shiite insurgent city. Not done. Pulverize Hezbullah in Lebanon. NOT done x2. This administration has worked tirelessly to lose this war, and that is the real tragedy. And that failure is Bush's, not the Secretary of Defense, not the Iraqis, not the Saudis, and really, not the Iranian's either.
10. moronic
sid ,   boston usa   (01.03.07)
bush is certifiably embecilic, the only reason he invaded the middle east is 'cos he thought it was west of chicago.
11. Bush will have major defeat
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.03.07)
A fool president who divides israel and rewards Islamic terrorists at Israel's cost will have no victory only great defeat and disaster. A curse follows the idiot Bush because of his cursed Road Map which weakens and endangers Israel.
12. 3000 Americans died to allow murderous islamics
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (01.03.07)
murdering other murderous islamics. The war in Iraq has been a waste of American lives and American wounded. The Veterans Administration is three billion, as in $3, 000, 000, 000 short of money to treat soldiers while the fool bush continues the war. Bring the troops home and let the arabs kill the arabs, they are all infidels to each other.
13. It's beginning to look like Richard Nixon
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.03.07)
in the fall of '73!
14. Hidden Agenda
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (01.03.07)
This so called "surge in troops" carefully conceived can only offer one explanation. That is.... a convienient cover for the real purpose and that is to prepare more troops to support Israeli preemptive actions i.e. bombing of Iranian strategic sites. There is no other possible explanation as Bush and most American politicians are agreed on reducing troop levels in Iraq.
15. Embarrassed to be an American
BG ,   Ann Arbor, MI   (01.03.07)
These "kill them all" nut jobs who are commenting here are not representative of the majority of Americans. They are the hard core ignorant dead-enders who's only option is to talk loudly every chance they get because reality and history are against them.
16. Bush&Iraq
Robert Ferrin ,   Bliss, new york   (01.03.07)
Wake up people,Bush MAY have a degree but in reality he is only one click from being an imbecile,and this is what represents America? you have to be kidding or moronic.!!!!
17. All Hail !
steve sulkanen ,   bay,city ,MI USA   (01.03.07)
Unlike Marist rhetoric, the manifest national suicide is visable. The dolt from Teexas is determined that three thousand families will have the company of + three thousand more mourning lost son,brothers, father and others. How long can one waste pity on a country that ignores the warnings of Franklin, Jefferson and others about power drawing liars ??As the country is bled in real blood,,money and hope for the futuree, it will be harder for even average intelligenc folks to deny the decline and dismemberment of 'American' control of the planet. Against that future, I am urging my kids to abandon the US for less pathetic populations and countries. Stone brutality will be answered in kind from a world that had hoped for a better example in the US. As global pariahs, Americans will never again have any kind of fear free existance . Quite possibly, they never really deserved it to begin with. Electing dolt after dolt after dolt. Endless varieties of liars and plunderers. Self inflicted Blade Runner scenarios . Hated by all and respected by none . All Hail the rise of the American Emperor ! I think I'll save my Army discharge for when the lights go out and candles cannot be found on any shelf. It should burn long enough to find other useless paper Steve S.
18. Bush's war
Mike Wallens ,   Kansas City, Mo   (01.03.07)
Instead of more time in office, Bush should be impeached for treason. He lied us into a pointless war against a country that posed no threat to us and now he wants to throw good money after bad to save his pathetic ego. It's sickening. What makes me even more sick is that I voted for him in 2000. Even though the libs are terrible I don't think they could have done a worse job.
19. Bush Treason and Deceit
LTC ret G.E.Anderson ,   Colo Spgs CO   (01.03.07)
Remember that Hitler had to fire FM Von Blomberg to castrate the German General Staff
20. Cut and run: It might be fun.
Clayton Hallmark ,   Twinsburg Ohio   (01.03.07)
This war is a joke -- except to the whole contry of Iraq, which is going through hell and except for 3000 dead US service personnel, 25,000 injured, and their families and friends. We just voted to end this cruel joke. Congress: Let's do it. Cut off the funds and it will end in days. Then let's try the traitors who lied us into this war. I have in mind at least Bush, Cheney, Colin Powell, and Rummy. Yes, cut and run -- just get out. "It doesn't take much guts to do something when there's nothing else you can do." -- Tom Joad (Grapes of Wrath)
21. firing casey
Caesar ,   anderson, anderson   (01.04.07)
Bush sounds a lot like Hitler at Stalingrad. With the proper intel, it's always the case that the commander has the best view of the situation. His view is apolitical, however, and is not what Bush wants to hear. While american servicemen suffer, Bush plays a giant goepolitical board game.
22. Bush's Iraq Policy
James Richardson ,   San Diego   (01.04.07)
Congress should authorize an increase in Iraq's war budget ONLY if President Bush and Vice President Cheney offer to go to Iraq and lead the troops in battle themselves. Alexander the Great led his army as did Caesar and Napoleon. George Washington saw actual combat himself. These great men did it. They fought themselves. So let us see America's two leading "lying yellow belly cowards" show some real courage. If these two "yellow belly cowards" feel so strong about achieving victory (whatever that is) in Iraq let them LEAD ON to Victory. If Bush thinks of himself as Caesar let him show some of Caesar's courage. Of course we all know this will never happen. These two "lying yellow belly cowards" sat out the one war where they could have shown their stuff. VIETNAM. Cheney had "better things to do"...his own words. And Bush served out the war on the USS Barstool trying to convince the ladies he was a dashing deering do pilot. Unlike all Navy ships that are painted grey...the USS Barstool was "yellow". His daddy got him the assignment. So, if and only if, Bush and Cheney, the two leading "yellow belly cowards" offer to go and lead the troops should Congress offer to fund any more operations in Iraq.
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