Gaza shelling victim falls through cracks
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 18.01.07, 21:44
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1. Abbas just received 100 million USD didnt he?
bentham ,   singapore   (01.18.07)
Compensate her loss for pain & suffering and injuries sustained.
2. This is more then Humanitarian Dilemma -CRUELTY
bentham ,   singapore   (01.18.07)
Now both side wash their hands? Be Fair in your dealings !
3. This is very weird - I remember the video...
Lednah ,   Europe   (01.18.07)
with this girl taken after the incident on the beach. The girl on the video was running around and she has no problem with her hands when she explained to the cameraman how the shell killed her family until she was bathing in the sea
4. Thousands Jewish Gaza Evacuees also fell between the cracks
gabriela ben ari   (01.18.07)
5. The Arabs probably want her as a 'poster child'
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.18.07)
Like they did with Muhammed Dura! The documentary secretly made by Britains's Ch 4 shows the cruelty of these people!!
6. The Medical Report cant be wrong, this is no
bentham ,   singapore   (01.18.07)
casuality,I think you guys are referring to the staged drama by the terrorist , I recall,but this is a real case,the liability in Tort , but who to sue and sued.No parties, how to name the defendants ?
7. Israel has been kind
jsm ,   Toronto   (01.18.07)
Israel has been kind in funding her treatment to date. But her injury is not Israels fault and there is a limit to such charity. Especally when no gratatude is shown. Where are the Muslim chaities? Do the only pay for killing people?
8. Let her muslim brothers help her
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (01.18.07)
9. A tragedy
Steve ,   USA   (01.19.07)
B"H I am not sure of this girl's role but I do not think she has any charges of terror on her and her entire family I understand from the article died. That is really sad and hopeless. But the article offers no diplomatic horizon. Is anyone going to start a bank account or something for this girl who faces a tragedy, or is she alone. That is the price of a Hamas occupation of the Gaza strip: death and mayhem and no responsibility afterward. That is tragic. If there were Jewish farmers in the area, at least she might have had a chance for a job. But now the opportunity has dried up with the fully participatory Hamas attacks on Sderot and other sources of sustenance. It is a very discouraging tragedy.
10. Elham Ghalia
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.19.07)
Shalhevet Pas. Shalhevet Pas. Shalhevet Passsssssssss.
11. Who will help kassam victims? and Nasralla victims?
fran├žoise ,   paris   (01.19.07)
and Fatah victims? and Hamas victims? and Sinai victims? and Intifada victims? and islamic fascisme victims? and Madrid victims? and London victims? and Paris victims? Their own children are being used for propaganda and terror purpose but ynetnews continue to ask the same stupids questions again and again.
12. This poor girl
Patricia ,   Waipahu, Hawaii, USA   (01.19.07)
I don't understand how easily many of you seem to just dismiss the need for some real humanity here. It is apparent the Pal govt will do nothing. Israel can do more, it already has. I plan to write two of the charities I donate to about this. This girl is essentially an orphan and One Family Fund and Meir Panim both indicate they provide assistance for orphans. I suggest that those of you reading this also write to them. Maybe we togather can help this girl. Stop bitching about why the Pal govt and other muslim organizations don't help, it is totally clear to me they will not help this girl, probably because after all she is just a girl. What kind of a life do you think she will have without the most civilized country in the area helping her? It is not dicouraging or a tragedy yet. I hope Israel continues to show the humanitian traits they have shown to this point. Kindness makes you feel better than hate.
13. Patricia
andrea ,   USA   (01.19.07)
No act of kindness goes unpunished....and P, get off your high horse already
14. Shame on...some one ells
a man ,   earth   (01.19.07)
No body dare to tell "shame on palls". They coud'nt care less about this girl and they prove it. They couldnt care less about their young suicide bombers ass well. Why our Oldemb is not putting clearly the shame on them? Because not him neither the pals knows what the meaning of shame is.
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