UK TV uncovers 'Islamic supremacism'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 16.01.07, 19:37
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1. "Uncovered?" Who didn't know?
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (01.16.07)
2. Intolerance
Shachar ,   NY   (01.16.07)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (01.16.07)
4. Video Link HERE
Concerned Earthling ,   Earth   (01.16.07)
Here and and
5. Is anyone surprised
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.16.07)
I sure am not. This is the kind of crap that no one wants to discuss, but this is whats being fed to kids and adult believers in Madrassas and Mosques the world over. Not tolerance, but hate and 'taking over'. Jews are subhuman, thus easy to kill without remorse. Christians are marauders who must be fought. Women are morons who need to be smacked around to be shown their place and they and little girls need rugs thrown over them. This sound like the religion of peace to anyone else?
6. Nothing new!
Oleg ,   USA   (01.16.07)
I'd like liberals to open their eyes at least once to see what is going on.
7. Experts have exposed this
Brod ,   USA   (01.16.07)
Brilliant experts in Islamist-Jihadism-Terrorism have exposed this evil ideology in their books. These experts are Mark A. Gabriel PhD, Gregory M. Davis PhD, Daniel Pipes PhD, Dore Gold PhD, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, Walid Shoebat, Ibn Warraq, Oriana Fallaci, Colonel David Hunt, Kenneth R. Timmerman and Gerald Posner. Their books are MUST READ!
8. Not Suprised, UK is on an irreversable course
Taco ,   Philly   (01.16.07)
MoHAMmmed is closing on the # 1 name of new born children is the UK. UK is toast. By 2070 I will be dead, I do not plan on living that long, if I do I'll be very, very, very old. By 2070, Islam will be # 1 religion in UK. Through the Democratic voting process and overwhelming multiple wife marriges from one man, Islam will prevail in elections through high birth rate and population explosion. Hello Sharia law and ever expanding Calliphate. Emperial Islam on the move, but this time sliding through, and not fighting through the Gayes of Vienna. It is too late for correction. The seed has been planted, the seed allowed to sow, and now the weeds are going to strangle the GARDEN.
9. 10th century vs. 21st century
Cameron ,   USA   (01.16.07)
Amazing! We put people on the moon and yet we still have that kind of nonsense babble being run at us. the more things change, the more they stay the same
10. Someone should send this film to CNN's Glenn Beck
Roni   (01.16.07)
He is one of the very few in the Western media who might dare to speak in primetime about what this undercover video shows, not being afraid of sounding "politically incorrect"
11. shocking expose
mike reider ,   san diego   (01.16.07)
ive seen the 3 clips and they are absolutely shocking, but not surprising. any Western lawmaker that dares give away any western liberty in the name of pacification to islamists and their hate filled proxies, should see this and realize that they are burying their own future. everyone needs to see these video clips.
12. Well now, aren't I shocked? WOW
13. "Islamic Supremacism" uncovered in UK mosques
Marlis ,   Frankfurt, Germany   (01.16.07)
Indeed, I am not surprised--but in Europe not everyone believes this bigotry. They call warners like me "islamophob";)
14. It's already in the youtube
Andre ,   TLV   (01.16.07)
15. shocking? #11
jo moor   (01.16.07)
suggest you read Briggite Gabriels recently published book: "Because they hate" and then you can wake up in USA too
16. feel sorry for the people here who didnt see it
londonistan   (01.16.07)
18. OOPS (not)
raging Lion ,   usa   (01.16.07)
19. Ch 4 better get protection!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.16.07)
As should all those involved with the making of this documentary. But Kol HaKavod to them!! This is the kind of reporting we ought to be seeing! Unfortunately, any Muslims who are just as aghast as the rest of us are will wind up keeping their mouths shut out of fear.
20. Islam
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.16.07)
This has been exposed before, and needs to be continually fed through the media with the real intention of this disastrous cult called a religion shown for what it is. These organizations which are so obviously against the state and traditional should be abolished and made illegal. If right wing Naziism can be illegal cause they promote a superior race is this not the same? Convert or die, Allah is the only, If you are not one of us you are an infidel, has ww2 taught us nothing. It is not a hate crime, but a retainment of heritage, and way of life. It is a self defense. Where are the "moderate" muslims when this is made broadcast, how come they don't parade through the streets chanting death to these imams, who so venomously are tarnishing the image of their "peaceful" religion / cult. No riots in Pakistan? According to the moderates these teachings don't reflect the true image of Islam. Yet they bring in the masses? According to moderates this teaching is an insult to Islam, so where are the death chants, protests. How come they sit smuggly, should we make this available in a cartoon edition? Do they fear there own religious brethren? Also, if this world is the way that Allah wills it, how come they fight Israel and the West, is this not against the will of Allah? That part confuses me. It is not Islamaphobia to speak out against this, phobia means afraid of, and I am not afraid of Islam, I just see it for what it truly is. And I have a strong opinion of not in favour.
21. #19
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.16.07)
The funny thing is your right, it will be the muslims that are mad over this. When it should be the brits taking to the street. Western passiveness is making this easy for Islam. But you know what they say about sleeping giants.
22. With Apologies to Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, Heads Will Fly!
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.16.07)
Anti Muslim slander of this sort cannot be permitted over the airwaves of the UK. People must be fired! Everyone knows Islam is a religion of peace. Yawn.
23. Practices of 'IdeologyOfBigotry' r as old as British mosques
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.16.07)
With modern miniaturized audio & video devices now we could able to document it…. Culture of denial out there….
24. hate crimes
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.16.07)
If you can go to jail for saying you don't believe in the holocaust, shouldn't these speakers, imams / preachers all be thrown in jail under the same EU hate crime laws?
25. I am a muslim
Mustapha ,   USA   (01.16.07)
I read this article with interest, but it did not surprise me. As with every religion out there, Islam has its own ultra-orthodox followers (a.k.a. extremists). Just as it is with Judaism and Christianity, there are those who would take a message of peace and twist it to match their own political ambitions. Unfortunately, current world events are fueling hatred and making it even more difficult for moderate to speak up. While I do not think that all muslims are leaning towards extremism, I tend to believe (from my personal experience of course) that those who come from a Pakistani or Saudi background tend to be very "conservative" (to put it politely). Other muslims from other countries tend to be far more moderate. Have you been to Dubai lately? :-)
26. Ken Livingstone, Yvonne Riddly, George Galloway etc....
good teamwork (ah?)   (01.16.07)
27. All said by Muslim Cleric are so for Religious Jews too
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.16.07)
and for Religious Christians as well. Just consider how Ortodox jews beat an US jewish Woman who refused to change her seat in Bus, they tried to force her to seperate from Man. You have still religious Courts trying marriage cases. In fact Religious Muslims approve that, they want such divided buses with woman only sections. If you consider other points you will see almost one to one similarities. Only difference Cristians and Jews are more seculer and do not take heed to their Clerics so much.
28. #25 - what do moderate muslims say about...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.16.07)
Mohammed's marraige to a 9 year old girl? Isn't that disgusting? Even as set forth in the Koran, Mohammed doesn't seem like the kind of person anybody would want to emulate.
29. re; I am a muslim
mike ,   san diego   (01.16.07)
Mustapha, it is clearly evident to everyone that every religion has its share of nutjobs, this isnt news nor a surprise. We are long past this point. the fact is that Islam today is the most violent, intolerant and in many ways backward form of faith on earth, with global jihad movements, sheer hatred and venom as seen in these videos. Obviously the Muslims of Dubai do not follow these takfirs, but millions still do, millions. They arent some tiny sidelined minority, these fanatics are a sizable force and influence, and the so called 'moderate' muslims do nothing to stamp out this supremacist ideology.
30. What People Should Have
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (01.16.07)
is common sense, a functioning brain, and proper sources. Also, where's the rest of this video? All I could hear was selected snippets from this imam's speech. What is the context? What exactly did he mean? People are not stupid sheep you know, and Im assuming that the people living in England are mostly educated. As a Muslim, I can tell you that for most sane Muslims there is really nothing to say in response to this issue...a response would involve a detailed explanation and I am sure that for most of the resentful talkbackers here it would go out the other ear. Why? Because a lot of what this imam said is precisely the crap that some non-Muslim people WANT to hear. But if you only knew the true ahadeeth and verses on the Prophet and, for example, Aisha, you would laugh your head off at what he's saying. The prophet was not any man, and he did what he did for very specific reasons. Homosexuality, to take another example, was forbidden since time out of mind (if you know your old Testament and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah). Not only in Islam. You want evidence? Just read. Women are not deficient in Islam. And there are millions of examples to prove it. Unless you want to look at only a handful. In the end, it's your choice. salam
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