Poll: Most Israelis unsatisfied with Olmert's performance
Published: 03.01.07, 16:03
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1. Prime Minister's performance
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.03.07)
As an Israeli living abroad, it is sad to see that Israelis are never really satisfied with their leaders. When was the last time the country was trully happy about their leadership and how they handle their affairs? The people of Israel need to unite and find a strong leader who will stand up to the world and defend his people no matter what it takes. I don't see this happening soon, though.
2. # 1
Critique of Critic   (01.03.07)
Well, that "strong leader" won't be you "DR 'living abroad.' "
3. Olmert: "WE are TIRED of DEFEATING our ENEMIES"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.03.07)
"We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want to be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies." -- Ehud Olmert in a June 2005 address to the Israel Policy Forum in New York. Olmert makes the stunning admission that he's tired of defeating Israel's enemies. Israel won every war. The second Lebanon war was different. Under intense U.S. pressure, Israel's weak leaders chose surrender - agreeing to the UN resolution that prevented the goal vital to Israel's security - eliminating the rocket threat from Lebanon. UN Resolution 1701 successfully prevented Israel from defeating Iran's terrorist army Hezbollah thus aiding and empowering Hezbollah who now threaten to take over Lebanon. Israel surrendered Gaza - Jewish land in exchange for war to PA/PLO/Hamas terrorists. Tired of winning, Olmert is determined to surrender the strategic high ground of Judea and Samaria to Israel's implacable enemies, so that they can win. Peace never came via phony peace agreements or resolutions. Peace is achieved only through utter defeat of the enemy. Dear Israelis - surround the Knesset. Demand a stop to the surrenders. Demand that your enemies are utterly defeated.
5. Olmert's performance
jeremy ,   Upper Galilee   (01.03.07)
Olmert's performance, I'm not crazy about it, however, he is the only one that is around to do the job. I would be more satisfied if he did fire the Chief of Staff and that fool Amir Peretz. Our country has serous problems that need solving along with planning for our next war and those 2 are only a hinderance in getting the job done.
6. #5 - Bibi or Lieberman next! The country turned right !
redmike ,   tel aviv & london   (01.03.07)
7. Quality of a leader
Brod ,   USA   (01.03.07)
You know the quality of a leader by the people he hires and surrounds himself with.
8. #2, really?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.03.07)
I was hoping to run in 2008, but I guess I should stay here, huh? What are you french or something? Moron!
9. response to #6
jeremy ,   Upper Galilee   (01.03.07)
I like Bibi but as my Finance Minister not Prim Minister. What we need is strong leaders like Sharon, Golda, Begin however, there isn't a party in this country that has any leaders or party members that could lead our country and solve the problems we have. We need first and formost, get rid of all these small parties and have a goverment more on the lines of the U.S or at least like the English with a Loyal Oppistion, not one bent on bring the goverment down every other day
10. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (01.03.07)
not surprising at all. he should have resigned a long time ago. and now for the good of the country - the sooner the better he ruined jerusalem and now he is ruiniing the country.
11. #9: Golda wasn't a strong leader
David ,   Montreal   (01.03.07)
She misjudged badly in the Yom Kippur war; however, unlike the present bunch of "leaders" she did the honorable thing and resigned. What is perhaps better to note is the difference between her generation of leaders and the current one. What's the count: A president under investigation for rape, a justice minister ditto, a ramat kal that thinks more of his stock portfolio than his men, and an incompetant crook as PM.
12. its not the talkbackers who are driving this...
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.03.07)
the talkbackers (and believe me there are 100 in hebrew for every 1 in english) are only REFLECTING the overall trend of EXTREME DISSATISFACTION which is similar to the mood about Ehud Barak in the winter of 2000-2001 before he got trounced by Sharon...
13. Dear Linda - your intentions are good but....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.03.07)
Please remember that Olmert rejected the first draft of UN Resolution 1701 put together by the US administration. Further, in every war since the inception of the State of Israel, the USA has called upon us to "show restraint" and as the US is the only "friend" that we have who has veto power in the Security Council, Olmert had to toe the line, just as each and every one of his predecessors has done. It is sad but true. Even Shamir had to go to Madrid and talk to the terrorist Arafat. However, the security situation is not the biggest problem facing us Israelis who LIVE in Israel. It is the total breakdown of what is right and what is wrong. There is no law and order. The country is in a state of anarchy with an incompetent police force, corrupt politicians and civil servants and general public apathy. This is the tragedy of Israel in the year 2007 and to make it worse, no one is doing anything about it! Mr. Israeli is just too apathetic to get off his butt and demonstrate or call Olmert and the rest of the gang to task. The opposition is even worse! Attacking the Gay Pride Parade, Shabbat shopping ans El Al flying on the Sabbath was the order of the day when it should have been combating the horrific crime rate, the disaster of youth violence, the drunkenness, the road rage and death toll on the roads and the general lawlessness. Our enemies are probably laughing their heads off at the scandals and watching Israel fall apart from within! We don’t need to defeat our enemies, we are defeating ourselves!
14. Olmert
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.07)
managers do things right leaders do the right thing, Our PrimeMinsiter does not seem to be in the catagory of leaders, I ma certain he as well as many jnow what could be done it takes guts and strong leadership its somewhat sad that knowing that the majority of the public is in favour of major connessions for an agrement that the leaders are reluctant or afraid to act strongly. Only crisis make them really move at usualy great cost inhuman lives and many casulties
15. Olmert couldn't care less
malcolm   (01.03.07)
He's more about power & money. He intentionally set up a weak government..Not a single person will be willing to step down, So there will never be a no confidence vote and he will sail to 2010 unless his buddy Mazuz is forced to indict him for something.
whose the moron? ,   ask yourself   (01.03.07)
You have chutzpa telling those of us who RESIDE in Israel how we should react/feel about our present Government. The bottom line is that one is supposed to learn from ones mistakes not continue with them. This Govt has shown itself to be inconsiderate of the needs of the people, they just had a wage increase, whilst they cut social services in other areas, tell me how that is fair?? Whatever your reasons for being in the U.S. the situation in Israel has changed, you can feel it on the street, people are insecure about their jobs, their pensions, their health, and now their security..everything has been stripped away..and when u turn to the one place that you think u will find the answers u discover incompetence. A President who has a track record for womanising, a PM that every second day is being questioned over realestate deals or such, an ex Histadrut person who doesnt present any credibility, of course he is not to blame for his predecessors mistakes but in his position knowledge is the essence of understanding and I dont think he has either. We need to unite? We are united in the thought that the Govt has to go..who is listening...where is this great leader that u propose we find..? Maybe u should be more united with us than criticizing us from afar.
17. Olmert could lead Israel to it's own destruction!
Nannette ,   London, UK   (01.03.07)
Israel needs a strong, democratic government, whose main concern should be the protection of the Israelis, not the opinion of internationals. Israel needs patriotic, solid leaders, who will implement a proper constitution, change the way elections are held, and allow Israelis to have proportional voting by electing their local MKs, instead of voting for one party. If this happens, a lot of corruption will disappear overnight, because no-one will vote for anyone with dirt on their hands. Get a new government who will protect the people, the land, and won't be manipulated by the international leaders who don't care about Jews!
18. WHAT ONLY 77% ----- You ISRAELIs need a Doctor
19. #16...that is the point.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.03.07)
No matter who runs the country, Israelis are always mad. Why can't the country ever find someone that most of the people will be happy with? Why is it so hard to fins a good leader?
20. #19 Global Politics
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.07)
Okay DR - you ask a question - here's an answer: In the US - a politician falls in the polls and he will do everything possible to change that. In Israel - a politician only need satisfy other elected leaders. This can be done with bribes and promises of power. But both Israeli's and Americans complain about their leaders on a regular basis. In fact - so do the populations of every other free country in the world. Come to think of it - that's part of the beauty of a "Democracy". At least we can complain about our incompatent leader without fear of someone beating down our door in the middle of the night....
21. A government if incompetents.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (01.03.07)
The problem is that all these morons love their jobs & all the perks that come with it, therefore there is nobody in power to bring this incompetent government down.
22. To #13
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.03.07)
Although your post sounds awful, there has to be a solution. I used to think that it was a streak of stubborn defiance for Israelis not to get too upset about one thing or the other, but I'm starting to believe that you're right about a general apathy. I was speaking with an Israeli acquaintance about Sderot being constantly bombarded with qassams and was astounded to be told, that "so what, that's 80 kms south of here. It doesn't affect us." If someone, week in and week out, lobbed anything at Alaska or Hawaii, thousands of miles from where I am, and nobody did anything about it, it most certainly would affect me. I'd be furious as hell, and I would let the powers that be know it. I wouldn't mince any words, either. And if that didn't work, I'd rile up a whole bunch more just like me, and do whatever it took to make somebody listen and do something. If you can't be passionate about your country, then about what? Considering how hard your forebears fought for a State of Israel, the possibility of its falling by the wayside piece by ceded, little piece is simply too much. Tell me that it isn't so and that you're just having a bad day or I will get major depressed.
23. # 19 dr
Yossi   (01.03.07)
You have rejected your country to live in galut. Please don't give us your advice. It is not welcomed.
24. #1 Civilized, becomes #8 moron.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (01.03.07)
DR. Florida: Please decide. Are you #1 or are you #8. PS: I hope DR does not mean "doctor.", as you seem to have uncontrolable nerves. Not a good thing under stress.
25. #22 Mr. Hartley - we haven't lost heart
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.07)
Yes - like most nations in the free world - we don't like our politicians most of the time. Yes - like every other country in the world we are plagued with humanity in freedom and all the good and BAD that goes with it. BUT we have not lost heart. Our nation is growing. Our economy has survived what most countries never would. We still crank out heros. We still laugh in the streets and hang art on our walls. We have a future and a hope. Talkbackers claiming "anarchy in the streets" are either crazy or have never been to Israel. Our civil crime rate in our cities is still one of the lowest in the entire world. The crime rates of our policitians - on the other hand - are among the highest in the world. Says something - doesn't it.
26. nobody asked me
mama ,   israel   (01.03.07)
nobody asked me or my friends or make that 90%
27. To #29
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.03.07)
Hope! As long as there's hope...... As for your politicians, throw out the bums and elect a better set of bums, although I don't think it works in Israel as it does here. Heck, we can get new jr. bums every two years, and if we feel real nasty, we can make sure that those are so off the wall they will tie the Sr. bums into knots to where nobody, including the Big Kahuna, can do much of anything. I am, btw., a Ms :-)
28. 77% dissatifaction
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (01.03.07)
Mr. Olmert seems to be a maximalist. He is waiting for a 100% dissatisfaction from him on the polls. Then he will decide. Such a sensitive person is rare in the annals of leadership.
29. Does anyone know?
Maria T ,   Canada   (01.03.07)
I'd like to know more about the Harry Truman Institute that took this poll. Polls can be skewed, we all know that. I'd thought the support for Mr Olmert would be maybe around 20%, approximately the Arab population in Israel.
30. Olmert, Livni and the end of Israel
cato the younger ,   USA   (01.03.07)
It has recently been suggested by some,that Olmert's and Livni's performance is so blatantly destructive in terms of Israel's survival, that the only conclusion we can reach is that Olmert, Livni et al arte actually "manchurian candidates". Until very recently, I laughed at such a silly conclusion--I have stopped laughing.
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