Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
One investigation too many
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 17.01.07, 10:16
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1. adequate planning and withdrawal under fire
mootzi ,   tlv   (01.17.07)
during first lebanon war....Ashkenazi...? u gotta be joking.... the withdrawl was a disaster and a black stain on isr. military ability to do basicly...everything
2. Ron-Tal is the only choice
Amir ,   Haifa   (01.17.07)
The other 2 dudes should not be considered at all. They should apply for a job of Peretz and Olmert bodyguards. Why to choose the losers? If Olmert, Livni and Peretz know nothing about IDF they should be making a choice for for the comander.
3. And what of Yalon?
Steve ,   USA   (01.17.07)
B"H Yalon positioned that disengagement would give a tailwind to terror and he was right. Is not he on the list also? If not, why not?
4. The smart choice is Bugi
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (01.18.07)
For Israel & the IDF to begin to rehabilitate itself, it must take a step back, breath deeply, think... Rega choshvim... and bring Bugi back as CoGS for say, 2 years. It will give time for the IDF to cleanse and rehabiltate itself, without inexperienced senior officers at the helm, whose senior command experience and attitude was developed over the "problematic" last 10 years; It will be at least a partial acknowledgement (by proxy) of the madness of the Gaza retreat and circumvention of the democratic process by Sharon; The excessive politicization of the senior ranks of the IDF; A personal redemption of a great soldier who was humiliated; A warning to all terrorists and neighbouring adventurerous states; A "Shot in the arm" and an obvious return to some decency in the public arena. I would not even be afraid of bringing back Dan Shomron (if necessary) to clean out the rot of the "4 Mothers" whining, mootzila- pootzila, loser's era. Enough of tying donkeys to Nagmashim, and giving them senior ranks after 15 years. An army is there to deter from strength; and when necessary, fight ferociously; to clearly and completely defeat the enemy - not play Scout games and give out chocolate (metaphorically speaking), and it has to train for that, at all levels, not police work. Put "A dose of Bugi" through Gaza. There is nothing wrong with having a battle experienced, but retired senior officer alongside every current unit commander, from Regiment or Brigades up. Many would volunteer. I am not seeking to return to "The good old days", but there is a huge difference between semi police actions and lack of training for years on end, and traditional military strategy, organization, training, cohesion, actions, and discipline. Mentors, experience, and organization is needed, and the supply has run out at most levels over the last 10 years. It would also be smart political move for a sleaze like Olmert...
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