Hizbullah: Halutz's resignation due to war failures
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.01.07, 12:47
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1. Hizbullah should learn from this
Jackie ,   UK   (01.17.07)
The Israel people are very lucky, as opposed to the Lebanese. The war brought death and distruction to both sides, nobody won. At least in Israel someone has taken responsibility. The Lebanese people are stuck with a wannabe dictator who brought ruin to much of the country.
2. Damascus and Hezbollah are right
Steve ,   USA   (01.17.07)
They are right. The resignation was due to Israel's defeat in the recent Lebanon war. Mr. Olmert should be next to resign; and Mr. Peretz and then Ms. Livni should also resign.
3. we will see your time, too
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (01.17.07)
we will.
4. Terorists and dictators cannot understand
Ehud ,   Raanana   (01.17.07)
Maybe Hisbollah terrorists and Syrian dictatorships and their obedient "news agencies" don't get it. But the ability of an open society to constantly repair itself and improve is exactly why we will prevail and they not!
5. Hey, big talkers - overthrown your government yet?
Zvi ,   USA   (01.17.07)
6. Illusionist Nasrallah
Jacob ,   Munich   (01.17.07)
All the trouble that we see now in Israel -resignation of Gen´l staff , accusation of polititians is nothing but ... a sign of democracy ! something they miss !!! Look at leaders like Mubarak (not corrupt?!) . So, the opposite is going to be true. Israel will get out of this mess stronger than before !!!
7. Israelshould learn Ref #1
Mohd ,   Lebanon   (01.17.07)
British Jackie, We in Lebanon (atleast those who suffered fromIsrael for 30 years) are all taking responsibility of the defence of our society against evil forces of Israel. Truely, we never had peace in the area if it was not for Hizballah.. Do you think we should wait for UN and Israel to give us peace? if you are in doubt, see the Palestinians situation beging Israel to let them eat. We support Hizballah and you should deal with us on that basis... We are not Iranian agents nor Radicals. You must deal with us on this basis.
8. I thought you guys won the war :)
Ali ,   Canada   (01.17.07)
So it seems that Hezbollah won after all. Sayed Hassan said that we won the military battle although you destroyed Lebanon and you guys insisted on denying that...Anywyas good luck in rebuilding ur army and my adivce to you: Lebanon is not palastine or Egypt. You are fighting real men who beleive,. So next time think 10000 times before invading Lebanon
9. They sound secure in their "victory"
Danny - Israeli one   (01.17.07)
With the endless need to claim "victory" - we have rearmed - thus proving both UNIFIL and Hizbollah and Lebanon are in breech of UNSC - we carried on firing rockets - of the type that when the Pals fire them are derrided as "firecrackers" - Halutz resigned - but presumably the Hizbollah leadership hunkered in bunkers is also a "victory". One has to wonder what would have had to happened for them to admit defeat....
10. a message to NASRALLAH
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (01.17.07)
I believe, time to get afraid ! enemy of you is preparing for better. you better be more carefull. I am not mean on you. WHEN SEPTEMBER 11, HAPPENED I HAVE SEEN ON TV, THOUSANDS ON STREETS HAVING PARTY. THAT WAS SOMETHING I COULDNT GET. look what happened from that day until now. If I were you, I would be more carefull. I like to see you guys working for peace. The subject is too deep, we know. but we still wish for good. You claim you represent the religion. We do claim same. We hope peace wins in the end. We hope bads leave in the end. We hope we see who is right who is wrong in future without losing many lives.
11. #7 Mohamad
jerome ,   basalt, co   (01.17.07)
with that opinion of yours you must be smoking some strong red Lebanese hashish!
12. #8 real men?
jerome ,   basalt, co   (01.17.07)
real men don't pray to MoHam-Mad-Mad
13. Bevacasha,Mahmoud#7
Keren ,   SP-now in Israel   (01.17.07)
" evil forces of Israel " ...explain that ,please.
14. a message to KARAGOZOGLU
Hani ,   Palestine   (01.17.07)
Mind your own business. PS. Pass me the baklawa. Free Palestine!
15. they r correct-i m switching to watching
mootzi ,   tlv   (01.17.07)
the frigin enemy tv cause they r the only ones who r reporting the truth and saying and doing exactly what they mean. When they say they r out to destroy us and planning for war and capturing Jerus. and freeing ALL of occupied palestine(yes-that includes haifa and yaffo) I BELIEVE THEM--THEY R TRUTH SPEAKERS!!! They -MY enemies-do not hide behind idiotic parve slogans that have no meaning and lead ME-a tired of winning, history forgotting, empty of ideology and any pride,settler hating ISRAELI astray. Too bad i have to pay to get al-jezeera-if it was for free-i would gladly listen to them and believe EVERY WORD!!!
16. Afterwar videos of SBeirut suburb/SLebanon revealed verdict
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.17.07)
17. To #1
John ,   Toronto   (01.17.07)
Actually, Hizbullah won the war, and its not just me saying it. Israeli media, Israeli officials all admitted it. So its time to stop ignoring hizbullah's power in the middle east. Its time israel gives Hizbullah what its asking for. All prisonrs plus leaving all of lebanon (Shaba Farms). Israel went to war with the goal of getting the soldiers back. They though they were going for a fun trip, instead Hizbullah showed them it wasnt that easy. The result of the war was Israel going back to the same point before the war except that the soldiers were still with Hizbullah , so that is considered a failure. Also, Halutz and other israelie officials said that Halutz's resignation is because of the results of the war so I dont know why are you complaining when Hizbullah says the same. If Israel didnt win or lose as you say then Halutz would've not resigned. People resign when they fail ==> Halutz failed ==> Israel lost the war
18. One day, an intelligent statement will come from Damascus.
Because they've never ever said anything that's relevant or noteworthy to this day - What a bunch of Idiots.
19. nuuu v mah?
vered ,   israel   (01.17.07)
20. 2. Steve - So why is Nasrallah hiding?
S Judah ,   London   (01.17.07)
21. To Ali Baba # 8
Gaby ,   Montreal   (01.17.07)
Hey Ali from Canada, what are you doing in Canada... Perhaps taking advantage of a free country!!!!! or maybe trying to turn Canada into a Hezb base.... come on... go back and defend ur country against evil Zionist..... As always for all Ali's and Mohammed's of this world toooooo much talk and Nooooooooooooo action.
22. Thanks for advice Ali from Canada
Palmer ,   Canada   (01.17.07)
Hey Ali, Yes Hezb won the war.... 800 deads later 6,487 injured and $ 5.7 billions later...... But that is not an issue.... Ahmadinejad will send back money to reconstruct and believe it or not, in Hezb no one is corrupt but hundreds of thousands displaced people still waiting money to rebuild andNasrallah still hiding.... What a Magnificient country... Go get a life..... in Lebanon BTW... Tks reading Yedioth Ahronoth... better paper than any arab one at least You get the truth here
23. To #7 who knows nothing.
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (01.17.07)
If you want to support Hez..fine. The US and the rest of the free world DOES NOT HAVE TO!!!!!! That is OUR right. So when you need money, food and someone to help you clean up your crappy country don't come looking for us. Ask your best friends Syria and Iran. There not as popular but in time they too will be going down. It is already starting in Iran! So good luck to in your heap of ruins.
24. What was gained from the last war?
Isabella ,   Israel   (01.17.07)
Has anyone asked that question? 'We won' - 'no we won' - 'no we won' - WHO CARES!!. The only thing that has changed since the war is that there are UN peace keepers camping out on our northern boarders (more beneficial to Israel) and Hizbullah has been pushed back further north into Lebanon and our intelligence are doing their job properly now. Does anyone have anything to show from the last war? Anyone at all?......................... NO!! What evidence can the deranged Nasrallah present to substantiate his claim that he 'won'. I only saw thousands of dead Lebanese people and not very many Israelis. But, once again, the papers have a field day printing every stupid comment from every stupid leader.
25. #17 After the war of 1967 Nasser was begged to stay in power
Forrestus Gumpius   (01.17.07)
by the Egyptians, and loved more than ever. Does that mean Egypt won that war?
26. Answer to Ali Baba and the 40 thiefs
Pietro, ,   Campo Basso   (01.17.07)
In Israel when People fail, they resign and quit with respect and dignity.... Thats a democracy my friend..... In Arab land when people fail , they Hide and resist change, buildig clan and cling to power.....I would rather spend my life in Israeli democracy that "Lost the war in Lebanon" than 1 Day in an Arab country "That always win" As the world knows "Even when Arabs looses they win".
27. If Hizballah won the war....
Dov ,   canada   (01.17.07)
Chickens have teeth and pigs can fly. Having said that, it appears that the Israeli people expected the IDF to totally destroy Hizballah capabilities, and because it did not happen, there is a great sense of deception amongst them. Relax guys, Lebanon is still picking up the pieces from the war, and it will be for a long time to come. Now let's see if Amir Peretz will follow suit and resign as well.
28. Go Israel, from resignation to resignation, till final .....
29. Democracy my *** Gaby
Ali ,   Canada   (01.18.07)
To the so called Gaby from Canada, first of all I didn't come to your free land country because I am from Quebec but I coverted to Islam after being an athiest for long....I am not lebanese or arab but I read and open my eyes to know the truth. My advice to you, stop listenning to CNN if you are seeking the truth. Now, regarding those people talking about who won and lost, your comments show how frustarted and angry you are from your commanders. Live with it Israelis, you lost for your first time and more will come soon.
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