Fatah official: Hamas training in Iran, Lebanon
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 03.01.07, 13:02
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1. And what exactly is Israel doing about this?!?
marc ,   london   (01.03.07)
Waiting until those the terrorists are ready so they can humiliate Israel again!!! Why is this interview not printed in the western press so that the civilised world can actually see for themselves what Israel has to deal with....
2. #1 - I'm with you! THE OTHER MEDIA DONT CARE
Ertok   (01.03.07)
Yes, our friends at the Guardian and Reuters will never let us know about this stuff will they? In any case , I hope by the time the next war is again started by Arab aggression - Olmert will be pushed aside and someone with BALLS gets in and smashes these scum - too bad for "civilians!, civilians!" They don't play by the rules. Just sickening.
3. I think Dahlan should be part of the Knesset
Mohamed ,   Gaza Palestine   (01.03.07)
he is our Karazai
4. Fatah is becoming a collaborator with the occuppier
Ayman ,   Haifa Palestine   (01.03.07)
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (01.03.07)
Where do the fatahists go to learn one end of a gun from the other??? Something is very fishy in this highly propagandized news item...
6. Surprise, surprise!!
Shalom Now ,   TA, Israel   (01.03.07)
7. Enough with Ceasefire, UN votes, False peace & weak leaders
Joseph ,   LA   (01.03.07)
WAKE UP call to Israel and all western countries worldwide. No more proof or messages between the lines are needed. These guys are calling "All in" pre-flop. You have Islamic fundamentalists planning a WWIII scenairo with the Epic-entre on Israel where they can draw in wider regions. You don't have to be a rocket scientest or WPT poker player to see this one! Iran is acting like the physical backbone or mother ship, funding, training, politically covering them (bluffing the Media and UN), encouraging or pushing even moderate Islam to the dark side. They're rounding up all the small groups like Hamas, Hizboullah etc and organizing their pieces for their game of chess. You have Al Queda which is the virtual dogma network. providing experience to new cells stepping up to the challenge and pushing any would be Islamic nations to join in or face the consequences. Other "so-called" moderate islam nations is what the world really has to worry about, epecially Pakistan. They already have nuclear weapons, defending Taliban in their country (and possibly Al Quda's Osama Bin laden) and def in cahoots with Iran waiting for the right conditions. My predictions would be: Hamas and Hizboullah opening up another conflict with Israel later this year. This time with heavier weapons and training. Iran will try to draw Syria if possible into the pot to go for a all out war. However the major play will be another large terror attack in the US. If they have it their way, a nuclear or chemical weapon smuggled inside courtesy of Iran (via Pakistan, Russia black market, etc). At the same time Iran will try to blockade all OIL passing through Mid east and bringing Economies of the west to their knees, only making situation more desperate for everyone. Capitilizing on this huge spread of terror worldwide they will activate thier cells worldwide including Europe. Trying to get the world to ostrcize moderate islam nations which will turn them or push them or thier people to challenge thier governments and join the now spreading terror campaign. This already spreading Virus is almost to late to stop as their game is already in play. Weak leaders such as Olmert/Peretz and out-going bush with his hands tied only makes things all the more worse. The only way to kill this snake is to chop it's head off sending a clear message, i.e. pre-emptive joint action strike on Iran. Taking Iran down will break a lot of the organization, funding, infrastructure behind their global terror network. Act now and save millions of innocent lives. Act later and suffer the consequences. The sad thing is, all this is not even a secret it's what they've been preaching for past years only difference now is they're openly admitting it to the press. gabi777 at gmail dot com
8. #7....couldn't agree more!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.03.07)
Why is it so hard for people to see the truth? How come we let countries like China and Russia dictate how we handle our own security? It's time to free Israel's hands and work on solving this global porblem before its too late. People who don't learn from history will repeat it and in this case many will die because of it.
9. Olmert: "WE are TIRED of DEFEATING our ENEMIES"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.03.07)
"We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want to be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies." -- Ehud Olmert in a June 2005 address to the Israel Policy Forum in New York. Olmert makes the stunning admission that he's tired of defeating Israel's enemies. Israel won every war. The second Lebanon war was different. Under intense U.S. pressure, Israel's weak leaders chose surrender - agreeing to the UN resolution that prevented the goal vital to Israel's security - eliminating the rocket threat from Lebanon. UN Resolution 1701 successfully prevented Israel from defeating Iran's terrorist army Hezbollah thus aiding and empowering Hezbollah who now threaten to take over Lebanon. Israel surrendered Gaza - Jewish land in exchange for war to PA/PLO/Hamas terrorists. Tired of winning, Olmert is determined to surrender the strategic high ground of Judea and Samaria to Israel's implacable enemies, so that they can win. Peace never came via phony peace agreements or resolutions. Peace is achieved only through utter defeat of the enemy. Dear Israelis - surround the Knesset. Demand a stop to the surrenders. Demand that your enemies are utterly defeated.
10. #4 No such thing as Haifa, Palestine
Logic ,   Israel   (01.03.07)
only Haifa, Israel. I bet you believe in the tooth fairy too.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (01.03.07)
If Hamas is smuggling so many arms from Egypt through tunnels, why don't its leaders smuggle cash through those same tunnels instead of getting blocked at the Rafah crossing? These stories are very hard to believe.
12. Iran training Hamas
Brod ,   USA   (01.03.07)
Israel should not wait. It should defang Hamas once and for all. Or, Israel should give Gaza to Egypt and let Egypt institute law and order in the land of lawlessness.
13. #11...hard to believe...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.03.07)
its hard to believe that people like you actuallyly exist. You probably think the US was responsible for the 9/11 attacks don't you? You are a self hating individual who for some reason comes on this website to share your garbage.
14. #10, my father was born in Haifa palestine
Ayman ,   Haifa Palestine   (01.03.07)
And I am from Haifa \palestine and my son is from Haifa palestine... specialy that now there is no Green line.
15. #10
Joe ,   Canada   (01.03.07)
this is old news that hamas is training in iran,get something new,and to ayman,it is Haifa Isreal,you fully well know that there is no haifa palestine,and if Haifa is where you were born,that makes you an ISREALI arab.
16. Haifa is in Palestine just as Ma'ale Adumim is in Israel
Ayman ,   Haifa Palestine   (01.04.07)
You can call it what you want, but for me and for my ancestors of 7 generations, Haifa is in palestine as you claim as Ariel is in Israe
17. Ayman
jason ,   usa   (01.04.07)
so.. why is it in Israel on the MAP
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