Iran leader: I believe Israel will soon collapse
Published: 04.01.07, 07:23
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61. I'd like to see the original Farsi
rich_wicks ,   United Stated   (03.05.07)
I'm suspicious about the translation and claims your article made. Can you please provide us with the original Farsi and the source which you obtained it from?
62. To 50
rich_wicks ,   United States   (03.05.07)
Don't you ever wonder why on the Internet, where there are are terrabytes of information, it's never considered newsworthy to produce the ORIGINAL statements in the language of the speaker? MEMRI produced this "translation". Memri was founded by Carmen Yigal, an IDF colonel, supposedly retired. MEMRI made false claims that binLaden threatened to attack US states that voted for Bush. I had access to binLaden's full speech, and the original Arabic. MEMRI lied. Why isn't the original Farsi available? At most it would be a few kilobytes to have the complete speech. It wouldn't even slow down the page loading up. It would take up less space than an advertisement here. Yet, it's not available. Hunh.
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