Ynet presents: Halutz's full letter of resignation
Published: 17.01.07, 02:51
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1. I fought..................
JB   (01.17.07)
You did the same fighting against your own flesh and blood, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK G-D YOUR OUT
2. About time!! Amir Peretz, you're next!
Celebrating   (01.17.07)
I respect Halutz for having the balls to taake the most honorable course of action - resigning. That twit Peretz should learn a thing or two about honor from Halutz. Stop clinging on to your post, Amir! Get out while you still have a few shreds of dignity left, or do you plan to squander those too?
3. Olmert, Peretz: Take a Hint!
SL ,   New York   (01.17.07)
It seems clear that Lt. Gen. Halutz was hinting at problems in the higher echelon. It's time for Olmert, whose approval rating is below 20% and who is beset with criminal investigations, consider joining his children who have left Israel. Peretz can return to his area of strength: populist speeches to labor unions. Israel needs strong, experienced, courageous leaders, now more than ever.
4. resignation(s)
barrie g ,   zichron yaacov   (01.17.07)
Good news -Halutz resigns! Bad news -Olmert has not, what is he waiting for??
5. A good man
Michel ,   Berkeley, CA   (01.17.07)
He did his best in a difficult situation. Even if we are not totally happy about the war, would we have done better? Would another Chief of Staff have done better? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that certainly Danny Halutz did the best he could do for IDF and Israel. Good luck and God bless you Danny Halutz.
6. Happy to see you go
YW Editor ,   NYC   (01.17.07)
Dear Mr Halutz, We are thrilled to see you go. Anyone who at the onset of a war can say "I don't need any help from above", and is a total non-believer in G-D is a deranged man. Everyone knows that the reason that Israel is existing is not due to F-16's nor the soldiers nor anything else. Wars in Israel were won due to divine intervention. FACT. Good riddance! Next up: Olmert and the gang. Proudly, YW Editor.
7. this letter
ahmad ,   jerusalem   (01.17.07)
as if he want to say somehing ..but never solve or end or start anything
8. divine retribution part 2
9. "stand at your service always" to destroy Jewish lives
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (01.17.07)
their security of the land and never bring those who come to kill them to surrender and enforce their right of return to the homicidal hamite peninsular homeland of their own name.
10. YNET PRESENTS ?? What is this , a Broadway musical?
malcolm   (01.17.07)
Only entertainers make PRESENTATIONS. Oh yeah, this IS entertainment. Thanks for reminding us.
11. Letter of Resignation
Poitcha ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (01.17.07)
How dare Ynet or any other newspaper, whether on line or off line print a personal Letter of Resignation. The letter is directed to the PM and not to the general public. Especially not to a public that is so quick to condemn. What a pity that all those critics out there judge this man on his final performance only. Leave him alone and take a look at yourselves. Are you all so very perfect????
12. Is the IDF a very moral army?
M.B ,   Storrs   (01.23.07)
In his resignation letter, Dan Halutz says that "The IDF is a very moral army". I disagree with that statement based on the fact that in the summer 2006 war against Hezbollah, the IDF targeted non-military targets in Lebanon-- such as civilian infrastructure and civilian neighborhoods. A testament to this is the number of Lebanese civilian casualties (1000) and that the destruction of some neighborhoods (Bint Jbel and Dahieh) can even be seen from satellite photo's. I hope that part of his resignation is due to the realization that the war didn't help in terms of coexistence and was a waste of life and resource.
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