MK Yuri Shtern dies of cancer at 58
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.01.07, 11:26
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1. A Hero
Menachem ,   Jerusalem   (01.16.07)
Yuri Shtern was a hero.
2. a gentleman and a scholar
mordechai ,   jerusalem   (01.16.07)
A gentleman and a scholar
3. Mourning
Jason   (01.16.07)
Oh Nation of Israel, take comfort in the heavens
4. Yuri Shtern
sas ,   israel   (01.16.07)
very sad.
5. He bring shame to Judism
David ,   Haifa   (01.16.07)
He represented a racist part that brings shame to jewish values. A party with a fascist mentality based on communist Russian era.
6. yuri was a friend , a jew , a lover of eretz israel.
yehuda   (01.16.07)
yuri was a friend , a jew , a lover of eretz israel.
7. We have lost a righteous man today
elan ,   Israel   (01.16.07)
8. Passing of Yuri Shtern
Ted Beckett ,   Colorado Springs USA   (01.18.07)
Yuri was one of the few Israeli politicians who understood the importance and key role that Christian leaders had in bringing Peace to the troubled Middle East. I was proud to call him friend. He wii be greatly missed.
9. Founder of knesset`s Christian Allies Caucus
Joe Nigrin ,   Israel   (01.23.07)
Yuri Shtern will be remembered as a pionner in bringing Christian prescence in the knesset, as well being a staunch advocate of jewish Aliya and defender of holocaust poor survivors.
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