Candidates for replacing Halutz: Kaplinsky, Ashkenazy
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 17.01.07, 03:54
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Charly ,   Honduras   (01.17.07)
HALUTZ is gone, now we need olmert out too!!
2. Bring back Moshe Yaalon
Mel ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.17.07)
The most approriate solution is for Moshe Yaalon to be asked to return to chief of staff on a short term basis. After he cleans up the mess and disorganization a suitable replacement can be found after a through search.
3. They are all losers...we need new blood in the military
4. Both Kaplinski and Ashkenazi have failed, bring back Yaalon!
Chanan ,   USA   (01.17.07)
ll active duty and Defense appointment Generals are tainted with the failures of the last war. Ashkenazi did not fulfill his duty to give wise advise to DM idiot Peretz during the war and has been silent since then. The same goes for Gantz who had the duty to express his opiniion to and about Halutz's performance. Enough has been said about Kaplinsky's role in the Lebanon debacle. Retired Lt.-General Moshe Yaalon on the other hand, with no official capacity, kept giving warnings about IDF readiness and dangers.
5. Bring in new blood to the military
BENTHAM ,   SINGAPORE   (01.17.07)
They are there right under your nose.
6. easy to give an answer
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (01.17.07)
the one who was working next to Halutz. the second man of the army.
bentham ,   singapore   (01.17.07)
8. I shall not say who should be
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.17.07)
Appointed, I have no opinion on this. I shall say who should not be appointed. Anyone named or proposed by Peretz should decline simply because he, Peretz, has no moral authority to appoint a C in C. The propsed appointee would act with honor by refusing, he would be sending an unequivocal message to the politicians and would garner respect from the public. In short he would be doing himself a service as well as to the citizens of this broken country.
9. #8 ,I agree
bentham ,   singapore   (01.17.07)
Peretz a person part of the disengagement process :) Not Peretz or any of his nominations !
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