Gaza infighting: 5 killed, 10 kidnapped
Ali Waked
Published: 03.01.07, 17:06
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1. The Un and EU should take notes.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.03.07)
The poor victimized Palestinians have no one to blame for their barbaric actions in the past few months. Israel has been the object of blame lately, but now the world needs to take notes and see what Israel is dealing with...primitive, tribal-like retards!!!
2. It's a Mafia war. Full stop.
enzo ,   (01.03.07)
3. This is all because of the occupation!!
Dhimmi Carter   (01.03.07)
If only those evil joooooos would get out of gaza, there would be peace on earth with unicorns, fuzzy bunnies and pixie dust for everyone. What's that? The joooooos DID leave gaza? OK, then it must be mossad operatives at work. Whatever, clearly it's the jooooos' fault! Fight the occupation!!!111
4. Free Palestine!
denon ,   Boston   (01.03.07)
Zionists can't fool us - we know these are Mossad zionist entity operatives dressed like heroic Hamas and Fatah (correct pronounciation Khhhamas and Fatakhhhhh) are killing inocent bystanders to fool the world! But our European friends can not be fooled! They know who the zionist-criminals are! They don't even have to look. Actually, they are not even looking... Eh, mm - it is our tribal-human right to kill each other in the name of Allah! Yeah, right - that's it. We have the rights for democracy too, you know! We couldn't kill each other b'ze of the zionist-criminal soldiers occupying Gaza and not letting us to shoot at each other - but now they are gone, praise the Allah. Yahoo, lets go fight now! Victory to both Fatakhhhhh and Khhhhamas
5. This GunTesting. US-Egyptian Vs Iranian-Syrian supplied guns
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.03.07)
6. occupation, occupation
honest man ,   los angeles   (01.03.07)
yes, occupation is the cause of all this infightings! cause of all the masacres in arab world, killing shiites, sunis, hanafis, hanbalis, bahais, ahmadis, ...the reason of all the clashes is only joooooooooos any other alternative reasoning, is devise of mosad, period
7. What could make this situation better?
Pinchas ,   TEXAS   (01.03.07)
Only Jimmy Carter getting caught in the crossfire could make this better.
8. Good one #3 :D
busdicker ,   Canfield   (01.03.07)
And don't's the "religion of peace."
9. gaza violence
fish ,   t-a   (01.03.07)
I wonder if saeb erekat will say tonight on cnn - it's becasue of the israeli agression and occupation. Pal-s have been seliing their lies so succesfully to the world, that even now when it's plain to see to anyone who wants to see it that sectarian, clan mafia-style struggle for power, the world, human rights do-gooders, UNWRA, everyone is keeping silence.Shame on the world - you feed ad sponsor these barabarians! Every dollar and euro you send them is used by them for killing only, not for schools, hospitals and welfare.
10. Why 5 ? because Jan. 3 is odd day
11. #9 speaking of selling
remind us of the guns, Israel has sold to Fatah the other day.
12. with whom do we want make peace.
ami ,   israel   (01.03.07)
13. The Pals wanted this, and voted for it!
CO   (01.03.07)
LOL Dummies with
14. To # 1
Natan ,   PA, USA   (01.03.07)
You know that somehow in their twisted,sick mind they will find a way to blame Israel for this, and don't be surprised if the UN "buys" into it. On the other hand, you are right. How can anyone expect Israel to reach any sort of agreement with this kind of mob mentality!!
15. Fatah traitor, Hamas will win !!
Halil ,   Palestine   (01.04.07)
16. OK, Here's my deduction
john ,   nz   (01.04.07)
Fatah, Hamas, Blah Blah Brigade always reiterate that Israel stole their land and they want to liberate it. Assuming Israel gave back all the land they want to them. Then what happen. It'll probably be worst than Iraq now. Even now, they got back some of the occupied land, and they are fighting each other to death. When # 4 said Free Palestine, I wonder if he's joking !
17. #14.. i know
jason ,   usa   (01.04.07)
the UN dose.
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