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Youth group supported by Scientology
Tali Heruti-Sover
Published: 19.01.07, 04:53
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1. Using a 13 year old boy as a front is child abuse
malcolm   (01.19.07)
2. Scientology a bunch of nutters.
efi g ,   washington dc   (01.19.07)
Some jewish people have also joined this insane group.
3. next-tom cruise is headed your way.
debra ,   usa   (01.19.07)
4. multi-biulion dollar swindle
bob ,   potomac, md usa   (01.19.07)
Scientology is like gambling: it's for the very rich or for the very stupid.
5. They should be banned
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.19.07)
They are just another group out to steal Jewish souls. What the hell does a thirteen year old know?He should be removed from his family and have a Jewish education.The u.n. should not sponsor any events in Israel. The hotel should be boycotted for allowing this event to be held there.
6. Scientology for human rights???
Harv   (01.19.07)
Scientology is a dangerous cult that in the past has resorted to all kinds of tactics, including violence, to force members to remain in the cult. At least 1 person was killed over the years, probably more. That they are urging awareness of human rights is the height of hypocrisy. Don't fall for it. They are an extremely dangerous bunch.
7. I became aquainted with Scientology
Arik ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.07)
in the middle fifties. All those friends of mine who investigated it deeper than I did turned out to be social misfits at best or weirdos at worst. I remained sane or at least normative in my attitude to life and society. I first saw Tom cruise in "the color of money" in the 1980's. an enjoyable movie, an accomplished actor, a talented individual, but I shall never forget coming out of that movie and saying to myself, was he acting or was he playing himself. I came to the conclusion then that he was a weirdo. Beware all you young kids out there, Tom Cruise might be your hero and Ron Hubbard and his heirs made millions, but it is better to be sane and normative.
8. scientology experience
eliezer ,   jerusalem, israel   (01.19.07)
sadly, i have had experience with two people who were 'sucked' into believing the garbage ideology of scientology. Both needed consuling and took years away from productive living. It is a bad plague, and I recommend all to investigate it's horrible ramifications before getting involved.
9. Look before you leap!
Wolfram ,   USA   (01.19.07)
Invented by a hack science-fiction writer in the '50s, Scientology is today a diversified business enterprise posing as a "religion" in order to avoid paying taxes and to ward off criminal justice agencies that are hesitant to prosecute "religious" institutions. Scientology operates through countless shell organizations, stealth fronts with noble-sounding names such as those listed in your article. These fronts are created for the sole purpose of recruiting new members, fresh sources of money and labor to replace disappointed adherents who, having been squeezed dry, inevitably drop away from the organization. Scientology concentrates its efforts on the management of so-called drug rehabilitation programs and on its continuing war against mainstream psychiatry. Why? Because addictive and psychologically-insecure personalities are the most vulnerable targets for its recruiting activities. Lured by a vision of superhuman health and strength, these recruits are then enlisted into a pyramid scheme in which they are charged exorbitant amounts or made to work for a pittance in order to rise in a concocted heirarchy of rank. Not so much "nutters," as #2 suggests, but poor schlemiels! The actual owners and stakeholders of Scientology, however, are calculating, ruthless and very prosperous businesspeople. Scientology places special priority on the recruiting of "celebrities," for obvious promotional reasons. It also targets lawyers in order to staff its large legal department, as its practise is to harass its opponents and critics with barrages of lawsuits. And beware the Scientology "personality test"! It is designed to reveal your insecurities and vulnerabilities to Scientology recruiters, who will use them as points of attack. You can find extensive information about Scientology on the Internet. Great reading which puts many fictional crime thrillers to shame.
10. between tom cruise and kofi annan, i'll take tom cruise
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.19.07)
11. I am a Scientologist
Ariella ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.19.07)
Scientology is not a faith-based religion like Judaism or Christianity, but an applied philosophy. This means that what you learn in Scientology you apply in your own life for results you see immediately. There is a money-back guarantee on every course. The first course in Scientology teaches you how to be more productive and efficient in your life. It’s an incredible course. Scientology doesn’t rival any other religion, no Scientologist has ever had to leave his/her own religion in order to be a Scientologist. I have personally met two orthodox rabbis in Scientology. I asked them if people gave them a hard time about being Scientologists. Each one of them said yes, but what they have gotten out of Scientology was worth it all to them. There are also Buddhist monks, Christian ministers, no one ever had to leave his religion. And I am still very much Jewish, and a better one than I was before I became a Scientologist. Judaism taught me that I should care for other people. Scientology taught me how to do that. Judaism taught me I needed to be ethical. Scientology taught me why, and how. Scientology taught me how to be a better mother and a more responsible person, and much, much more. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. E-mail me at: Or take a look at:
12. this dangerous sect pushed people to suicide in France
Robert ,   Vitry, France   (01.19.07)
13. Scientology
Chester Owsley ,   Canada   (01.19.07)
I WAS a scientologist. Thank goodness I got out. Almost all of the cult members eventually leave and when they do they can't believe that they were involved in that kind of of lunacy. The most important thing you learn as an ex-scientologist is that some people are very susceptible to brainwashing. Scientologists will paint a rosy picture of what goes on in there but they don't tell the whole story. They know that if they did tell it, you would think them to be the fools that they are AND you would never join. Try for a broader explanation.
14. Scientology environment
Konrad ,   Poland   (01.19.07)
When my daughter spends time with scientologists, I know she is safe. That's all.Konrad
15. What Scientologists Really Believe
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.19.07)
My best friend Stan used to be in this cult, they thought he was the reincarnation of the L. Ron Hubbard. He had the highest N-gram score of anyone who was ever audited. Scientologists really believe that the evil Lord Xenu cut the souls out of a bunch of space aliens and dumped them into volcanos so that they would be released into the earth's atmosphere and body snatch humans. Their space ships look like a bunch of DC-9's. It all happened because L. Ron Hubbard made a bet that he could make up a fake religion and find people stupid enough to believe in it.
16. Youth for Human RIghts
David ,   Los Angeles   (01.19.07)
This article is a smear campagin I advice before you have a negative idea about the group. Get the facts yourself from the group not from a smear campagin article.
17. Scientology's goal is to better condiitions
Find out yourself ,   NY   (01.19.07)
I tried all kinds of things, be it psychology, yuga, traveling, athiesm, etc... to try to find something that will help me do better in life. I suffered from depression, was taking drugs and was in general not happy. Scientology gave me practical tools to improve myself and the enviroment around me. It might not be for everyone, but nothing is. If Scientology wants to work towards educating people on human rights -then what is wrong with that? Is there anyone out there who thinks that education of human rights is a bad thing? If there is then I invite you to be a black in the US south in the 50s or a young Russion girl being sold off for prostition from the age of 10. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to improve the world, and anyone knocking any group that is working towards that needs to do a realty check.
18. Well Done Don!
Arik ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.19.07)
Thank you Don for the great work you're doing. In the country where violence and war are part of daily life, we need people like you who take the initiative and bring sanity to the area. If there ever will be peace in Israel, it's going to happen by the efforts of yours and of the people like you.
19. Ha! You write like Scientology is killing people...
Ashton ,   La Canada, CA   (01.19.07)
But they are doing the exact opposite. You say that Scientologists are involved in discovering abuse cases with psychiatry as if abuse cases were a good thing. Do you have a problem with spreading peace and understanding? Is it bad to let everyone know what their human rights are? Of course they wouldn't call you back? Would you call someone back who's sole purpose is to show their good works as bad?
20. Tolerance and Human Rights
Carl Urbin ,   Woodland Hills, Cali   (01.19.07)
I'm a fervent admirer of Simon Widenthal, the Jewish Human Rights Hero and fighter, who was responsible for establishing the Tolerance and Human Rights Center in Beverly Hills, California. I'm also an admirer of Israelis for being an example of Freedom and freedom fighting. I continue to support and back many Israelis and Jewish causes because of my admiration and respect for people who have survived incredible oppression throughout the ages. I just hope that they do not stop their policy of Tolerance, Respect for Human Rights and Fight for Freedom. With continued admiration, respect and support. A Catholic and Scientologist. Carl Urbin Award Winning Producer
21. Human Rights is a good idea
Charlie Culloden ,   Glendale & USA   (01.19.07)
I feel Human Rights is a good idea and that anyone supporting it should be validated. In fact everyone should support Human Rights and then we'd have a better planet where people respect one another. What's to complain about anyone supporting this issue - Nothing.
22. I'm for Human Rights! What about you?
Eileen ,   Raleigh, NC, USA   (01.19.07)
After going the Youth for Human Rights site, seeing the short videos they have on listing what our Human Rights are, I found nothing to disagree with. It seems to me that those folks who are focusing on what they think is wrong are missing the point. Why don't you focus on what's RIGHT? Unless of course you are against human rights! In that case I hope you fare well in your life.
23. Scientology and Human Rights
Dali Bahat ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.19.07)
It looks like you investigated something that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Just looking at what this admirable youth group ACTUALLY DOES would be a valuable public service as a journalist. Question: Did you find ANYTHING negative about their actual wordwide activities? Good news is so much more valuable than controversy!
24. Bravo DON !
so young ,   and so activist !   (01.20.07)
25. Judaism is for Human rights
Michael U ,   SF,Ca   (01.19.07)
What is wrong with you people, turning your backs on your religion. Please dont turn to the left or the right and accept these crack-pots as the true religion. G-d gave us the law at Mt. Sinai and we Jews accepted the mission. The Scientology is BS and everyone knows that it is. Only the weak minded could turn their backs on Hashem, who has loved us in each generation, and give their time and money to these scishters, Judaism establishes rules such as paying workers on time, not abusing the orphan or the widow, and how to treat those who are downtrodden. All knowledge can be found in Torah, and those who abandon it are foolish. I am saddend to read articles like this, that scientology is trying to suck Jews away from the love of Hashem. Shame on them, for this I rebuke them.
26. Youth for Human Rights
Ellen ,   USA   (01.19.07)
Good for Don Shaul. Youth for Human Rights is a great movement . The group supports an important message. UDHR being know throughout the world and applied
27. A sane comment
Alon Knoll ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.20.07)
These days, many Israeli youth are doing druggs, are involved in violent acts against other students and are in the middle of no-where in terms of their values. In a sharp contrast, a young person who happends to be a scientologist, wants to advance sane and pro-survival values such as human rights. Whty so all the "good souls" turn agaist him? Just because he choose to be a scientologist? Please be more sane: scientology is not against the law in any country of the world. And just to let you know that in Belgium and in France Orthodox Judaism was defined by courts as a sect. So please be sane and don't condemn anyone because of a perfectly legal and helpfill act like Don. I hope that many young people will stop wasting their lives and try and help society like Don does.
28. This is tiring me.
Gabi ,   Brazil   (01.20.07)
Scientology is involved in many improvement activities. This is just one of these activities. Instead of saluting to these kind of people, who are working hard to improve issues - journalists are trying to pervert the true scene and true intentions. There is no other ontention. It is just what it is: people trying to improve the situation of human rights. And that kid is an amazing boy, his friends too. So applaud guys, stop the useless nutter and "be aware of the devil" crup. I salute these kids and I salute Scientology for these actions.
29. I didn't understand
Barak ,   LA   (01.20.07)
why if it a good cause and subject, YNet is trying to present it as wrong or something to be ashamed. It's good and Scientology should be commended for supporting it!
30. People, Wake Up
Morpheus   (01.20.07)
Scientology is one big lie. They hide behind a beautiful cover but the truth is they do not care about humen rights. Every Scientologist who stayed long enough knows what I am talking about. Sceintologists, you need to stop working in a covert way. You need to understand that it is against what you think you believe in. It is a lie. So I invite all "Non PTS" Scientologists to read some truth about LRH and Scientology in the net, AND START THINKING FOR YOURSELF AGAIN! Did some things in SCN never made sense to you? Do you consider LRH's research as scientific data? Have you been subject to injustice in SCN org? Find out the truth about Scn for yourself!
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