Saddam lawyers claim his body was abused
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.01.07, 15:01
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1. Chasing the almighty dinar? Give it and Saddam a rest!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.07.07)
2. Sadam
Mike ,   MtL, Canada   (01.07.07)
I keep reading about the out cry about how this mass murderer died the BBC is in mouning. Always a good indicator of crocadile tears. There is however very few words about his vicims; the thousands of new victims; the milions displaced. No tears for these from the BBC; the old leaders; new leaders or any one else
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.07.07)
Every attempt will be made to keep the hanging issue alive.This is the only card which interested party will play to antagonise some Arab leaders against Iran because one of the member who was present during the hanging of this tyrant Saddam uttered the words of a Shia leader killed brutally by Saddam of Tikrit.One wonders where these Arab leaders were when this tyrant killed thousands of Iranian civilians, some of them burnt beyond recognition,some maimed and still alive.Where were the so called Muslims who felt bad that the day of execution coincided with the day of Edd.Where were this champions of religion when Saddam forces sent rockets on Dezful and Ahwaz on the very day of Edd whereby a congregation of worshippers had to take refuge in the underground bunkers while some lost their lives.WHERE WERE THESE ARAB CHAMPIONS WHO CARE SO MUCH FOR THE EDD DAY??????Can any Saudi reply to this talk-back?
4. The Story Is Over, Enough is Enough.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.07.07)
5. Let's see:
Uzi ,   Haifa   (01.07.07)
1. Saddam was a saint. 2. His arrest and trial were gross violation of human rights. 3. The sentence was barbaric. 4. The execution was deplorable. 5. His body was abused. What's next? Maybe his grave is desecrated, etc, etc.................
6. Lawyer tricks
Patricia ,   Waipahu, Hawaii   (01.07.07)
I read shortly after the death of this tyrant that his own relatives stated his body was not abused. These lawyers seem to be attempting to contrive issues that do not exist, typical lawyer tactics when your client is guilty. Trying to digress on allegations of abuse rather than the real issues for their own purposes, probably money. I do agree that the execution was really badly and appallingly handled but have few morality problems with it.
7. sue happy..
elisloew ,   austin usa   (01.07.07)
I think the families of the people that got killed by saddam ought to sue the lawyers that represented saddam..
8. Erroneous
cynthia ,   Princeton, USA   (01.07.07)
You erroneously reported that the method of the hanging "outraged Shiites." It was the Sunnis it outraged, not the Shiites. The Shiites were the ones doing the taunting. Being unable to catch this error--which should be glaring--is another example of ignorance and naivete in the American media. Awareness of the distinction between Shii'a and Sunni Muslims is critical and without an understanding of it, one does not grasp even the most fundamental information about Middle East conflicts.
9. re: Erroneous
Petra Blumenfeld ,   usa   (01.07.07)
So, when have the facts come into play in Iraq? Stop and think about it, the war is propelled by OUR own ignorance and the 'spin' of the Bush teams ability to cash in on both our fears, and our ignorance. Mighty fine 'tools' of war. The erroneous? Tell Bush we'll figure it out later. Like sheep led to the slaughter...
10. honestly who cares. 4 why do you post here?
Gil ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.07.07)
Go play on your own web site. WE're relieved that the tyrant is gone who gives a monkey's butt.
CLAY BENJAMIN ,   medina ohio 44256 us   (01.07.07)
12. anger over taunting of Sadam
Richard Sye ,   Carriere, US   (01.07.07)
I believe those angered would have been the Sunni, not the Shia
13. BBC hazbeen playing the hanging every few minutes
Alan ,   SA   (01.07.07)
They and the Guardian & Independent asking every Politician in UK to give an opinion of the Technique .The respondents must say it was "terrible" or they dont get points. Soon they will have ,"Hanging of Saddam , a Musical tragedy"
14. Fair Trial?
P ,   Nowhere special   (01.07.07)
Murdering Saddams lawyers was a sure way to make sure that Saddams trial was illegal. Wheather or not he was evil, should preclude our side from having standards, isnt that what sohlud make us better?
15. #3 Mahmood..
Lynne   (01.07.07)
I am not Saudi but I'll reply if you don't mind.. you ask where Arab leaders were.. should I remind you that Arab leaders are always missing?!! Arab leaders only exist when someone speakes out against their holiness!! but, first of all the execution did not "coincide" as you put it with the first day of Eid.. because the execution took place before the legal 30 days were over.. and because the execution took place on an official holiday which is illegal according to Iraqi laws... what you should be asking is why did the trials never bring up the crimes you mentioned?? (specifically killing Kurds and Iranians).. in fact those crimes were to be brought up on the 8th of January.. this leaves many question marks on why Saddam was hanged about a week before that date.. Saddam was a criminal? of course he was and he did deserve a death sentence.. but where are those who aided him with his crimes?? who gave him the green light to kill Iranians and Kurds?? why did the trials not continue to reveal them??. hanging Saddam on the first day of the Sunni Eid is a crime.. not only out of respect for a holy occasion which should not be turned into an execution day.. but also because this will only cause further violence between Sunnis and Shiites of Iraq... because for Shiites Sunday was the first day of Eid.. so this would make a Sunni leader (although I don't think Saddam should be categorised as a Sunni leader) hanged on the first day of the Sunni Eid by a Shiite government!! and this is the last thing Iraqis need.. more reasons to fight!
16. Saddam's Execution
JonR ,   Las Vegas, USA   (01.07.07)
Enough crocidile tears about this murdering monster! I don't care how badly his body was abused, I don't care how he was taunted at the moment of execution! What I care about is the hundreds of thousands of people killed by this madman. What is the matter with you people feeling sorry for this monster? Get over it!!!
17. What A Riot!
Rodney ,   L.A.   (01.07.07)
C, C, Can, Can, Can't we all jus, jus, just, like, you know, get along?
18. Rope Dance for a killer
Pete ,   Tulsa,Oklahoma   (01.07.07)
I've never seen old Saddam look any better than he did at the end of that rope, screw the cell phone video I want to see it in HD and so should the Iraqi people! As far as enciting more unrest, these people do not need another excuse, they have no excuse for the barbarism they have already shown and continue to permit. The message from now on should be, you murder innocents you end up like Saddam, no matter where you are.
19. and being abused by blowfles n maggots right now
john ,   nz   (01.08.07)
20. Guess they were supposed to remove their masks
Bridget ,   Tigard, OR   (01.08.07)
and say, "We're doing this because we love you Saddam". Can this get any more ridiculous? Why doesn't someone roll footage of Saddam's death squads sending humans through woodchippers feet first? Maybe there was supposed to be a Kurd, a Shiite and a Sunni each with his hand on the lever for determined result. He was going to be a martyr anyway if Sunnis--including Palestinian Arabs--have a declaration. Wasn't the body turned over to the Sunnis after execution? Maybe they defaced the postmortem.
21. #3 and Shias
Faiz ,   Cleveland, Ohio Usa   (01.08.07)
Im an American but of Palestinian heritage, and im sunni, let me tell u something where is the outrage from the shia community when Iran and Hizbollah and the leader of syria who is shia when they attacked Israel, Israel withdrwew from Lebenon and they still attacked, where is the shia outrage when Iran is calling for a whole people and a whole country Israel to be destroyed that is the outrage Inshallah ya rub Israel has the courage to bomb the heck out of Iran and Assad and Nassrallah and hang them like they did Saddam, i been to Israel and even though im palestinian they treated me like they treat there own so i say God Bless Israel for the rest of eterinity and God bless America, and God Bless Palestine, and down with Syria, Iran, and Hizbollah. Amazing isnt it that only the Shia and there allies ( Syria, Hizbollah and Hamas) want to destroy a PEACEFULL country.
22. Saddem's hanging
Brenda ,   Indiana,USA   (01.08.07)
I cannot understand why everyone is so upset over his hanging or what happened to his body after he died? Why aren't people remembering the evil things he did and allowed his sons and other officals in his government to do? On the news we saw pictures of Saddem's military kicking men who were injured and then shooting them in the head. We heard stories of the rape rooms he allowed, the women and children he killed. Why aren't people crying about this? This kind of thing angers me, where people try to make a bad man into a good man. Such stupididity!!! We should let the world know especially that little guy in Iran and the N. Korean leader, also that guy in Venzuela just what can happen to a leader if they behave like Saddem. Other leaders who act like Saddem should be shaking in their shoes. This is the message we ought to be sending not all this crying over a truly evil man.
23. Abused Lawyers
Puddwoody ,   Jacksonville USA   (01.08.07)
Has anyone had the thought that may be Saddam's lawyers are the ones who should have been abused. Those vultures are going to milk this one for all it's worth.
24. The Iraqi Way...
me ,   United States   (01.08.07)
The muslims hate "The American way..." but they are ready to sue at the drop of a hat...
25. murder......
Maikahl ,   austin, Tx. usa   (01.08.07)
an eye for an eye only makes us all blind...(and helps cover up our own guilt...) ....since were obvilously blind....why not go after all tyrants.... Those in the white house, israel, china, korea, numerous african nations??? oooo, not enough profits to be made.....
26. Victims
William E Hawks ,   Lynchburg, Va   (01.08.07)
I recall when Amnesty International was pointing out the atrocities that were being committed by Saddam. Very few listened, and unfortunately, the United States continued to have close ties with this murderer even after the evidence was reported. There is an old picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam . It should have been published more often.
DON ,   USA   (01.08.07)
28. he's a murderer
rick   (01.08.07)
Talk about hypocritical. The liberals use an event like this to display outrage at the administration. They couldn't give a crap about Sunnis or Shiites, so long as they get a chance to lob their own verbal missiles at the politicians of the other party, all the while acting high and mighty.
29. Saddam's "Abuse"
Al ,   Portland Oregon   (01.08.07)
It seems to me that a little balance here would be nice. How about giving news print, bandwidth, and network air time to the thousands who were maimed and abused under the direction of Saddam Himself? Then the world will witness what abuse is really like.
30. Saddam execution
Peter ,   New York, USA   (01.08.07)
For one who wrapped himself in 'the Qu'ran, much like a coward hiding behind a woman's dress, Saddam should have been punished by Sharia law and should have been stoned to death. The last sound he heard as his neck snapped was far too joyful a song and mercifly quick for this son of the devil.
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