Report: Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran
Dudi Cohen and Reuters
Published: 07.01.07, 10:20
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31. WWIII has been going on 4 some time now many just in denial
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (01.07.07)
32. Recommendations for preparation before and during mission
David Joseph ,   Orlando, Florida   (01.07.07)
Make sure no evil; curses, slurs come from the mouths of the pilots on that day. If so, they should ask for forgiveness. Make sure the pilot’s minds are pure with the Torah and the Bible in the heart. Fasting for a period, sometime before the mission to cleanse the body. Most important on the day of the mission and even during if possible; have the pilots chant Psalm 18 to the L-RD. So that the pilots may see the promise of the L-RD fulfilled.
33. good news for strike iran nuclear plant
sharon ,   cairo   (01.07.07)
good news for strike iran nuclear plant
34. What a Joke!
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (01.07.07)
None of the people who commented on this article is an "Israeli". What a joke, you americans are so tough when you are thousands of miles away, come take a closer look at your soldiers in the region, i think orders are out to start giving out diapers on dialy basis. What a joke!!
DAVID P ,   USA   (01.07.07)
36. The war with Iran already started,
Mikle White ,   Canada   (01.07.07)
Israel have an open account to settle with Iran for 2006 Hizbollah Lebanon war, Iran support of hamas and Syria...So when the payback time comes, the gloves are off... and if Iran dares to respond by attacking Israel...then Israel should unleash real power and send Iran back 50 years minimum. Yes, Israel, use nukes ...If Syria intervenes, blow up water dam and flood half Syria too... Peace may come soon after, or a destroyed, weak enemy that will beg for peace...
37. Reply to #29
You asked: "Why are they such misnagdim? What do they gain from siding with the Arabs? " Didn't you learn anything from your Appeasment 101 class in college? They gain a few more years of peace before "the religion of peace" turns on them and bites them like they do to eveyone else in the world. Professor Chamberlin would be ashamed of you.
38. #17 is right - the story is probably a lie
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.07.07)
Sounds like the famous Jenin massacre that never was, and other false reporting by the press. They'll certainly sell lots of extra papers, and have nobody to be accountable to when the story is proven wrong. My guess is the "military sources" at least two non-active Israelis who probably don't even do reserve duty any more who may have cited some previous plan that was on the shelf. Certainly produces megatons of talkbalks as fallout....
39. #32
what is this crap ?
40. Brave Israel!
Jordaan ,   South Africa   (01.07.07)
G-d bless Israel! Every prophecy will be fullfilled!! My prayers are with G-d's people.
41. To #34!!
Jordaan ,   SA   (01.07.07)
I am not Israeli, or even jewish, but I love and obey God, and love and respect His people! That makes me a jew in the hidden!! They are in our prayers and hearts!!
42. # comedian
Luke ,   sydney Australia   (01.07.07)
israel the bravest country on earth? hmm u must b living in jupitar all these yrs. Brave by striking lebanon from the air? not daring to face hezbollah? losing a war against a couple of thousand men that have artillary power compared to them? wheres their bravery? n the whole plan is 2 strike iran b4 iran whipes them off the map as they promised
43. to#34 please don't make
someone who knows   (01.07.07)
assumptions, there are a few Israeli talkbackists here......
44. If the Americans or the British deliberately Leaked this
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (01.07.07)
If the Americans or the British deliberately Leaked this and this is not disinformation then this will destroy Israeli trust in the US and the British and destroy the roadmap at the very least. First holding back supplies in 73 not recognizeing Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. This could indeed spell real trouble and possible retaliation by Israel down the road.
45. #34, I am Israeli and proud of it.
Jay ,   Israel   (01.07.07)
Wissam, the only joke is you. The only diapers needed was for Nassaralah shitting his pants. He was hidding and calling for a truce, just when our brave Israeli fighters had his troops surrounded. Your just lucky our weak leader Olmert, didnt use a tactical weapon on Sth Lebanon. Im sure that after Israel nukes Irans reactors, hezbollah will start round 2 against Israel but this time it will be a different story. World public opinion wont count or stop Israel next time.
46. To # 23
R. Alkalai ,   USA   (01.07.07)
We know who we are- and we know who you people are, too. You are the people who, once again, as you have, many, many times throughout history, sit on your hands, say nothing ( except blame the Jews for all the world's evils), and actively, or passively participate in the attempt to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. The news in the British paper is not new, neither is this kind of crap from the Brits. Frankly, I thought it would be a toss-up between them and the French, let alone the rest of the spineless masses of the world whose greed for oil, and lust of money exceeds their fear of Hashem. The only thing "ludicrous" here, is that people think we will allow such threats to our very survival, and not take such an action. As for Iran and her "proxies"-read Ezekiel 38 & 39, as well as Joel 4. As to who we are- here is your answer: We are the "People of the Bible"- The Torah, whom with G-D made a convenent . The very name "Israel"-means to wrestle with G-D- (with-not against) and to withstand tremendous adversities in the face of stronger enemies, while abiding by G-D's covenent with us . We can withstand such evil adversities because Hashem has Blessed us. This is why such a tiny group of people has, throughout all of history, survived and thrived in the face of such great odds, and repeated historic attempts to wipe us out. It is not by luck- it is by Hashems' Divine Will. We are alone among nations, we always have been, and probably always will be- but we survive and thrive by following Torah, and we grow stronger and make fertile, all that we touch. That is Hashem's Blessing for us. G-D Blesses those who bless Israel, G-D curses those who curse Israel.
47. No. 32, David Joseph
NYC Girl   (01.07.07)
While you may be well-intentioned, but you're completely disregarding who you're dealing with here. We're talking about Israeli fighter pilots...not a bunch of yeshiva students from Brooklyn.
48. Another attempt to paint Israel as the aggressor
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (01.07.07)
This story would almost be funny if it weren't so rediculous. The Times is doing it 's best to encourage more anti-Israel rhetoric. Achtung-I'm-mad has been preaching the destruction of Israel for years and the press hardly blinked. Now, the Times makes up a story to make Israel look bad. Pathetic.
49. Olmert won't touch his paymasters
malcolm   (01.07.07)
Olmert will never use nukes on anyone. He has totally destroyed Israel's deterrent because he will never use force to destroy an enemy. He has given the ayatollahs everything they want when they want it on or before schedule. He will not disappoint his friends in Tehran.
50. Let's Hope The Report Is Right.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.07.07)
Only a preemptive military strike will stop Iran. If this means tactical nuclear weapons, fine. But, Iran must be stopped. I just hope we have the political will to do it. I'm sure there are many plans, not only this one.
51. #3 Y, N
JG ,   Israel   (01.07.07)
Wish I could agree with you but we are already besieged by terror, constantly, and by international criticism, constantly. So we're best off taking care of ourselves and not waiting for the world, who has shown us how much it cares about us, to help us.
52. War Mongering Rascists
Not Impresssed ,   Seattle USA   (01.07.07)
Wow, they gathered all the war mongering rascists together so they could post on this site.
53. I read the Times article...sounds like Seymor Hirsh bullshit
malcolm   (01.07.07)
What a crock of bullshit. From the article it sounds like everyone involved spilled the beans to the Times from the pilots to the Generals. If anything this is an Olmert bluff. He is a bluffer and not a doer.
54. # 16
DAN ,   USA   (01.07.07)
No matter what Israel does or does not do yo can be sure that you in Canada and the Brits will be speaking Arabic sooner than later because both countries are spineless.
55. Iran
Nathan ,   Jonesboro, Arkansas   (01.07.07)
Thank you Israel. Again.
56. To number 4
Gondi ,   Israel   (01.07.07)
We love you ! Israel MUST do it ! Never agayn !
57. find another way
yasaman ,   tehran,iran   (01.07.07)
Nuke is not a good idea, but somehow iran regime must be halted and ousted from this planet.
58. Our missiles are only 30 minutes away number 34#
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.07.07)
Even closer on the submarines. Lebanon was tough last summer. Your Hezbollah terrorists already used up the world's diaper supplies last summer. Boo Hoo stop those Israeli's, they are decimating our country....whaaaa! The biggest candy asses are your people, with their faces covered with a rag.
59. lets go israel DO IT
haim ,   mtl canada   (01.07.07)
pay back time we sait it many times already NEVER AGAIN
60. Another 1982?
Me ,   Lebanon   (01.07.07)
Do you think Israel has the guts to hit iran like they hit iraq back in the 80s? Roles have changed my friends, israel can't do nothing now. 1 strike on Iran, and the US death toll in iraq willl rise, sharply... Remember, for now the shiaa there are not fighting yet, they will if iran was hit. So, let's see those israelie muscles, i don't think they're that stupid to do such thing
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