American image overhaul in PA
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Published: 15.01.07, 18:31
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1. palis
wonderful news, palis. great! we won't have to wwaste our tax dollars on you if you really used these $$$$ wisely to start with. thanks for saving us our money. thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!
2. in the "narcissistic bubble universe" society, fear is...
psychologist ,   los angeles   (01.15.07)
the only modality for galvanizing people. caring and loving is meaningless.
3. To number 1, it is our pleasure! To hell!
Palestinian   (01.15.07)
4. Good luck with your campaign for HAMAS!
Chanan ,   USA   (01.15.07)
5. U.S. - Biggest single donator to the "Palestinians"
Rob ,   UK   (01.15.07)
That's right, they've given more monetary and humanitarian aid than all the [55] Islamic states alone. Given unconditionally to the most disgusting ingrates on earth. The people that celebrated 9/11, 7/7 and call for more terrorist attacks against the U.S. and Europe. Funding to the terrorist support network known as 'UNRWA' has also continued unabated since the so-called "boycott." Well, make the most of it, "Palestinians" because this gravy train will end one day.
6. palestinian reality distortion field
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.15.07)
yet another example of the "palestinian reality distortion field" at work! under israeli occupation, from 1967 to 1997, the palestinians had jobs and incomes. their economy was not utterly dependent on billions of dollars of international handouts. but then again, they weren't spending every cent on rockets and suicide belts, either. now, by contrast, the palestinian leadership has destroyed the economies of both gaza and the west bank, and is complaining that israel and the united states are not funding their continued aggressions in the style to which they have become accustomed. in fact, the united states is even daring to attach some conditions to the billions of dollars of american taxpayers' money that they are funnelling into the palestinians' death factory. wow! how dare they *not* support the terrorist groups that are running the palestinians into the ground? and the most amazing aspect of all this is that usaid is running a *public relations* campaign to convince the palestinians to *accept* their handouts, and some palestinians find this objectionable - why don't they just give the money back, or, better yet, use it to care for the children orphaned by terrorist attacks in israel?
7. #6
v. n.y. ,   usa   (01.15.07)
you got it right. again, an example of the murderers and terrorists we have helped and continue to help with the hope that this same $$$$ amount will end up in schools, hospitals, universities, education, economy. believe me, it'll never happen. progress is not on the palestinian's mind. they live in doo doo with a doo doo mentality and way of life for a hundred years. yes, while they were under israeli occupation, they enjoyed a brief reprive in which they had decent jobs, the infant and patient mortality was way down, bread was on the table and children fed and safe. israel poured much into what they hoped would become a stable economy to keep them busy and away from jihadist activities. but even that failed. it's not that they are ingrates. it is insidious and in their mentality to just fail at everything they touch. when motivated by hate, constant fighting, religious fanaticism and ideology of death and destruction, no matter how much aid you send them. they'll turn the money given into suicide missions and terrorist operations. it's GENETIC, in their system, and having no education and lots of arab propaganda to fule their hate isn't very conducive to changing their way of life. their humiliation lies at their leaders' feet and the way same leaders use these people as pawns against israel. by the way, not one, a single one of these leaders was ever involved in actually going on the suicide missions to kill israelis. they sit there and supply the suicide belts, but are too sissy to get their hands dirty. shame! these leaders are the first ones to run into safe bunkers and other arab countries and embassies for shelter and let their jihadists fight alone. a bunch of hooded thugs in civilian clothes wearing shoulder missiles.
8. #3
v. n.y. ,   usa   (01.15.07)
the truth always hurts, doesn't it? by the waqy, do not forget your mask at home when you go on your next mission of freedom. and please, stay away from your home and family. do not involve them as scapegoats and human shields for your insane causes. please do convince the jordanian monarchy to help you financially and to give you guys the citizenship and country that you all come from, which was denied to you...jordan!
9. The Fool's Errand of Western Intentions
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.15.07)
Washington is barking up the wrong tree and backing a dead horse. The fact of the matter is that their entire culture is saturated with jihad and NOT with fantasies of western careers. While some are becoming doctors etc, the next generation is groomed for jihad. Read MEMRI, read all their source material and the picture will become clear. Therefore, the Pals are correct in being suspicious of US intentions. They understand that posters will not bring them what they crave. Only jihad in the service of Allah will satiate them. Instead of bribing them, they need to be conquered like the nazis. Then they can be 'overhauled'.
10. America is losing face on the Middle east
1.5 Billion Muslims   (01.16.07)
Reality Check , world
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