Rice: Dialogue with Iran is surrender to blackmail
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 11.01.07, 20:06
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MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.11.07)
So, Condoliza...............reccomendation by most senior people in the Administration either are betraying the US, or they should promote you.Find an alternative,therefore,and let the world know.
2. Rice knows a thing or 2 about blackmail
Brooke ,   Canada   (01.11.07)
Rice knows a thing or 2 about blackmail. She blackmails Israel into allowing Abbas to receive ammo and $$ millions. Blackmails Israel in allowing their enemy, Egypt, to police the Phil. Corridor where Israel is committing suicde by not taking control back. Rice equates the Palis "daily humiliations" to the US Civil Rights Movement. Take her to Sderot to play hdie and seek with the Kassams. The plan for peace is at Shalom
3. poor politics.
Iranian   (01.11.07)
you have to talk to your enemies (ayatollas not people), probabely even more so than you do with your friends. idealistic narrowminded views are not practical or smart and won`t accomplish anyting. this policy is doomed.
4. correct - just look at what dialogue w/pals did for israel
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.11.07)
talk with terrorists, get nothing but more death and broken promises.
5. Condo Rice
robert ,   billings,usa   (01.11.07)
If bush said squat, rice would. A yes person from the word go. Not a American answer a party answer. No wonder we're in such trouble. If McCain would have got in we wouldn't even have been in Iraq. Cheney's puppet.
6. Looking for an excuss to Attack IRAN...
Ali ,   Pakistan   (01.11.07)
Here we go again, U.S is begging or perhaps looking for an excuse to Attack IRAN. Rice stop pointing your finger to others, simply MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!! GET OFF YOUR NOSE IN OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS!!!!!!
7. #6 - It is there business
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.11.07)
Iran seems to be looking for a conflict just as much as the US. Iran is a threat to the world. And while we are on the topic of worrying about ones own business why are all these terrorists that are attacking trains and civilians receiving there training in pakistan, I can't wait for India to kick your a$$ . Two faced musharraff won't last too long.
8. Hello.....Iran is a terrorist state
Johnson ,   USA   (01.11.07)
History proves you cannot negotiate with, and or expect them to honor any treaty. It's just a piece of paper after all.
9. Iran a Terroist State
A ,   Atlanta   (01.12.07)
Look whose talking about honoring a treaty or fair play. You seem to forget how the USA was won. Find new land, kill whomever is on it, label them as savages. Next import black slaves to build a great nation and keep all of the profits for you family. Then create every rule in the book so that everyone has to be like you. Seems like they want IRAQ to be another USA.
10. It is laughable, GCC pretending as if they have no problem!
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.12.07)
11. rice on biddle east
bobbycooke ,   whitttier n.c.   (01.12.07)
we had all better listen hard to rice.
12. #8, Ask the Native Americans and south Americans
Persian CAT   (01.12.07)
about the US government's "respect" for the treaties it signed with them before letting your brain farts about Iran's inability to honor its treaties. Which "history proves" that fact to you? Can you come up with a SINGLE example in ANY history that Iran negotiated a treaty and did not stand by it? Do you how many terrorists and death squads the US has trained? I bet you no clue about that.
13. to ali 6
world opinion ,   my arse   (01.12.07)
ofcourse its america's business. do you recall DOWN WITH USA? well yes its about time to get dirty with iran. and yes i agree with nr 7 india should erase pakistan. oh happy day.
14. To# 7
Ali ,   Pakistan   (01.12.07)
Talk about reality....You are living in fantasy world. Pakistan can protect themselves. When somebody express their Opinion, all you guys can think of ATTACKING. GOD MERCY ON YOU!!!!! That's why your mind is not working when it comes to peace talk.....
15. Iran = nazis
jay ,   philly   (01.12.07)
How can you people think the USA should mind their own business with respect to Iran or that it is looking for a reason to attack Iran unprovoked? Iran is esposing an official policy of genocide and pursuing nuclear weapons. Iran is actively fighting the USA in Iraq. Iran is funding terrorist organizations aroudn the world that kill many civilians. Heres to my hope that we invade Iran and Syria in the near future to make the world a safer place and put out this fire before it becomes a full fledged Nazi scenario. Don't forget the world and America felt fighting Germany was a bad idea in the 30's.
16. how to fight a war
oscar barreda sr. ,   el paso, tx.usa   (01.12.07)
how to fight a war: attack the people that are killing our soldiers. then play politics
17. Condoleeza Rice, Ignorant Puppet
Matt ,   Kansas, USA   (01.12.07)
Condoleeza Rice looked completely ignorant in congress and failed to respond to any question instead she was defensive and took every comment made in contradiction to G W B's Plan as a personal attack. U.S. Politicians need to stop worrying about looking good and following meaningless ideology and start thinking about how their actions affect the world instead of being self serving and worrying more about popularity than what they believe is the right thing to do
18. Bush address on Wednesday
Edwin Oldham ,   Oak Harbor, Wa.   (01.12.07)
I think Mrs. Rice was on the up and up during here senate hearing. She has to put some 'spin' on her answers and comments. At least she is not a 'Tony Snow.' What a spin job he has to do. Both their jobs are extremely hard because their boss has decieved and lied to the American people 100% of the time. Who could possibly believe him now. He truly does want to start a war with Iran. Maybe that's the right thing to do but we don't know because the Bush administration has failed at everything it attempts.
19. Oil Terrorists
Jack ,   New York, NY   (01.12.07)
Bush & Co. are the real terrorists and they're after the oil.
20. Con-die
Cat ,   London, UK   (01.12.07)
Tell that ex-sovietologist cold-warrior Rice and her friends Wurmser and Gerecht, that enought nice Jewish boys have died for her warmongering aims already! Tell her that she must think we're born yesterday to believe the line that Iran aids the Sunni in Iraq, especially after it was Saudi who promised to aid Sunni insurgents. Iran is not 'aiding Sunni to incite to civil war' because the Bush neo-cons have been in active denial since late 2003 that civil war rages in Iraq, of course, helped along by Salvador option. These neo-cons really must believe that they can frighten Israeli people into supporting the madness that would be an attack on Iran. Let me make this clear, Ms.Rice - this is YOUR war, and you volunteer our men to fight against our oldest historic ally, the Iranians. Madam, I suggest you care nothing for the Jewish way of life and are actively attempting to undermine Israeli future in the Middle East. Come Purim perhaps you will be on the receiving end of the biggest prank known to mankind - a prank that will see Israeli Air Force dropping bagels and flowers and leaflets on Iran, and then you and your neo-con cohorts will know your plans have failed. I can't wait for Purim!
21. To #15
Ali ,   Pakistan   (01.12.07)
Why destroyed IRAN and Syria??? Why 2 countries???? just destroyed ONE country ISRAEL….Problem solved. How many people died in Lebanon, during Israeli strkies? How many died In Israeli??? Who suffer more? Lebanon.
22. Iran vs Iraq
Tom ,   Orlando,FL=USA   (01.12.07)
We can fight them there or here; which?
23. Hagel
Won't get this Republican's vote. Lost respect.
24. to #13
reza ,   Zahedan Iran   (01.12.07)
My dear fellow human! I think the world affairs are a bit more complicated than playing a Nintendo Game of tottal destruction! Ease up, brother!
25. Consulate Take over
Eghtedari M ,   Fairfax VA USA   (01.12.07)
How Condi can explain early dawn heliborn attack on an Iranian Consulate in Irbil Iraq? Irbil is located in Iraqi Kurdestan . Consulates normaly deal with issuing visa and other related issues. Attacking and destrying the consulate is against the UN Charter. U S seems to decide unilateraly about international laws. US has become an arrogant bully and has exhasusted its WWII goodwills. Does Condi thinks that the blood of Americans are worthier than Iraqis or other people? This type of mentality is closest to a racist attitude. Propaganda about Middle East Democracy is a wishfull thinking and uneducated idea by the Neo Cons. There are two classes of countries in the Middle East. One subserviant to US Wishes and the ones with independet ideas. The only solution for the US is to stop meddeling in the affairs of others and change its foreign policy. All wars end and the end result is peace under UN observation. US engagement with Japan, Korea, Germany and other places have never ended. Wake up, the age of empires are over.
26. Eghtdari M
Netman ,   Atlanta us   (01.12.07)
Oops! Sso sorry to Iran for attack on Consulate. Maybe we should have taken hostiges, blindfolded them, and paraded them in front of Al Jazeera cameras for 586 days. Maybe we Americans don't have such short memories after all.
27. #26. Another foolish act
Persian CAT   (01.12.07)
Netman, why are you comapring the ill-coneived and foolish act of a bunch of Iranian youth to the equally ill-conceived and foolish act of the US government?! Iranian students' attack on the American Embassy did not get them jack sh..t, and by the same token the GW's stupid moves to fool the American people into thinking that he has an answer to their demand to stop the carnage in Iraq will not get him diddly-squat. I feel sorry for the American people whose government cannot do better than a bunch of students did a long time ago. You should ask more of your government. GW showed by this action that he's a sore looser, that's all.
28. The US Will Not Attack Iran
Eric ,   San Diego, USA   (01.13.07)
Give it up warmongers, it won't happen. Your sick plans for continual war (and war profits) has been overridden by the vote of the sensible American majority.
29. So I had a look at the website Brooke/Canada recommended...
Cat ,   London, UK   (01.13.07)
.and it began well with a quote from Albert Einstein, which surely no living soul on earth could object to, and which I'll quote for ynet readers: “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them” Unfortunately, it then degenerated rapidly into a hatefest, telling us that " Gender apartheid and religious intolerance, are the two most objectionable aspects of Islamic radicalism today. " Brooke, have you not kept up with the news in the Jewish world? Do you honestly believe that this organisation's website is correct in singling out Islam alone for some of it's adherents practise of gender apartheid? Did you or the Jerusalem Summit not know about the Mehedrin buses of the Haredim - segregated by sex - women in the back and men in the front - and while not Egged bus policy, this 'gender apartheid' is enforced by many Haredim onto people who happen to be sitting in the wrong section. Did Jewish womens' ongoing struggles for emancipation and religious tolerance somehow escape you in secular Canada? Are you aware how Jewish organisations in America have been at the forefront of Womens' struggles to control their own bodies, whilst the Christian right-wing have been fighting to control womens' bodies and rights back by witholding sexual education, contracpetive advice and devices? How could the plight of the Agunot escape your attention? Just how much denial is the Jerusalem Summit prepared to go to, how many lies are they prepared to tell to gain Christian allies and donations? They are after all, a mainly industrialist and manufacturing organisation – not much to do with fighting for womens’ rights or religious tolerance at all! What kind of political blinkers are these people wearing, when American Dominionists that want to bring back stoning to death as a punishment for homosexuality are left uncriticised whilst this self-styled ‘Judeo-Christian’ Jerusalem Summit focuses only on that abhorrent behaviour in 'radical Islam'. Wake up, Bubbeleh, because Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have advocates for this type of behaviour, and singling out only Islam is not only divisive, but positively sinister!
RCA ,   USA   (01.15.07)
with Iran and Syria. For that to be possible, Iran and Syria would have to bargain in good faith. We know this is not possible because they justify dishonesty by their goals and belief. They simply cannot be trusted. Maybe sometime in the future talks may be possible. Surely so, after they are defeated. But for now, there is no sense kicking a dead horse.
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