Olmert on settler violence: I am ashamed
Ronny Sofer
Published: 14.01.07, 15:12
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concerned citizen ,   nyc   (01.14.07)
As Howard Stern Says, What a waste Of Skin!!!
2. Olmert is Weak ,Pathetic and Shameless
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.14.07)
He has no shame that he rewards Islamic terrorists by throwing Jews off their land. He has no shae that he is a puppet foreign agent who betrays Israel for an agenda which weakens and endangersd Israel. This perverted soul will have much shame of judgment day for his own actions. He is too blind and calloused to have any shame now as he leads Israel to the abyss and not peace.
concerned citizen ,   nyc   (01.14.07)
4. Lame, lamer and lamest
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.14.07)
Showing these videos over and over and over again just demonstrates what lame bullshit they are.
5. because palestinians are so ''sweet'' with Jews.....
6. Hurling Insults
David ,   Boston   (01.14.07)
Wouldn’t it be an improvement if Palestinians were to hurl insults from Gaza instead of Kassams? It seems that insults bother Olmert more than all those wounded and killed Jews in Sderot. In that case he might react.
8. Every jewish girl in Jerusalem
student's mother ,   France   (01.14.07)
is called "zona", "sharmuta" and all kind of sweet nicknames by every arab walking along the Jerusalem streets, is ynetnews going to show it? Are our girls less importants to ynet that this histeric arab woman? And what about Europe? Is ynet going to show arab's behavior toward women in France, Belgium, or Spain? Are arab leaders going to apologise? I wonder
9. Olmert should be ashamed
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.14.07)
...of his own crimes and corruption!
10. Olmert ashamed
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota USA   (01.14.07)
Maybe he first should be ashamed of his daughters participation in violent left wing/arab protests,next he should be ashamed of his son's membership in 'courage to refuse' org.He also should be ashamed of his 2 sons who live outside the country.Olmert is a irrelevant fool.
11. foolish
len ,   usa   (01.14.07)
If the PM would comment on every arugement that neighbors have he would need 96 hours in a day just for these comments. I would think the media and everyone else who is making sucha uproar over nothing, would have better things to do with their lives.
12. Is it the worst jewish crime Betselem have find ?
jew ,   earth   (01.14.07)
I can show to those poor insane people called Betselem what the arabs are doing to other people all over the world.
13. This settler violence is the responsibility
Marlene ,   New York City   (01.14.07)
of Israel and the likes of Olmert who know exactly what the behavior of these settlers are. What an act that he is "ashamed." It just sounds good for public relations.
14. Bleghh
John ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (01.14.07)
I think THIS is disgusting. The ,,settlers,, are in my eyes admireable people and their hearts are on the right place etc. etc., but this, I find disgusting. OFCOURSE I know what Pale's all say and do, but I'm talking about this ,,incident,,. Shalom Aleichem.
15. Olmert, the Arab Apologist, Always Finding Fault in
David ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.07)
his Jewish brothers. Now, that's what you should be ASHAMED of! Shame on you, Olmert.
16. What lies these settlers come up with
Marlene ,   New York City   (01.14.07)
They have the full protection of the "courageous" Israeli army who only go after Palestinian children who throw stones, however, those children wind up in jail or buried. These setters even lie with photographic evidence which has been well-documented for years.
gabriel ,   mtl   (01.14.07)
Seriously, i dont understand how this bias article aids our struggle against the palestinians. Why hasnt ynet publish the countless verbal assaults against the jewish residents in judea/samaria! AND why is our corrupt leadership appologizing? Pathetic
18. To No. 12 and your arrogance!
Marlene ,   New York City   (01.14.07)
It's people like yourself who are part of the problem and not any solution. The way Palestinians are treated in Hebron and other parts of the occupied territores is reminiscent of the way Jews were treated in the 1930's in Germany except they didn't live in cages at that time. II hardly think that was acceptable to you. What audacity you have. You sanction the same kind of filthy racism Jews once had to face by your comments but of course any anti-semitic incidents today are always the concern of the entire world!!
19. The settlers are going to take videos?
Marlene ,   New York City   (01.14.07)
and portray the Palestinians no doubt. After all, Palestinians do not have freedom to harrass, attack and humiliate Jewish settlers plus they do not have the protection as well from a mighty army. A bunch of arrogant liars.
20. Vilifying Settlers is his last hope for boosting the poll #s
malcolm   (01.14.07)
Olmert has always relied on and inflamed the hatred many Israelis feel for settlers. Now he has a great YNET tape that can be showed over & over & over & over again like the Rodney King tape that ended in riots in Los Angeles. There is no end to how low he will sink. Isolating this tape and turning it into a representation of settlers is totally despicable.
21. "Marlene" our propogandist is back
malcolm   (01.14.07)
Every now and then a Jew/Israel hating propagandist emerges on YNET Talkbacks. This time we have "Marlene" who, yesterday, claimed to have made Aliya, became disgusted by the Apartheid State of Israel, became a yoredet and now is out here championing the cause of the Palestinians.
22. 16 Marlene, stop breathing in that N.Y.C. smog
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.14.07)
23. to16 Marlene: Have you ever been to Israel?
Tsvi ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.07)
Have you ever met a settler? Have you witnessed their "filthy lies and deceit"? Here is some food for thought Marlene: Palestinian children throw stones, Palestinian men fire Kassams. There maybe some kind of correlation there. (Then again, maybe not, I mean it is pretty crazy to think that children brainwashed with hate and violence would grow up to be terrorists- I mean after all, they're only children, right?). Oh, and Israeli soldiers were killed on Israeli land along the Gaza border 6 months ago. I find it hard to believe they died at the hands of children with stones. (But then again, could have just been a media cover up - all that talk about soldiers ambushed and shot - maybe it was to hide the embarrasment of a kidnapped soldier at the hands of children throwing rocks, right?) Oh, and here's a fact you might find interesting: More Palestinian children die from Palestinian infighting and 'friendly' fire than at the hands of the Israeli "Offence" Force. - But again how can you really trust anything you here from a non Arab newspaper - it could have been Israeli spies with towels around their heads pretending to shoot each other? Just a thought.
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (01.14.07)
The whole world lost the respect of Israel and its people. Not because of the Jewish settlers behavior, but how Olmert and his gang behave and refused to resign.Each one of them should serve time in jail
25. Salute the Brave Jewish Princess Confronting arab Oppression
Bruno ,   austr/telaviv   (01.14.07)
Bo Mert Should Be Presenting That Proud Jewish Mother & Patriot with A Medal For Bravery, Fortitude and Public Service. That Total Loser Sure Could Learn From Her Fine Example of standing Up to The Enemy.
26. Marlene, please refrain from self hate & antisemitism
Dennis Snail ,   Essex England   (01.14.07)
There are plenty of vicious terrorists for that. By learning to love your jewish brother and sisters in the holy land, you just might be able to add more love to this cruel world.
27. More than likely "Marlene" ia an ISM propogandist
malcolm   (01.14.07)
This is a virulent strain of Jew/Israel hating American student who gravitate to the ISM. Ir is an organization started by the ultimate (and proud of it) Jew hating Jew, Adam Shapiro. One of their main activities (outside of spreading Jew/Israel hate on US campuses) is funneling naive American students through their pipeline to the West Bank where they protest & try to disrupt the separation fence. Their most famous American "activist" was the canonized Saint Rachel Corrie. This "Marlene" is cut from that cloth. So far he/she/it only has written , seethingly I might ad, abour settlers. He/she/it also claimed to have made Aliya. But this is sheer deception which is the cornerstone trademark of ISM behavior. Search for photos of such "students" who disguise themselves as settlers (tichels & all) whilst they tote Kalashnikovs with their Palestinian terrorist friends.
28. Amona
Choni Davidowitz   (01.14.07)
Olmert; What have you got to say about the terrible brutality of your police at Amona. Nothing can even come close to this terrible cruelty which makes the events at Hebron look utterly childish,which they were. The lowliness of Olmert's police at Amona will never be erased from every decent Jew. WHERE IS YOUR PUBLIC STATEMENT OF REGRET?
29. To Marlene, Olmert and Peretz
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.14.07)
Marlene, Mr Olmert and Mr Peretz, why dont you comment on how disgusting it was for that arab in the video to be spitting on the settler? I would say a physical assault, such as spitting, is a far more serious crime then a verbal assault.
30. Unknown facts about the situation in Hebron
Beth Landau ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.14.07)
Leftist groups generally incite the Arabs against Israeli security forces and civilians. Their actions are provocative, attempting to draw both Israeli adults, children and soldiers into violent situations, which they then selectively film, for use by media and internet. Of course, the films are professionally edited, so as to leave out segments which they clearly are not interested in being witnessed by the public at large. So too, with the "Alkobi video:" the events leading up to public version can be left up to your imagination. And a little something that perhaps people are unaware of: One Friday afternoon, when the Alkobi's daughter Tziporah was playing outside, a terrorist lined her up in his rifle scope and fired. The bullet missed Tziporah's head by a few centimeters.
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