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Happy 75th birthday dad
Yair Lapid
Published: 09.01.07, 18:34
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1. As a son of a Holocaust Survivor to another let me tell you
Al ,   Canada   (01.09.07)
the difference. My Dad survived Auschwitz. Yes he walked those last miles and survived. My dad helped found the State of Israel for he fought in the war of Liberation. My dad too lived life to the fullest...but there was one difference. My Dad respected his heritage and his religion. He never ever refused an open hand. He was a prince and a true believer. He was not a showboater and a clown. He was a man of dignity and self respect. Till the day he died he prayed for the welfare of the Jewish people for he too paid the price of loosing a son in Israel due to terror. In his last days he reminded me of the loss of his son, my brother for that pain was deep inside his heart. Yes Sir he was a prince a true righeous man. Never a disparaging word would he ever utter against those who are true believers, for he would say "If I survived Hell, How can I not believe?" That force of belief enabled him and others to survive and to flourish. He would never look at another's plate, and he would never ever belittle another. As a son of a survivor to another, I respectfully ask that you learn the difference.
2. Too bad, well one day the queen will croke
3. live like there is no tommorow
i ,   yehud medinta   (01.09.07)
What a distincly alien idea. act like a Roman, stinks like a Roman, votes like a Roman
4. 1 Al - Majestically and Magnificently Said
S Judah ,   London   (01.09.07)
In respect of Mr Lapid we can understand paternal love. But a man who has no respect for his heritage, his traditions and his religion, that the general public will have problems with. Still its not too late , may Mr Lapid live a good, long and healthy life, and most of all may he correct his errors.
5. Well said #1
Shalom   (01.09.07)
6. The difference - # 1
Drs. Dorothea Killus ,   Lörrach, Germany   (01.09.07)
Deep thanks, dear "Al" from Cana-da, for your precious testimony put in such fine and words. May the blessings of such a father continue to be upon you and the quality of his faith and conduct con-tribute to an awakening today. "And a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the LORD and thought on his name", assures us the prophet Malachi. This book is still open to be continued!
7. 1# Why are you living in Canada Al and the Lapids in Israel?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.09.07)
8. To # 7 If a man lives like a Goy ???
Harry   (01.09.07)
If a man lives like a Goy is there a difference where he lives??? Bravo # 1
9. 8# it makes a big differenci
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.09.07)
First let me say that I am not a Lapid supporter and never would have voted for his party. Yet even if Lapid eats ham on Yom Kippor he is still a Jew, although a secular one. Lapid married a Jewish woman ,has a Jewish son and now has Jewish grandchildren. His son served in the army and so will his grandchidren. A secular Jew can be a Zionist and a patriot. Future Lapids will be Jewish yet secular Jews living in the diaspora will disappear. Harry , where a Jew lives makes a big difference and even more so if not religous.
10. Happy Birthday and Mazel Tov
Steve ,   USA   (01.09.07)
B"H For birthdays, all politics are aside. Happy birthday to your father and Mazel Tov to your family on reaching such an important occasion.
11. #8
Leo   (01.09.07)
not neccessarly Judah. If Al comes from a G-D fearing family, his family is more likely to continue on with its rich jewish heritage, than the Lapid family...whose children or grandchildren will in all probability dodge the army and run off to South east asia. And so what if the spoiled brat served in the deal. the question is what did he do in the army....and more importantly what did his well connected daddy do for him... I'm sure Lapid's true patriotism will shine when you get evicted (G-D forbid) from the Golan, just like it shined when he supported the Gaza evacuation.
12. yuuuuum!!
simon ,   canada   (01.10.07)
the only good thing about this article was the spicy sausage!
13. 11# Leo, Yair Lapid served in a combat unit
Judah ,   Golan Heights,Israel   (01.10.07)
Did Al living in Canada serve in an Israeli combat unit? By the way my relatives are survivors and victims of the shoah. I was taught from an early age the importance of Zionism and religon. I served in the Canadian army as a medical officer(which was a joke) and proudly served in the Israeli army as a medical officer(which really counted). In conclusion I would pick a secular Zionist Jew (like Lapid)who served in the Israeli army over a religous Diaspora Jew anytime. By the way I am an orthodox Jew and a Zionist.
14. Happy 75th.Birthday
Len Calo ,   Moshav Sde Nitzan,   (01.10.07)
You are all missing the point.This article is not about politics or religion.It is about a sons love for his father and about a father grateful to have survived all that happened to him.For that I thank Yair Lapid.
15. Happy Birthday
Michael ,   New Jersey   (01.10.07)
Even though I have probably never agreed with father or son Lapid, I want to wish Mr. Lapid Senior a very Happy Birthday. It's nice and inspiring to hear people from the "old" generation look back and reflect on being in a State of Israel, having never expected earlier in life of having that opportunity.
16. Judah...
Leo   (01.10.07)
there seems to be no mention of Lapid ever having sevred in a combat unit in any of his online biogrpaphies. And even if he did...what exactly did he do in that unit? What did he achieve? What did daddy do for him? Speaking of which...Lapid & serving in combat units seems to go relativley -,11382,L-3252489,00.html "In conclusion I would pick a secular Zionist Jew..." What kind of a "zionist" would believe in expelling jews from Jewish land and giving it away to the enemy? "(like Lapid)who served in the Israeli army over a religous Diaspora Jew anytime" Happy co-existence...
17. its a shame israel lost shinui and gained kadima...
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.10.07)
18. To #13 stop speaking nonesense.
Harry   (01.10.07)
You write In conclusion I would pick a secular Zionist Jew (like Lapid)who served in the Israeli army over a religous Diaspora Jew anytime. By the way I am an orthodox Jew and a Zionist. If you are religious you probably learnt in Yeshiva. You also probably learnt that if someone is Mechalel Shabbos and there are witnesses and he was warned the punishment is skilah whether you live in Israel or Diaspara yet when some one follows the Torah even if he lives in Diasporo he can reach the level of Tzadik as many of our sages inthe Gemara and the Geonim the Rishonim lived. In conclusion you are speaking nonsense. As for most or close to all seculair Jews they fall in the category of Tinok shnishba thats why we have Baal Teshuva movements like Chabad that are doing a wonderfull job in attracting our lost souls.
19. Tommy Lapid is a true Zionist and Israeli patriot
Jake   (01.10.07)
and now he is director of Yad Vashem. Why are people on this forum taunting him, because he refuses to cave in to Haredi pressure? At least Lapid served in the army, which is more than I can say for most Haredim.
20. Judah from the Golan Heights is 100% correct
Jake   (01.10.07)
And all the whiners on this forum ought to stop their tirade against secular Zionist Jews and join him on the Golan Heights, so that it remains a part of Israel forever. Remember now, thanks to secular visionaries like Herzl and Ben Gurion, Haredim are able to immigrate to Eretz Israel in droves, which they couldn't do only 60 years ago.
21. #3 - you need to read pirke avot again
David ,   Israel   (01.11.07)
Its not just a roman idea. The rabbis teach us to do teshuva daily and treat every day as though it was your last. You absolutely must live every day like it is your last - the key is to live it the right way and in pursuit of the right things. Torah, Good Works, Family, Community, Building a Better World. Every day is your last day to contribute to a greater cause. If you don't live for today you'll put all the things we stand for off until tomorrow.
22. Lay Off His Dad
David ,   Israel   (01.11.07)
I am tony lapids political and cultural antithesis and will fight him in the political trenches, but I wish him a happy birthday and many more good years with his family. Yair wanted to write something nice about his dad on his birthday. Give the man his day. Its bad form to turn everything into a political or sociological fight.
23. Yair thanks for the article. If it wasn't for you
Bush ,   USA   (01.11.07)
I would have never got to learn about how wonderful Al's father was. Thank you Al and thank you Yair.
24. Happy birthday and hope Shinui will be back !!
Benjamin ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.12.07)
Shinui have a particularity to manage modernity and tradition so that all jewish israeli, secular and conservative can live together . if i ever make my aliyah i will definitly support a moderate party as Shinui. thanks M.Lapid and happy birthday
25. simply beautiful & touching
Daria ,   Bosotn   (01.12.07)
even though i don't particulary like your father....
26. Juda,your so naive
Natan ,   NYC   (01.12.07)
Lapid "combat unit" was bamachane-as a journalist. His father arrange him this position just like he arranged his son a good position in the army(Lets just say his son served 15min from where he lives). Lapid make money from posing as the "israeli-patriot". As an extream secular jew, he doesnt belive in anything but money. And if he could move -he would have done it long ago.
27. nothing to do with god
joe ,   usa   (01.13.07)
first, happy birthday to tomy lapid. second, this discussion has nothing to do with believing in god or not. mr. lapid (senior) has built his political power on hatred. doesn't matter if he gained it by hating Arabs, Jews, religious or secular. he cultivated hate and gained power by it. that is the difference. all his other achievements were erased in my eyes once he identified this "niche" marker and started peddling his hate...
28. 26# Natan, are you having a good day in the diaspora?
Judah ,   Golan Hights,ISRAEL   (01.14.07)
29. Unlike father unlike son
liliane   (01.15.07)
What a difference between Lapid Senior and Lapid Junior !!! The father is arrogant and impulsive while his son is gentle and polite . However, both are clever !
30. tommy
amram prat ,   israel   (06.11.08)
hi yair-I want to send you and your mother a nice picture taken at the days at at how do i send it? amram
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