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Thank you and goodbye
Eitan Haber
Published: 18.01.07, 20:39
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1. What did u drink ?
2. Halutz is an easy scapegoat
Kobi ,   USA   (01.18.07)
Certainly he lacks imagination, but in this respect he is no different than most people his age-- including the parents and uncles/aunts of most ot the readers of this article. However, it did not help that Olmert and Peretz together have zero experience in managing military operations. In their ignorance and naivete, they took Halutz's advice and let him run their war, until it was too late. And Halutz, being an air force man, naturally thought that he could "shock and awe" Hizballah out of existence. Maybe next time the majority of Israeli Jews will consider the security credentials of the figures for whom they vote. A union leader and lifelong agitator for Defense Minister of Israel? Peretz was headed for disaster from day one. However, I still maintain that he has done less damage as DM than he would have done as Finance Minister. Now that would have been sof ha'kol.
3. War criminal
rastaman ,   Bangui. CAR   (01.18.07)
If there where justice in the world this guy will probably be convicted of war crime in Lebanon and Gaza. Israel is immune for ICT. Viva Hugo CHAVEZ.
4. You are a wise man Eitan Haber
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.18.07)
Thank you.
5. 493055 to 2012192
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.18.07)
I salute you Sir. Thank you.
6. I also want to thank Mr. Halutz, but let us not forget...
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (01.18.07)
I want to thank Mr. Dan Halutz for the courage he has displayed over the decades in the defense of Medinat Yisrael and also for the Courage he has shown in taking responsibility for the war's faliures and resigning, and I say this without the least bit of sarcasm. But let us not forget that, as Mr. Haber noted, 158 Israelis died in this war, and their deaths are partly on Mr. Halutz's shoulders. I do not say that that the war was needless, and I resent Mr. Haber's saying that it was, but the lives of those who died were wasted and they were wasted only because Mr. Halutz did not have the guts to stand up against his superiors and demand that the war fought to the fullest and won completely, so that those who died will have died for a reason. As it is those needless deaths are still on Halutz's shoulders, and the only way I see in which he can atone for his costly lack of guts is by helping to bring down Peretz, Olmert, and Livni, who are just as guilty of failing the State of Israel and its army as Halutz is if not more so
7. your point 6
arie ,   tel aviv   (01.19.07)
Churchill said, mister Haber, that those who flee from a war, get only shame and far worse war
8. a note
sami ,   jerusalem   (01.20.07)
before many years i listened to prince hassan the jordanian one ,said that king hussen knew in 67 that it is hard to win the war against israil but he shoosed to be withe the arabs in this battle ,,,,i do nt know it was the truth but even it is the truth ,,it was not right ,,,i think the same was to israil ..all of the responsible men shoose to go to the war to be in one battle ,,,but if it was the truth ..becouse i think sometimes the war is the choice of others than the ones going to it
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