Report: Khamenei considers softening nuclear stance
Published: 21.01.07, 07:22
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1. liars
v. n.y. ,   israel   (01.21.07)
this is a ploy to buy more time, to string the usa and europe, to reverse the sanctions decisions and to secretly buy the necessary time element to continue the iranian atomic bomb ambition. the ayatollahs had plenty of time to realize where ahmadinejaad's messages were leading iran, to realize the outcome of such hate speeches by the president, realize that these same messages will create a riff between iran and the west. they had plenty of time in the past to stop thyis monkey's rants and raves. they didn't do it because they were baiting whilst taking their time to continue making the bomb. now they switch tactics, appoint a more moderate group, critisize ahmadinejaad......all to buy more time and hopefully to "convince" the usa and europe that they are not such "bad guys". it's a ploy. they are very very sneaky just like most arabs are. the civilized world, not thinking as they do because we do not have a bazzar mentality, may fall for this ploy, finally breathing a sigh of relief that "iran is backing away from their ambition". one must never underestimate the ability of the fars and arabs to lie with a straight face. do not fall for this.
2. Re: liars
itsreal ,   U.S.   (01.21.07)
iranians aren't arabs, there're persians but your probably right nevertheless
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.21.07)
4. The crazies from Iran never would have begun
freedom ,   canada   (01.21.07)
this insanity only if the USA would have acted much more harsher when the hostages were kidnapped in the late 1970s. They should have been dealt with then. Now perhaps is the time, we see blink in this insane regime.. That blink is fear. Lets see what happens.
5. #1. You are clueless
Persian CAT   (01.21.07)
It is really rich for a certofiable Israeli jerk to claim "we do not have bazzar mentalitiy" and count yourself as a part of the "civilized world" ! You may lack "bazzar" mentality but you're the poster boy of religious based terror, occupation cheating and deceit. If you are equating diplomatic and political skills to protect our national interests, then we are guilty as charge. For a chimp like you to comapre Ahmadinejad, whom I dislike immensely to a monkey, is bizzare. You must be looking at the mirror at the same time you're posting. Please keep your xenophobic brain farts to yourself. This web site desevers better than your crap splattered all over it.
6. Ynet readers wise up...peace through strength is only answe
Rachel ,   haifa, israel   (01.21.07)
7. Standard Operating Iranian Scam
malcolm   (01.21.07)
Iranians are masters of deception, the kind that could make Hitler proud. They played Solana like a dhimmhi fool and strung him along all summer. All the ayatollahs want are nuclear weapons. They don't care what they have to say or do to get them. If this story is true then a push for regime change should be a priority. Iran has destabilized the ME for too long and they have only just started.
8. G-d only knows the trueth
Arthur ,   Israel   (01.21.07)
Both; Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are directly in contact with the G-d. So only G-d knows what will happen!
9. #1 is right on target!!!
Alan   (01.21.07)
10. #6 Wisen up...Israel is a violent, illegal state
Hani   (01.21.07)
11. Propaganda Ploy
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.21.07)
More BS from the Ayatollahs. They just want to give the pacifist idiots an excuse to do nothing. Their ultimate goal remains the same. Europeans with their desperate desire to be deceived yet again can be counted on to accept this as a sign that diplomacy can work. But only military action will remove the crazy Ayatollahs from power. It's time for regime change.
12. The face of duplicity! And the EU will buy it!
13. Burn In Hell
Nazarite ,   Eternal Kingdom   (01.21.07)
Unless you believe in Jesus you are going to burn in hell. Iran may have broken the world's law, but there is a law far higher than the world's and that is God's law. If you have broken any of the ten commandments you will be judged and found guilty. The only way escape of hell is believing God gave his Son for your sins. What better way to show love than to lay your life down for a brother.
14. arabs are Semites
the Corrector   (01.21.07)
Iranians are Persian, not Arab...or does that matter? Failure to correctly designate an entire people calls into question any "informed" opinion you may represent and totally negates the LENDING of any credibility to the same.
15. Sunday times: "Israel warlike, Iran peaceful." Riiight
Zvi ,   USA   (01.21.07)
Same newspaper that made unstubstantiated claims a few weeks ago that Israel was planning to nuke Iran. Israel said "ummm no we aren't. Do you think we're stupid?" Apparently the ST thinks its READERS are stupid.
16. caution
tommy ,   belfast uk   (01.21.07)
A trojan horse for the west
17. And Big Will Flay Keep On Dreaming
!.5 Billion Muslims   (01.21.07)
Reality Check , World
18. Re to dip sticks all over the world.
AR ,   USA   (01.21.07)
First off JESUS is the most quoted prophet in the Koran so i pretty sure muslims believe in him (just not the same way christians do) I laughing right now beacause im sure you pea brained people read these post and agree with people who have no idea what they are talking about. Now on to iran. Dose iran have nuclear weapons? No. Is there proof iran is making nuclear weapons? No. Do people think iran has or is making nuclear weapons? Yes. Who are these people? The same people who said saddam had WMD. (aka Israel USA) Do they have proof? NO .... SO WHY THE HECK ARE YOU ALL GETTING SO INSANE. stop think for a minute what dose every human being want. MONEY if iran gets nukes israel and the US wont stand around and let that happen so they will "remove the terrorist regime" what dose that mean for the regime in iran that is robbing that country blind? no more money those guys wont lose there cash cow over there anytime soon israel wants iran out so it can move on the lebonan, keep golan, westbank and gaza US want iran out so saudi arabia and Israel can be the big dogs and so it can get its hands on irans oil for its companies and if you think that is BS. BP and Chevron just got the best deal in histroy on iraqs oil so check yourselves fools and look at it from another more realistic perspective. KRAZY MUSLIMS WANT NUKES TO BLOW UP OTHER MUSLIMS AND MOSQUES or Greedy men in washington and Tel Aviv want more land and money. Just look at iraq.
19. #10 is Bass Aackwards!
Terry Mathis ,   Goulburn Australia   (01.21.07)
Israel is 3 Million Jews surrounded by 20 Million Arabs that want Israel in the ocean. That will NEVER happen! Especially by Irans nuclear capability to throw a nuke 1400km at Tel Aviv!! - Terry Mathis
20. to 18 ..... Jesus (muslim version)
tommy ,   belfast uk   (01.21.07)
Yep-:- deny the crucifixion deny the deity of Jesus The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was no more than Allah's apostle Those who say: 'The Lord of Mercy has begotten a son,' preach a monstrous falsehood, In fact the jesus of the koran was just a man and a lesser apostle and bears no relation to Jesus the son of God,(born of Mary) who died on the cross for the sins of man and in order that man may access the kingdom of Heaven. You have only to witness his deeds and compare with the muslim mohammed then make your own mind up as to which was the imposter and which one was of benefit to the world
21. #20 Wait A Minute
1.5 Billion Muslims   (01.21.07)
The Bible u beleive was wrote 200 years after the death of Jesus Guy named Peter who was Greek and neve met jesus , so how relaible the bible is ; top of that the european Kings produced new version to Justify their devine Authority and last version was wrote King James of Egland and this is called New version of king James so pleace before u say some body beleive u should Invistigate ur beleive and figure out if it is true or not . Reality Check , World
22. 21 Wait a minute
tommy ,   belfast uk   (01.21.07)
The bible (old testament) was written 500 years before the New Testament and those writings cover a thousand years the New testament inspired by the coming of the Messiah but most importantly was written in the latter half of the first century AD - the apostle paul contributing to more than half of it and it is of more importance ---the what was written--- than the when.. Also Jesus is also referred to by non christian weiters of the time Today there about 20 versions of the koran in circulation now as to reality check--How can you have a version of the dictated word of god that was produced by mohammeds followers who realised that(after his death) so many of their koranic reciters were being killed in battle that there was danger of the koran being lost completely so they decided to write it down the earliest fragmentary manuscripts of the Koran are all dated no earlier than 100 years after Muhammad died. Add to this the fact that there is no archeological evidence dated at the time when Muhammad was alive, by way of artifact, manuscript or inscription has ever been found were Muhammad is actually referred to as "a prophet".
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