Mubarak hints: We’ll develop nukes
Roee Nahmias
Published: 05.01.07, 03:38
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1. G-d is winning - Big Time
YB   (01.05.07)
Israel was always in the mind set "we are strong and our forces are the best." WellG-d is showing you that, all your nieghbors are going to be making NUKES and there is nothing you can do about it. Even if they dont use them, they can still use unlimited conventional bombs and we cant threten them with NUKES because they will have it. May we all return to G-d and let him deal with the evil nations
2. thanks to worlds appeasement against Iran
uli   (01.05.07)
3. It will happen
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (01.05.07)
we all will have the nuclears in next 600 years. we will start to fight. than THE BOSS, up there will turn the light off. just cry and pray. do not take any side with any bad guys, politicians. even in your minds pray for world peace which we will never have.
4. The new Islamic Sword - WMD...
Norway   (01.05.07)
- is tailored to the basic attitude of the Moslem culture, with a value of scale - graded according to strenght, from weakness to dominans. A gathering symbol - with frightening perspectives. Iran is developing nukes, basically to nuke Israel as the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem. Few years ago – the former primeminister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammed; at the top-leader conference for the worlds 57 Moslem countries – said: “That the worlds 57 Moslem countries, with their 1.3 bn peoples, now had to put away all inner differences, in which to cope with the threat from the Jews. He meant that the Moslems now had to win the Western World for themselves, by ending suicide terrorism, and to enter into a temporary peace agrement, then in its time - the Moslems under a common strategy, could triumph over the tiny minority of 12 million Jews." Well - the common strategy is evident...
5. Egypts nukes are for Israel, not Iran
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (01.05.07)
Israel, wake up and smell the coffee. a country at "peace" with Israel has a state run media supporting anti-semitism in its most disgusting forms. Egypt made peace for US billions in aid, when this runs out peace ends with Egypt having developed nukes on us billions.
6. #5 You cann't stop development of its armament, either
so, think of other alternative for development of peace, other than raising armament and capture of land.
7. Not quite accurate #2
Sadhasiv ,   Baltimore, USA   (01.05.07)
Actually, the west was overlooking shenanigans by Pakistan's terrorist president Zia ul-Haq and his protege AQ Khan in 1980's; Khan was caught in 2004 due to a flamboyant lifestyle way beyond stated means. So, it dates back much earlier than appeasement of Iran (which BTW, got its nuke tech from that Bhopali thug Khan in the first place)
8. don't worry
bariah ,   downtown   (01.05.07)
I would tell you what's really going on but israel's enemies monitor these blogs.I'll tell you don't worry just support.
9. #3... shit??
john ,   nz   (01.06.07)
I doubt we have 6 years left, let alone 600 years. The way things are going 6 weeks seems like eternity. Don't worry Mubarak, once Ahmedijerk got some, he'll give you one... but the chance for that to happen is really fat. The chance this planet will be destroyed by nuke is really good.
DEB ,   GREENFIELD   (01.06.07)
11. egypt may want nukes
m. bruecke ,   oklahoma city usa   (01.06.07)
oh, yeah....this statement virtually guarantees that the U.S., Israel, Britain, and the Saudis will soon be kicking some Persian asses...the lamebrain Iranian regime WILL be changed; just ask Sadam about that...oops, sorry, he's in the dirt, now, isn't he?
12. Egyptian MPs want nuclear bomb.
sam ,   L.A-USA   (02.04.07)
you shud not be worrey abaut iran peacfull nukliar Alert of your best frend Egapt,Jordan,saudi and rest of sunney Arabs. one day they will have the bomb with help of U.S & Franch.then 1st they are going to target tehran 2nd telaviv.
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