Ahmadinejad kisser's wife files for divorce
Chaim Levinson
Published: 15.01.07, 09:19
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31. #9 He Converted & That's Why His Wife Wants a Divorce
Moshe   (01.15.07)
32. #15 #20 Neither Rice Nor Fatima or Muslim - So They're Out
Moshe   (01.15.07)
33. #28 As a muslim I would appreciate
Samer ,   London U.K.   (01.15.07)
that you dont talk on my behalf as I am represented in that 1.5 billion muslims that you so often like to throw around and as proud that we are of our religion we do not like your stupid comments and ridiculous responses. You do not speak on behalf of us all, speak for yourself not for me and my friends. Shukran.
34. #21- #26 Walder is Right & Besides Which
Moshe   (01.15.07)
they made a tremendous chillul Hashem.
35. peace now wives should do the same
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.15.07)
Peace Now, Neurei Karta - no difference.
36. #21
scott   (01.15.07)
the talmud is MANMADE, subject to MANS interpretations! the five books of moses are made from G`d, therefore not subject to anything but obedience...the bible clearly shows that a state for jews is to exist at g`d's command in judea if the state exists, it must have been g`d's command that made it happen...acting through the brave men and women that refounded, funded and defended the state
37. Good for her
Hilda ,   US   (01.15.07)
Yasgur Koach to her for her courage. She didn;t leave him because she thought he was Gay. She already knew that or not. She left him because he chose to be a soneh Yisrael. I wish he all rthe luck in the world in getting a get whcih may be promlematic
38. Kind of like kissing Hitler
rodonna ,   colorado   (01.15.07)
39. Rumors on Friedman are so stupid!
Dovy ,   Toronto   (01.15.07)
These same rumor-mongers said he was arrested in Iran, then that he was arrested in Vienna, then that he had taken one of his children to Iran. In Jewish law there is no such thing as a woman "filing for divorce." And since her family doesn't live in NY, why would she "file" there?!! How idiotic. Absolutely idiotic!
40. dovy we hope you are next
baruch ,   USA   (01.15.07)
Based on Dovy's many comments on the internet - he seems to be an extreme NK supporter - if you have a wife - we hope she leaves you and if you don't we hope you never get married and have the chance to procreate
41. NK Wife's Courage and example
Yitz ,   Kiryat Sefer   (01.15.07)
hopefully other extreme satmar and NK wives will have the same courage
42. I guess there is a new kinky friedman now
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.15.07)
I wonder what happened later that night? Is friedman an aids gibber now? Did the kiss put him in the right mahmoud? Nice to see that kapo swapping spit with the demented persian. Maybe he can grab ass with ab-ass,another Holocaust denier.
43. I wonder if dovy was there too?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.15.07)
Just picture dovy,freakman and the idiot persian forming a circle jerk.
44. she left him
Elisheva B.A. ,   FLORIDA   (01.15.07)
Good for her! Bravo! Mazal Tov! and Good Riddance!
45. Now I know why he did what he did.
Persian CAT   (01.16.07)
Very smart man.
46. Did not file for divorce, I saw them on the street today.
Ben ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.16.07)
47. Neturei Kart them away
Shifra ,   Los Angeles US   (01.16.07)
Do not for even a moment think these fools are representative of the observant world. They are a tiny group of idiots who are not at all reflective of anything orthodox (or even Jewish). They are obviously self-hating, deranged, and yes, dangerous because of their high visibility. They are definitely guilty of betrayal, (nothing innocent or simple as a differing of opinions, this is aggressive). Imagine if a Jew in religious garb - or any garb, really, had been photographed kissing Hitler! It's sick.
48. what's with dovy of toronto??
Shifra ,   LA US   (01.16.07)
Sometimes Jewish women do need to file for divorce. Halachikally sanctioned. A woman can indeed be freed from the shackles of a bad man.
49. Say what you will about Haredi men, but do not EVER
Shifra ,   LA US   (01.16.07)
associate these NK crazies with ANY other group of yidden! They are not haredi, they are only unto themselves, they are not a part of any other Jewish group, ideology, religious enclave or anything. Do not associate them with anyone but themselves!
50. i love that kisser title
Jim ,   Canada   (01.16.07)
i guess you have to call em as you sees em.
51. wife files for divorce
Dan ,   Israel   (01.16.07)
Serves Moshe Aryeh Friedman right. He should now convert in to Shiite Muslim; he will get 4 young and beautiful Iranian wives. And his kisser will provide him with all he needs somewhere in Teheran. Wait and see what decision other 5 wives of conference participants do.
REUVEN ,   USA   (01.16.07)
53. Way to go
yakovba ,   IL   (01.21.07)
at least his wife has some brains
54. Neturei karta Friedman
Ben Kolber ,   Cleveland USA   (01.24.07)
B'SD Part of it was that the Jewish Defense Organization marched with a huge contingent outside the Hotel Neturei Krakpot Freiedman was staying in Boro Park. Then the hotel tossed Friedman out !Go to WWW.JDO.ORG
55. Do you honestly have a conscience?
how dare you make this fake story up SHAME ON YOU. First of all Ahmedinejad is MUSLIM. Men don't kiss men "passionately". Especially in public and with such a status, yeah feel free to pash men! I don't think they're that dumb. It's a cultural tradition in Iran to kiss on the cheek. Far out how much of an idiot can someone be? Like he's the leader of an Islamic republic and Friedman is such a big religous figure and you go around making up this crap. Honestly, anything to make middle-easterns, muslims or anything associated with them look bad. We don't have time for your cynical bullshit. Get a life, pathetic non-believers.
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