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Iran motivated by fear
Prof. Dror Zeevi
Published: 21.01.07, 17:32
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1. And so we shouldn't fight?
Micha   (01.21.07)
fear may be the driving force in many a war, but that shouldn't stop the opposition.
2. Iranian public should fear annilation that is coming.
Scott ,   Australia   (01.21.07)
The Iranian regime may collapse but you can be sure that the nuclear program will continue unabated - under whoever is in control. Exposing Israels' own nuclear capability will only allow to weaken it. It will become another , new focal point for lobby groups and anti-Israel haters once admission of possession is clear laying the way for sanctions against it - just like imposed on Iran.
3. Ver y sane and wise plan
Abdullah   (01.21.07)
4. no matter fear or hatred, jewish state is history!
A.An ,   IRAN   (01.21.07)
5. You're Willing To Risk Our Lives?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (01.21.07)
Boy, you must be a really bad gambler. You would be willing to risk all of our lives, the survival of our nation, on your wishful thinking as to the intentions of a bunch of crazy religious fanatics? Thanks but no thanks. The military option is our best bet.
6. Iranian fear
Terry ,   Texas, USA   (01.21.07)
That Iran fears the West, Pakistan, Israel as a motivation to risk a major war to develop nuclear weapons has no thesis. The West has had their weapons for 61 years -- Israel for 50 with no aggression toward Iran. Iran could comfortably develop domestic nuclear power -- blessed by its neighbors -- but that is not its intenetion. As seen by the comments of Abdullah and Mr. A.An below -- the motivation is a resurgence of Arab power and the destructrion of Israel.
7. Right
Nima ,   Toronto   (01.21.07)
This is like just "your opinion" you know.
8. Iran motivated by fear
Don ,   Oceanside California   (01.21.07)
Letting us know how restrained Iran has been in past is senseless. Iran now has Ahmadinejad in power who is a lunatic, and a very irrational individial.
9. You Sound As If...
Mark ,   Chantilly, VA   (01.21.07)
Iran is just a poor, misunderstood little guy just needing to defend itself from the big bad powers around it. Facts: It advocates wiping Israel off the map. It advocates suicide, cowardly bombings and even supplies misguided souls with the know how and means to do it. Fact: All pure evil works through others to achieve its aims. Namely, this evil's aim is nuclear capability with which it can dictate its perverted religion to others, or those nations may find itself being banged by the new Iranian superpower. Get real. Iran is evil under its current leaders. I'm so glad I'm not living their, otherwise I'd be executed for saying so! :-)
10. iran nuclear stand off
Payam Rezaie ,   London, UK   (01.21.07)
Thank you for such a wise, corragous and reasonable proposal you have made at such a critical time when war mongers are trying hard to create the very fear you have mentioned in the hearts and minds of everyone about Iran, specially in the hearts and minds of the Israely people in oredr to sale more arms or get more power and get richer. Your proposal will undoutedly work, only because it will address fear factor that can go wild if it is not addressed.
11. Best article ever to come out of Israel
Shmual ,   Tehrangeles   (01.21.07)
It seems like common sense doesn;t it? Such a simple solution, I am glad some sense has broken thru the Israeli media's unceasing mantra of fear.
12. The "wisdom" of a college lecturer
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.21.07)
Is it a wonder most nations don't trust their destiny to college lecturers? Zeevi, contrary to historic experience, wants to turn the nation's security and deterrence over to international bodies, trusting that Israel's nemeses will honor whatever agreements they sign. For how many years did Iran hide their nuclear developments from IAEA inspectors? How much do we even know *now* about what Iran has in development? Zeevi apparently prefers Israel naked but pure, to strong and self-reliant. Note that, beyond Iraq, there was little move among Israel's Arab neighbors to develop nuclear weapon despite Israel's presumed possession of such weapons because - rhetoric aside - they didn't fear Israel would use such weapons. Now that Iran seems hell-bent on such a development, we see Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states talking about pursuing nuclear developments. Yet Zeevi, from his ivory tower in Beersheva, "understands" that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons out of "fear". The quality of instruction in "yahasim ben-leumim" (international relations) seems to have taken quite a fall in Israel.
13. Discrimination
P ,   Holland   (01.21.07)
Why nobody asks about Israel's nuclear weapons? and everybody is talking about iran's nuclear power plant? You may say that Iran has threated israel but israel has not done so. But the fact is that Iran has never attacked any other country during the previous century. But israel has demolished Palestine, has sent palestinians out of their homes and their lands and has occupied some parts of Lebenon and Syria. But still the western world is supporting this regime and nobody cares about the palestinians who have been out of their lands for more than 50 years.
14. nuclear weapons and iran
mary gorlik ,   st.petersburg,russia   (01.21.07)
the author wrote a good article,but forgot to mention that iran never used its chemical weapons against iraq,even though iraq used on iran.plus iran never gave chemical weapons to hamas/hezbollah.iran has never used any outlawed weapons.for some on the forum to say talking about iran's past is senseless,well saying iran will use nukes is more senseless for no can predict the future.no proof iran is after nukes,but people like mark from texas say iran is a danger.look what happened with iraq.talking about the future and how iran is a danger is senseless.i love a world with no nukes!
15. to #6 mark
pavlek mcinness ,   dublin,ireland,eu   (01.21.07)
you are the one who is senseless.it not senseless for the author to talk about iran's past,it is senseless of you to talk about what iran will do in the future.you know nothing about what the future brings,so stop this nonsense about iran "will" use nukes>no proof iran is after nukes,so stop buying everything in the media and think independently.it is stupid to punish iran for the "future".iran has never used chemical weapons and will not use nukes either.mark,you arrest someone who committed crime in the past,not one who "will" commit one the future.stop talking about future!
16. "Religion is the measles of mankind." - Einstein
Michael ,   Vancouver, Canada   (01.21.07)
Take away the fictitious borders that have been drawn by governments. Take away the names that religions have imposed upon us, such as "Christian," "Islamic," or "Jew." Take away the different names for 'God' that humans have created, and what are you left with? Try not to categorize people by religious names, but rather, as a fellow human.
17. So now that Israel is cornered.....
Tariq Shah ,   Dallas   (01.21.07)
You are coming up with all kinds of solutions? lol.... what makes you think Iran or Pakistan see each other as enemies just because one is shia one is sunni, we mulsims are not all like that, we dont see each other as sunni shia but Muslims. Pakistan supports a nuclear Iran. Secondly what makes you think that Pakistan would agree to a full inspection just because Israel agreed to offset Iran? Pakistan is not Israel centric but India centric. You need some more education.
18. ?
h ,   iran   (01.21.07)
since when does russia border iran?
19. Looking with in our own hearts
Ali ,   SF, USA   (01.21.07)
The world has gone mad. To stop hatred, we first must stop the hate within our own hearts and minds. A Jew and a Muslim have the same red blod. Lets stop this nonsence and try to help the situation and not add fuel to the fire.
20. Who is threatening who?
Dan ,   Israel   (01.21.07)
The writer claims that the Iranian leadership sees Israel as a "hostile" nation. Can this "professor" inform us "common" people when has Israel ever threatened or showed hostile intentions towards Iran or any other nation in the world? The mullah-regime is scared of losing power due to millions of young Iranians who dream about the same economic properity and democracy that we in the west take for granted. We have had enough Chamberlains' in the history of mankind. The rule is very simple: those who wish to live in peace with Israel have nothing to fear. Only those who dream about the destruction of Israel should be concerned about Israel's defense forces.
21. Iran Nuclear
Payam rezaei ,   London, UK   (01.21.07)
Terry , Eilat - Israel, Can't you get it from the article and from your own words?!! You have fears of "risking your life and the lives of your nation". This fear is being exploited right now by arm dealers, terrorists and many fanaticas and more. It is this very fear that we must all address otherwise the military option has been played by Israel for almost half a century which has brought their people and palistenians nothing but wars, destruction, loss of lives and hatriate through out the world. Why can't you guys understand. The sooner you put this fixation of 2nd world war behind you, the sooner you can be part of the world community and leave in peace. The more you think about the past, the more you miss opportunities available to you at present.
22. Iranian wars
Gilad ,   London   (01.21.07)
The 1980 war with saddam was forced on Iran? As I understood it from an Iranian whose family were very influencial before the revolution, the Iranians sent out plenty of revolutionaries to southern Iraq, the Shi'ia areas to attempt to create a revolution. So Saddam attacked. Seems to me they began the war. They've used the same tactics ALL OVER the world since. They start many conflicts 'on the cheap'. Doesn't mean they havn't began conflicts and wars.
23. The author 's fundamental flaw
Brooke ,   Canada   (01.21.07)
Once again, an Israeli makes a crucial and fundamental error which destroys his entire premise. You assume if Israel would be transparent then so would the rest of the nations. Moslem people are weaned on deceit. It is in the Koran that you can say whatever needs to be said to win. This article also does not address Iran'sAmajmaDINGDONG'S drive for world chaos that sets the stage of the Mahndi's return. You cannot negotiate with madness. The world responds to whomever has the perceived bigger stick. The writer must be a Leftie-- whose manifestos has wrought destruction and death on Israel with the lies of the Oslo Accord. Another agreement based on the honesty and integrity of the Arab's word. A gentleman's agreement indeed. Enough already. What will it take for your ilk to finally get that you cannot deal with them based on honesty and transparency. Stop commiting national suicide.
24. very vague
could you please elaborate on the motives and means of this guess
25. there is no point
simon ,   useless, ca   (01.21.07)
in attempting rational dialog with human beings who attempt to use an irrational basis for the foundation of their argument. iranian leaders justify their actions in the world by a position that ultimately rests in their concept of existence beyond the terrestrial existence on this planet. that behavior only lends itself to making life on earth congruent with the abstraction of life beyond earth, and does nothing to address life on earth in terms of the repercussions inherent to actions on planet earth. the only true solution is live in the way you wish to live. when someone else's way of living interferes with your way and becomes a burden, attempt to come to a compromise in which both parties may co-exist, and fail that, fight the opposing party infringing upon your right to exist.
26. Iran
Smooth Stone ,   ma fish falastin   (01.21.07)
Today is the 26th anniversary of the release of 52 Americans who were held hostage by Islamic terrorists in Iran for an unbelievable 444 days. Released from their captivity on January 21, 1981, it has been two months shy of 10,000 days – 9940 days to be exact, since about 300 Islamic terrorists calling themselves students stormed the U.S. Embassy Compound on Taleghani Avenue in Tehran, called at that time "the den of spies." Some believe that the birthing of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Embassy takeover marked the beginning of the clash between Islam and the West that we are still fighting today. It was – and continues to be – Islam versus the West in general, or perhaps more specifically, Islam versus the U.S. and Israel. It is the same war that ultimately forever changed the landscape of America on 9/11, with numerous clashes before and since that day of death and destruction. Folks, it's easy to forget how long Islam has been laying seige on the West, and it's even easier to think that Israel is the root problem, because scapegoating Jews is a centuries-old thought process. Yet, if that were the case, if Israel is responsible for Muslim wrath, tell me what Israel did to encourage Syria to swallow Lebanon, to encourage Saddam Hussein to unleash a bloodbath against Iran, to encourage Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, to encourage Kuwait to expel hundreds of thousands of "palestinians", to encourage the Taliban to destroy the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, to encourage the slaughter of Christians in the Sudan, to encourage the bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, to encourage church bombings in Pakistan, or to blow up 150 Indians on the railroad system in Bombay, or to blow up commuters on London's rail stations. Still think Israel is the cause of all problems? Think again. Smooth Stone http://smoothstone.blogspot.com
27. Innocent Iran?
Mark ,   New York   (01.21.07)
I guess the media and the world might be suffering from memory loss when it comes to Iran. How innocent. Fact, during WWII Iran signed a pact with Nazi Germany, moving forward, the Iran hostage situation in 79 in which Iran's current president was involved but again the U.S. does nothing, The embassy bombing in Beirut not to mention The bombing of Marine Barracks which 243 Marines and Sailors perished. The U.S. Government has done nothing to this day? Iran was involved heavily. These are just some Proven facts It goes on and on from there, So go cry on some other pillow when it comes to Iran the fearful. More like Iran the Ambitious.
X-Slave ,   Detroit USA   (01.21.07)
Oil and natural gas supplies are not infinite. Is it not wise for Iran to plan for the future? The Western materialists (Christians & Zionist Jews) do not concern themselves with the future, the environment, nor conserving the natural resources of the earth. The West only wishes to usurp and consume. Iran, nor any external enemy (real or imagined) will destroy Isreal. The cause for Israels destruction shall come from within. God will destroy Israel because many Israelis are irreligious, secular-minded Jews who disobey The Law. Many Israelis abuse the Sabbath and shockingly some even eat pork. Certainly the inhumaene way in which Israel treats the Palestinians and neighboring Arabs displeases The Most High. God will visit Israel again and again with His wrath until all of Israel submits to His Will or all of Israel is destroyed.
29. to #15 pavlek
Mark ,   Chantilly, USA   (01.21.07)
Child, I am thinking independently. I know exactly how Iran operates. Think for your own self. You see how the evidence piles up against them. They ADMIT their tactics, but you're probably not even looking at that. They ADMIT they want Israel wiped off the map. Let me ask you this. Why do they need to purify uranium? Hmmm? What purpose do they need the mass purification of uranium for? I bet you thought the same thing about North Korea, when they said all they wanted was the energy for their nation, it was all peaceful, and poof! They are now a nuclear power. Think for yourself, but don't, for a second, think that my concerns about this current President of Iran is NOT valid. Throw stones elsewhere please.
30. Iran vs. Israel
Observer ,   USA   (01.21.07)
A nuclear exchange between both? That is like the old cold war MAD (muttualy assured destruction) hmmm, not a bad idea at all !!
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