Saddam co-defendants to be executed Thursday
Associated Press
Published: 03.01.07, 15:41
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1. Aww, couldnt they keep them for regular weekendhanging slot
on TV ,   Alan SA   (01.03.07)
2. Not Soon Enough! Go Great Satan!
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.03.07)
3. Please, just get it done and then give it a rest.
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.03.07)
4. Hangem' High
jeremy   (01.03.07)
What more can be said, Hang them all and be done with it.
5. great satan???
stephen ,   ludlow usa.   (01.04.07)
The moment sadam died, the evil spirts that drove him, demons if you will, left his body. They seek or have already found a new host. The same will happen with the next ones that hang. These demons will not seek out joe the farmer, they will enter someone that loves power, wealth, leadership. Will it be bush, blair, or your next leader?
6. have watched that movie way too many times..
DeAnna ,   OHIO, USA   (01.04.07)
What is it called "fallen" or something Time is on your side, bud. get it together already....we dont need another ahmadinejad
7. #6 deanna
stephen ,   ludlow usa.   (01.04.07)
Never heard of the movie. haven't had a tv in over 20 years. what i said is Biblical.
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