US under secretary of state: We won't allow nuclear Iran'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 21.01.07, 18:55
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31. It is pointless to talk to blind people!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.23.07)
How do you make a blind person see??? they can't and it seems that too many Americans are blind thses days. There is a serious threat out there, but yet people like Dan, want us to do nothing? Maybe if Dan was living in Manhattan when two planes flew into the World trade center, he would feel differently? maybe if Dan lived in israel and saw how much hate and brainwashing there is in the Arab world, he would feel differently. Iran has become the number one threat in this world. They fund, harbor and encourage terror. If you don't want to stop this, you are either insane or suicidal. If someone attacks you, do you fight back or lay down and kill yourself??? The US will always be the country in charge because we have people like Keith who fight evil when they see it. Sorry to all the people who think the US is a bully. Maybe you should read up on history and see how the US saved millions of people in WW2. Form that point on, we became the boss. Others don't like that, but hey, that's life.
32. returnable history takes its course
rough justice ,   singapore   (01.27.07)
the irianians government and its people must not forget and to remember Alexandar The Great who defeated persia the current irianian government must remember that
33. War with Iran
Cher B. ,   Houston Usa   (01.29.07)
I hope Vit is right. Let's get this ass kickin over with. Let Israel do their thing. Let's get these Islamic terrorists in Iran put in their place. Let Steve in anchorage- do us proud! We have the World's best military and Israel the second. Put one and two together. This type of terrorism will be put down.
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