Iranian official: If threatened, we will use nuclear weapons
Associated Press
Published: 05.01.07, 15:04
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1. Where did u shop Nukes? From Pakistan or ex-Soviets?
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.05.07)
2. But They Promised They Wouldn't, So Why Worry?
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.05.07)
Don't worry, Olmert, Jimmy Carter, and the fearsome entity, The United Nations will come to Israel's defense every time.
3. Hey Israel, Time to Take Off The Gloves
Dennis Snail ,   Essex, England   (01.05.07)
They're serious about your extinction. You should be at least equally as serious about your own self - preservation. G' Luck.
Jack ,   RUSYA   (01.05.07)
5. Iran and nukes...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.05.07)
Again, if there are sceptics and those who doubt Iran's intentions...keep tuning in. they say, openly, what many deny. Israel will either be forced to act or the international community can step in first. Either way, Iran will be stopped.
6. What a surprise!
Cy ,   Windsor   (01.05.07)
Lets not kid ourselves. Iran is after the bomb. If not stopped Iran will deploy and test the bomb. Iran will use the bomb. Iran will start a nuclear war Its up to the countries of the world to unite against this nightmare scenario and stop Iran now. The Iranian leadership have lied so often that they have lost every shred of credibility so no country can afford to take anything they say from Iran at their word.
DACON9   (01.05.07)
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (01.05.07)
With all that oil in their garbage dump why would Iran want to import such things as nuclear materials to fuel electricity? Even Ahmad the Mad is not that crazy.
DAVID P ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (01.05.07)
10. And so it begins....
Yonatan ,   USA   (01.05.07)
Iran having nuclear weapons, is like handing a monkey a live hand grenade.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.05.07)
Many expressions come to mind, such as: Better them than us, Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today, It's better to be a hammer than a nail, & He who laughs last, laughs best. We are getting past the point of no-return & if we don't take action very soon, it will be too late. Two things you can be sure of: only military force can stop them & if they get nuclear weapons, we will be the first target.
12. Re:Destroy irans nuke sites or else
ahmadi ,   isfahan, iran   (01.05.07)
hey buddy, usa should destroy all its nuclear weapons before it asks other countries..
13. No Choice!!
Nav ,   Manchester, England   (01.05.07)
I think Iran has no option but to develop nuclear weapons now. When a country is threatened on all sides by other countries that all have nuclear weapons, then it goes without saying that they need them to ensure their existence. Hypocrisy is the real crime.
14. It's Tomahawk time!
Mr. Ed ,   Puerto Rico   (01.05.07)
It's Tomahawk time!
15. Don't threaten Iran
Amin   (01.05.07)
For all you f.ukkin idiots urging murder of Iranians. DON'T. Understand? Don't threaten Iran or Iranians.
16. 1938 all over again
Arie ,   Afula   (01.05.07)
and again the eurabians think they have the genocidal monkey under control
CANADA LIVE ,   Montreal Canada   (01.05.07)
The direction to look in is Israel's direction and not Iran, not America, not Australia and most certainly not Syria's direction nor that of England, China, North Korea, South Lebanon or any where else for that matter...just Israel's direction. Israel has the 2 things that 1 needs to do away with the terror that will definately take out the health & joy in world for all of us leaving nothing living unschorched. The 1st is the assurance that Sir Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will destroy Israel when he has the first chance to do so naming all the killed Arabs living in Israel as marters in G-D's army. The 2nd thing Israel has is the nuclear technology. What Israel lacks is the back bone needed to defend herself for...All of Israel's governments are corrupt and can only see as far as the dollar will allow them to see. Money and the poisitions of power have blinded Israel's leaders so no back bone to the nuke the Juke (Juke short for cockeroaches) Before it is too late for us all. What Sir Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn't realize is with less than 1% of his oil earnings he can easily have the people of Israel pack up and leave willingly and that is thanks to Ehud Olmert and his henchmen. The Israeli public is so desperate for a quality life and the right to live in peace and not peices... that for $1,000,000.00 each evey Israeli is willing to relocate to Australia, Canada, America, England, New Zealand, Bahamas and never look back. Yes Israeli's can be bought for cheap just ask them, go ahead and do a poll and see the results for yourself. Although sad but true...ehh are you affraid to take the poll cause the results will be too hard to swallow?
18. #3
Poitcha ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (01.05.07)
You are so very naive. G-d forbid should the Iranians use this warfare on Israel. Do you really think, that England is nuclear safe from these backward fanatics???? Think twice before you speak and think of your future and your future generations too.
19. to 15
Max ,   Paris   (01.05.07)
You're right ! Don't threaten Iran, Nuke them without threatening !!!
20. #12...what world do you live in?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.05.07)
The US ended WW2 with nukes and probably saved millions of lives in doing so. I don't know what they teach you in school, but since then, the US has been the world's superpower and police officer. Its the only country which is fair enough to create the UN and help countries in this shitty world. If there is one country that should have nukes, its the US. Iran is far from a modern, free country and it is run by fanatical religious freaks. Giving them nukes only puts people in danger. Why is this so hard for folks like you to understand?
21. #13...idiotic conclusion!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.05.07)
So when the US threatened Germany in WW2, should we have allowed Hitler to develop nukes? Your logic is flawed and backwards. We are threatening Iran because of the fact that they are trying to acquire nukes, not vice versa. Most people understand that a nuclear Iran is bad for everyone. Start reading and understanding this fact, because its true.
22. #15...Iran threatens the world.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.05.07)
Your leader, Ahmadine-monkey has threatened not only Israel, but Europe and the US. For people like you to support a crazed man so blindly only means you were brainwashed from an early age, or that you are morally corupt and blind. The US does not threaten the people of Iran, who for the most part hate their leaders. The international community ( including Iran's) allies are calling on Iran to be transparent with their nuclear program. Something they have not done. What are you hiding over there??? We all know that Iran supports terror groups like Hamas, Hezballah and others in the Iraqi insurgency, and now you want the world to turn away as they develop nukes? You are crazy!!!
23. THE WORRIED DR.........#5
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.05.07)
DR, dont you worry.There are enough people to worry about.But, as mentioned, appropriate measures are undertaken when certain powers tend to believe that they can excercise their illegitimate right to deny good usage of technology.Under certain circumstances, even religion allows usage of counter attack.So, be assured of counter attack.
24. Hurry up on that Moon Base
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.05.07)
I enjoy a good fight, NHL, Boxing, a tussle in a bar. But with all these countries and there stupid leaders, US, Israel, Iran, Russia, UK, Germany, China, it seems that every leader is headed down the path to nuclear warfare, Iran is building nukes, Egypt is declaring the same, Israel has them, Pakistan has them, India and China do too, and everyone knows the US and Russia do. Calls and threats are extremely common, It's only a matter of time with the market saturated in nukes that some retard will sell one, or launch one. Calls for dialogue however nice they seem, are not new, it doesn't work or it would of worked years ago. Religious freaks are in charge and that is what is the problem, Iran is awaiting the apocalypse, awaiting the 12th imam, Bush I believe is following the NWO plan of Albert Pike, just a pylon in a grand scheme that spans decades, China and Russia sit back and make money to increase there capacity and ability to whoever is buying. NK is destabalizing the SE. China might help them as they did in the 50's. Russia sits the fence. The UK and Canada blindly follow the US, Israel is trying to be so politically correct and moral that they appear to be treasonous to there own people. All these leaders are messed up and it's the innocent civilians that will suffer as they do in all wars. Bush will not be on the front line, Olmert won't be on the front line, monkey man or nasrallah won't be on the front line. None of these men is worth dying for, your country maybe, but our countries are hijacked by retards. We need worldwide coups by civilians that want prosperity and the survival of Earth which I would guess to amount to 80% of every countries population. I have a hard time believing all Iranians want to destroy Israel and go to war with the US, I have a hard time believing the US citizens really want more of there children dying overseas for causes unknown, or causes that will change over time as more leaked reality info comes available. We can't rely on the governments to eliminate militias and fascist ideas because they are the ones profitting from it. But as a fire is more easily spread than doused, this is unlikely. The US is being hijacked to pit Muslim against Jew. Every country displays biasism or media brainwash, when the jews and muslims are done fighting, christianity will be eliminated next by worldwide chaos, then we all live in the dark ages. I hope they finish that moon base and have available commercial flights before this starts.
25. #13
v. n.y. ,   usa   (01.05.07)
remember, iran was never threatened until the monkey started threatening israel and the usa in front of the entire world. get your facts straight!
26. To #12
Leslie ,   USA   (01.05.07)
The difference being that the US isn't run by someone who has deluded himself into thinking that he has to start a nuclear war to usher in the 12th imam.
27. What constitutes a threat?
CO   (01.05.07)
Defending free will and freedoms of the world will soon be a threat to Iran. Will defending yourself against terrorism be a threat? Obviously Israel is a threat to them now. Where does it end?
28. # 17 YOU ARE SO RIGHT !!!
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.05.07)
Amazing how you can live in Canada and know what price an Israeli is willing to accept to leave Israel never looking back, did someone try to buy you off or is that your asking price. I bet your the only one willing to accept payment to leave Israel. I read # 24 Ryan from Canada and boy you Canadians write long paragraphs. Usually Ginette from Canada hits a bulls eye with shorter paragraphs but that's a woman for you "sensible and words conscious". So what country is willing to accpet an ex Israeli with a million dollars to invest?
29. Things to come...
JR Ewing ,   East Texas, USA   (01.05.07)
All this statment by Iran does is set the stage for Iran using the Israeli threat as a means and reason for its using nuclear weapons against Israel. Iran's action will be self-deemed as a "pre-emptive" measure which is necessary in order to defend itself. I pray that the UN and other useless world 'governing' bodies don't accept this. In the future and after Iran has used a nuclear weapon, the world body will not be able to say that Iran has never declared its right to use nuclear weapons in "self-defense" if it were threatened. All this does is set the stage for what is to come. This pushes the need and probability of a pre-emptive strike by Israel to a previously unexperienced level. When and if any military confrontation takes place involving Iran, whether it be instigated by Iran or Israel, we can count on the fact that Russia will come to the defense of Iran. Is it just me, or does it sure seem that things are lining up according to what is outlined in the Bible......
30. Ryan you spoke wisdom iam in awe
palestine hawk ,   alkods palestine   (01.05.07)
sorry I did hate before after this post i have to love you
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