Growing calls for large-scale operation in Gaza
Ronny Sofer
Published: 14.01.07, 12:18
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1. Not the solution
So the answer is to go in to Gaza and stay there to ensure they are no re-arming?. This is not the solution. The end to this will only come from a full and complete understanding and a two state solution. And not before. The problem with Gaza has never fully been addressed, and a ceasefire is only a way to achieve a little quiet for the people in the south. It is by no means the end of the problem.
2. Strategic-Military Genius
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.14.07)
There can be little doubt that Eli Yishai proved his strategic genius by preventing bird-counting on Shabbat
3. #1 Tried that ; doesn't work
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.14.07)
We left them hothouses! What did they do? They destroyed them aand built tunnels to bring in more weapons!! This is a 'government' that cares about its people???? And you know how many Arabs of Gaza want the Jews to come back so they can have jobs again? Maybe thousands!!! But they dn't dare say it out loud!!
4. Time to Wake up Sharon & Ask Him What to do About Gaza
Concerned Jews ,   Worldwide   (01.14.07)
since he made it judenrein and a bigger threat to Israel. Thank you, Ariel Sharon.
5. #3 - what you've "tried" is what lieberman's suggesting!
Khalid   (01.14.07)
How many Palestinians were arrested illegally since this "ceasefire"? It's only Ynet news that's reality.
IYT   (01.14.07)
Please take over the reigns in Israel throw out OLMERT/ PERETZ/ LIVNI
7. Nr're almost right.
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.14.07)
We already have two states....Israel and the East Bank, AKA Jordan, or Palestine, or whatever. All we need to do now, is to recognize this fact.
8. Stay out of Gaza...for now
malcolm   (01.14.07)
The Palestinian Gangstas have lots of scores to settle amongst themselves. It would be wise to wait till the smoke clears. Only a Jackass like Lieberman would propose going in at this point.
9. Don't Hold Your Breath
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.15.07)
There will not be an operation in Gaza. The Olmert regime is scared witless.
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