Iranians report 'radiant UFO'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 19.01.07, 05:17
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1. Very simple explanation--
Jo ,   USA   (01.19.07)
they are coming to get you.
2. Aliens from the outer space
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (01.19.07)
got tired of a little s...t disturbing monkey in Iran.. They are coming to get him
3. that means almahdi is coming
shia 4 ever ,   budapest hun eu   (01.19.07)
and those shia haters should pack and run all the way to the sun since it will be cooler than an anggry shia with sword and gun
4. Fact: Its a Secret Nuclear Explosion Done in the Desert
5. Calling Ahmadinehijad
Carlos Murphy ,   Red Hill   (01.19.07)
They coming to take him away To the funny farm Where life is beautiful all the time. With trees and flowers and chirping birds. And basket weavers who sit and smile. Who twiddle thier thumbs and toes The guy is utterly mad.
6. Area 51 or Skunkworks?
Johnson ,   USA   (01.19.07)
7. UFO?
Dan ,   Israel   (01.19.07)
So, Teheran has started seeing illusions!
8. Awaits tomorrows headlines
megan ,   Israel   (01.19.07)
from Iran.... "Israeli plot, Mossad UFO and all the other wacko stuff this Irani prez can think up.
9. the iranians are all glowing with radiation
debra ,   usa   (01.19.07)
from the iranian hitler's nuke manufacture and testing. BOMB THE MADMAN WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!
10. New Secret IDF/Mossad Super-Chetz Weapon Test
Umm El Kul Naqba   (01.19.07)
This is obviously an Israel/Mossad new super-weapon capable of striking anywhere in Iran. Israel has successfully performed a test launch of the new missile. Its stealth technology kept it totally undetected until it reached Iranian airspace and ultimately reached its test target in the western regions of Iran. Secret manufacturing facilities in Israel are now working around the clock to build 220 more missiles so that there will ultimately be 20 missiles for each of the 10 Iranian nuclear facilities in the works and another 20 with precision laser guided tracking system aimed directly at Ahmadinejad's butt.
11. Alien Zionists From Outer Space!
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.19.07)
Wait, tomorrow the Iranians will reveal that it's another Zionist plot.
12. It was the Zionists!
Ahmadinehjad ,   Tehran, Iran   (01.19.07)
13. ufos
izaak   (01.19.07)
this shows that iran could easily provide temporary reprieve for a million gaza palestinians for ten years and halt uranian enrichment for world peace and world unity against alien invaders from other worlds
14. The Skies
Shelach et ami ,   Istanbul   (01.19.07)
We try stay far from the skies we try stay far from the facts we try stay far to been honest we try stay far from our fears NO WAY TO RUN ! There is one reality. There is one fact. The people of world are not free. The Arabs The Jews The Africans and all the others who holds their freedom ? The servents of DARKNESS THE SERVENTS OF DEVIL Now ! The God is witness to our talk. LET WORLD FREE. we are the owner of TORAH we are the owner of JESUS'S WORDS we are the owner of THE LAST WORDS. we invite you to PEACE we invite you to SHARE we invite you to STOP KILLING you can keep your own believe you can keep your own faith BUT, YOU CANT TAKE PEOPLES FREEDOM. THIS IS A WARNING. LET PEOPLE FREE LET THE ARABS FREE LET THE JEWS FREE YOU HAVE NO PLACE RUN FROM US. TIME TO AFRAID. THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL ! START A FIGHT YOUR BAD JUDGES (goverment and politicians and money bosses) THE PEOPLE OF ARABIC COUNTRIES ! READ WHAT YOU GOT. KILL WHO CONTROLS YOUR FREEDOM. A. Atilla Karagözoğlu
15. Borge meets Ahmad
alan ,   frisco   (01.19.07)
At long last the Borge have arrived and will assimilate Ahmad into their collective. His individuality will be collective. His collective will be individual. His everyword will be we. But this assimilation pressages the coming of the Madi in a flash of neon lights and graffitti. The king of rappers, Ahmad the dumb, will turn the Borge into the biggest franchise space has ever experienced. And all this live on Chris Mathews.
16. If the borg assimilate Iran, the collective will get dumber
RA   (01.19.07)
17. Is Ynet an Iranian news site or an Israeli one?
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.19.07)
18. debra #9
stephen ,   ludlow, usa   (01.19.07)
Just what little adolf bush wants, he worships moloch, and wants Israel to attack. And you will see Israel being came against by all nations. little george thinks he can cause scripture to come to pass. Maybe he can. Better draw close to your G-d, cause satan has the ear of your leaders.
19. Either or....
Either Israeli-US technology has teamed up in order to bring you 'Tehran the smoldering crator' or Israeli - US technology teamed up to tell you, quit while you are still ahead Mahmoud my boy....
20. I know what it is!
genius ,   america   (01.19.07)
"A UFO omitting a "yellow ray" " ""In a similar incident last Monday, an Unidentified Flying Object was witnessed in the same area and at the same time."" "the UFO has been as big as a ball, with a yellow ray" MAYBE ITS THE SUN
21. Finally!
Finally! ,   Bet Shemesh, Israel   (01.19.07)
They're coming to take Ahmadinead home!
22. Mosad or CIA ??
23. the 12th imam - IS ELVIS !
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.19.07)
24. They are coming to get Ahmedijerk
john ,   nz   (01.19.07)
25. Aliens
Dale ,   Sioux Falls, USA   (01.19.07)
Yellow and orange. Sounds delicious!
26. Uh, that would be the SUN, you idiots...
Shuki   (01.19.07)
27. Looks Like The US Or Israel Is Finally Getting Serious
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.19.07)
ben Avraham ,   tel Aviv, Israel   (01.19.07)
29. UFO
Hamid ,   Iran   (01.19.07)
You are all wrong. These objects are shot into the air by the govn't to keep anti-Israeli rhetoric alive so that at any time soon we can blame Israel and attcak it with anything we want.Open your eyes.You ain't seen nothing yet guys.
30. Iranians report radiant UFO
Stephen ,   USA   (01.19.07)
And these people want nuclear weapons ...
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