Ex-US official: Bush would approve Iran attack
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 21.01.07, 23:53
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1. To the Esteemed Mr. Perle.....
Brooke ,   Canada   (01.22.07)
Because, Mr. Perle. most of the world sees Iran threatening death and destruction ONLY towards Israel----JEWS. Get it? Most of the world is anti-semetic and the jealous hatred is virulently on the rise. But when "they" realize it is also their tushies--ha, we'll see them screaming and squirming why more hadn't been done and how could their gov'ts have allowed this to happen on their watch? We still live in a cowardly, hate-filled world. The world had an opportunity to grow a soul, after the Holocaust, but unfortunately human nature and the rise of the dark, insane cult of Islam has once again robbed the world of its soul. G-d, do we have the right to ask for forgiveness yet again??? B'H'
2. Perle has no credibility!
ex-pat ,   USA   (01.22.07)
He lost it all in Iraq. He should be prosecuted for incompetance.
3. You can bank on it...
Johnson ,   USA   (01.22.07)
Time to end Irans ambitions.
4. Hand writing on the wall
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.22.07)
mene,mene,tekel,upharsan America, To whom much is given ,much is required . You have been weighed in the balance and found lacking. Time is up. Perle began his speech by saying it wasn't clear whether "it's our time or Iran's that is over
5. Regime change? you mean, like the one that worked so well
Suicide Watch for ,   USA   (01.22.07)
in Iraq?
6. Iran
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.22.07)
The time for talking has run out. The problem with tking immediate action is a political barrier , in that the war in Iraq has sapped the country's will to fight a clear and present danger. God save us all !
7. Dose that include working with terrorist?
AR ,   USA   (01.22.07)
That is all this idiot administration is doing right know.
8. well then lets approve it
USA   (01.22.07)
and get rid of that monkey
9. I thought we were rid of him
RedStarYeast ,   USA   (01.22.07)
Do we really need geopolitical advice from Mr. Perle, one of the architects of the Iraq catastrophe? So thoroughly discredited in the US that even the Bush administration has dumped him? Known in legal circles as "the faithless fiduciary" for his indelicate business transactions?
10. Perle, Chalabi and the Iranian opposition
Wolfram ,   USA   (01.22.07)
The Iranian opposition? Who is Perle kidding? The last "opposition leader" he produced to egg Bush into his disastrous war was the convicted Iraqi embezzler, Ahmed Chalabi. Americans are now calling the Iraqi regime change the "greatest foreign policy blunder in our history." Thanks to Perle and his pal Chalabi, no American will now trust any Iranian opposition leader, be he a saint or simply a thief like Ahmed (or, some might argue, like Richard!).
11. Perla : the Prince Of Darkness
1.5 Billion muslims   (01.22.07)
Perle and his Neo Con friends were the one who force Bush to Attack Iraq , After 4 years , the Guys who were advocating Iraq Attack like Perle admit Attacking Iraq was wrong , Although Perle and Company reach their Goal which was to make sure there should not be a Country in the Middle east that can challange Isreal , At tthat time Perle and Company perceive Iraq Threat to Israel so they Cooked up War on Iraq , sice Iraq is not threat to Israel , they Change their Focus to Iran , so do we have to wait another 4 years , so Perle and his Company will again realize attacking on Iran is wrong and How American people will benefit this endless war of procting Israelis Interest for the expenses of American people and Country . Reality Check , World
12. bush
Jimmy Carter ,   Plains,Georgia USA   (01.22.07)
had better leave all of my arab friends alone,he and his family should have learned to love peanuts when i asked them to.
DEBRA ,   USA   (01.22.07)
14. FREE Bumper Sticker!
andrew ross ,   el paso,TX   (01.22.07)
E-mail me your mailing address, for a free Bumper Sticker with a picture of the most evil man ever to walk on the face of the Earth with the verbiage in blood red stating: TRAITOR, TERRORIST & MURDERER-IMPEACH< INDICT & IMPRISON NOW!
15. Andrew, take a chill pill, will you?
Noa   (01.22.07)
16. 14# Andrew Ross, koolaid drinker
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.22.07)
17. Join the Army, Fight for ISRAEL!!!
John ,   California   (01.22.07)
And yet Profs Walt and Mearsheimer are derided as "anti-semites" for pointing out the OBVIOUS....
18. Andrew Ross
2.4 Billion Christns ,   1/3 of all humanity   (01.22.07)
Hey Andrew! give me your physical address so i can pick it up in person!
AR ,   USA   (01.22.07)
What poll said 62 % support strikes on iran? You have made that dumb point before and i told you to prove it before you have yet to do it. It dosnt count if its a poll of jewish communities either. Anyways do you think 62% of americans support WAR with iran because that would be the result of bombing them. Ignorant girl.
20. This American supports it!
DeAnna ,   OH, USA   (01.22.07)
The war in Iraq will never be won without confronting Iran....and all these people after nukes wont calm down until they see it just is not going to fly...if we show these guys whose will make an example for the rest of the members in the "axis of evil" category. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but all these americans saying to get out are not looking at the repercussions that could bring. I invite them to review a tape of the trade towers attacks and remember what we are fighting for.
21. Dear Deanna
AR ,   USA   (01.23.07)
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What dose iran or iraq have to do with 9/11? Seriously. Nothing not one thing. You are probably one of those 30% of americans who still believe saddam hussien was responsible for 9/11. Its clear what we are fighting for everyone in the world except for that 30% of america knows it and that is OIL. Chevron and BP just proved the whole world right with their new contracts in iraq. Im very sorry to tell you this but america isnt always right and george bush is almost always wrong. Dont forget N. Korea already got nukes and i dont see us marching into the korean penninsula. Iran isnt the problem with iraq. Here is the situation in iraq the Sunni who are only about 20% of the people want to kill the shitte and get their power back (this will never happen) they are the ones who are pissed off at the americans for invading and removing them from power thus the sunni insurgency. Groups like al qaeda and others have been fighting the americans from afghanistan and know into iraq and they started attacking the shia so that the shia would retaliate and we would have this situation of chaos in Iraq so that A america could not clame victory. B so that the government wouldnt succeed. C. To try to split the arab world and get them on the sunni side against shia. Iran is the only Shia country. Saudi Arabia is using the americans to fight shia in iraq because they want the sunni to still have some power. The only reason we here so much about the Mahdi army isnt because they are attacking americans but because they are fighting against sunni aka against saudi arabia. Iran dose back the Mahdi army but the Mahdi army and the majority of the shia only rarely fight Americans it was america who put them in power. They are saving there fire power for the sunni and when we leave they will strike. If anyone is to blame for the problems in iraq it is America and especially this administration. Come on we had no plan for post war iraq what so ever and you expect me to believe that the iranians are responsible for our problems. Iran has taken in more refugees from iraq and afghanistan than anyother country they have invest millions in these two countries that the USA has destroyed but they are responsible. Please stop your ignorant bigotry.
22. #19 - she got that from FOX news
george ,   usa   (01.23.07)
US is stuck in iraq, now it wants another war with iran.
23. another FOX NEWS supporter
george ,   usa   (01.23.07)
so if bush wants another war with syria, will the neo cons use the 911 excuse again? those people who support war will say that syrians piloted the planes that crashed into the twin towers to justify war.
24. to #17-yes i will fight for israel.
a christian ,   usa   (01.24.07)
as a christian who believe in the bible and think its an honour to fight for the holy land israel. thats a sacrifice worth doing if you love and believe in god. you cant say you believe in god without doing what is right in the time of calling.
25. Dear AR......whatever that stands for
DeAnna ,   USA   (01.24.07)
you took everything I said and put it in words like I said iraq and iran are direct links to 9/11...if i sounded that way I am not sorry. Let me further explain......they ARE terrorist...whatever you choose to beleive......and iran is threatening the united states.....doing everything BUT saying please attack me....before I attack you......and also WHILE they attack our troops. N. korea is a threat but come on know and i know currently not like iran would be to israel.....or united states. ( and they choose to flaunt it) Use your head and quit running your mouth like you know everything about everything......but at least talkbalk and you let me know what exactly you think it is the u.s. should do to solve the problems we are facing....i am sure you would think we should just all come home and everything will be A O K. That is just stupid.....and like I was trying to say in my last 9/11 video to see your future if we dont get to defending ourselves and fast....this is WAR you know that right.......not play time??!!
26. Reply to Deanna
AR ,   USA   (01.24.07)
How has iran threatened america?
27. Reply to Deanna
AR ,   USA   (01.24.07)
Ok Deanna I'll bite. You said that if we attack iran we will send a message to the terrorist and those who want to build nukes. Ok well If they didnt get the message in Afghanistan and Iraq what makes you think they will get the message when we attack iran. Last time i checked we were still fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe you will say "aha all the more reason to continue our fight" but why are we fighting. According to the President we are fighting to stop terrorism (which is impossible) and to end threats to america. Neither Iran or Iraq are threats to america. Iraq wasnt a threat to anyone not even israel. Iran knows better than to attack israel. (No they are cooky mullahs who want to destroy Israel wrong and i could explain further if anyone is interested). The reason i brought up the 9/11 iraq iran comparison is because you said that we need to just review the tape of 9/11 to see what we are fighting for. Who attacked us on 9/11 an Iraq? An Iranian? An Afghan? NO. None of the above. (dont get me wrong im as happy as the next guy to see Saddam and the Taliban out but that dosnt mean we were right to do so) 9/11 was an act of terrorisim. Terrorism is a crime and we should deal with it as a crime. The "war on terror" is the most oxymoranic phrase i have ever heard in my life. How can you fight terrorism with war? War is the worst form of terrorism. Unlike #24 who calls himself a christian but then says its gods will for us to fight over israel (bye the way you are stupid) i am not a fan of war sometimes it has to be fought but Iraq was not a war that had to be fought and neither is the coming war with iran. You want to know what i think about iraq. Their are 2 choices and sooner or later they will come out with the same result. The US. can help the Iraqis partition the country into three different countries. Or we can send 20,000 more soldiers there and wait it out until things get so bad that Iran, Turkey, Syrian, Saudia Arabia and Jordan go to war to get what they can out of Iraq and America will either leave then or side with the Saudi's. Either way Iraq will split into 2 or 3 Pieces and that is the only way forward that is still viable our great commander and cheif already destroyed any other possibility. By the way do you think Iranians are terrorist. If you do please explain. The president says that Iran is supplying Iraq with advanced weaponry the generals on the ground their have said the most advanced weapons to have crossed the iranian border was mortars and small arms. Dont believe everything you here from politicians they are for the most part liars. Im not telling you to believe me either just do your own research and maybe you will come to a different opinion. We can go ahead and call muslims terrorist but who has been the largest group victimized bye terrorist? Muslims bye far. You have a far larger chance of being struck by lightning then being killed bye a terrorist we have more things to worry about than terrorist. Back to fixing things in Iraq and the terrorism problem. We need to change our foreign policy. This includes Israel/Palestinian conflict. US/Iranian relations. Dealing with the Lebonan/Syria/Israel issue. And something that will never happen but we really need to drop all of our allies in that region. Saudi's, Israelis, Jordanians, and Egyptians. What we really need to be focusing on is N. Korea and Pakistan. Im not saying war with them im just saying Pakistan is a (war with iran) away from getting taken over bye the islamist their and then you will have some real terrorist to worry about. Sorry this was so long and my writting wasnt very good but im in a rush bye the way i love these things.
28. Ricvhard Perle
chuck mclaughlin ,   Nehalem, Or. USA   (01.24.07)
That Mr. Perle is still listened to as a source of intelligent comment on national and international issues is startling! This man, a neocon through and through, has done more to destroy our image abroad, our economy, the lives of thousands of our young men and women, as well as those of innocents in the Middle East than most other neocons put together. He is pro-war and pro-new world order. Give us a break and stop listening and reporting his maniacal ravings. Or at least put him on the comic page where he belongs. Chuck
29. Reply to AR
DeAnna ,   USA   (01.24.07)
so, you do have a point about them not getting the point when it comes to afghanistan and iraq.....the problem is the "extremist" world( and others) has began to laugh at us over the problems and circumstances in Iraq/afghanistan..i understand what you are saying, and I never said I thought the iraq war was a good idea, but I also know we were and still are trying to weed the BIG SHOTS you said Saddam. People with intentions to harm u.s .interests...and many others interests. So, anyways..back to the whole laughing at us thing.....all the more reason to show our strength once and for all....more or less shock and awe them. Did you ever think that just maybe if we do suceed in winning in iraq, taking care of the iranian threat......that maybe N.Korea would kinda think...hmmmmm....maybe this isnt such a good idea? Thats kinda my way of looking at it. We need to set the example.....and your right......the iraq one was not such a good one. AND IT HAS BEEN WORSE AND WORSE SINCE. Where I am getting with that is.....if we dont "put the smack down" then what would happen? It looks to me like if we put our tails between our legs then pure hell is going to let loose. I dont even know how to respond to you saying that you dont think Iran is a threat...i dont get where you dont see it at??!! If they are killing troops in iraq.....supplying weopons.....WHATEVER...they are attacking us...whether it is in america......or in is our people.....imagine ahmadinejad sending his "crew" on our soil with guns.....or bombs or anything and killing here..what would you say then? What exactly is your opinion of the most recent headline of ahmadinejads titled "iran: Israel, U.S. will soon die" What do you think of is just nothing but bull crap? And if so......who wants to test it? Back to the 9/11 tape thing: I am trying to get you to understand...we have to protect ourselves from this happening again...iran, iraq, n. korea, afghanistan...WHOMEVER..if you got ill intentions towards my country enough to attack u.s. soil...i am happy to see us fighting back..these countries do all have one thing in common after all......their hate towards us and......a religion to back em up.....( note: i do realize not all muslims are as whack job as others) I say go for gold......give it all we got all we can handle.......then if it dont work........SO BE IT. The iraq situation is awful...i see lots of peoples views on this and i guess i have mixed feelings on that...but one thing I do want to see is the U.S finish "our"' job and leave the rest up to iraq....whatever happens after that..well happens i the meantime I know we are in one hell of a position to attack iran if need be while we are there...and I also dont think what we are looking for can be accomplished as long as ahmadinejad interferes. I do not believe everything I hear either......but when I literally see someone making threats.....talking about armaggedon.....knowing what that particular nut case is is kinda hard to not say hmmmm...sit back and wait / or not. What I do get tired of though is all the war critism inside of our own country...dispite what is going on and has been going on.....we are doing damn well.....soldiers have been lost yes...but not close to the numbers of other wars in our history. I think it is time americans united again like they did after 9/11 and support our country and what it is trying to accomplish.....the world everywhere we look is not doing so well and we need to protect ourselves and our next generation and beyond to the best of our ability.
30. Dear Deanna
AR ,   USA   (01.24.07)
You make a very strong arguement and i agree with you almost 100%. Remember though however idiotic and threatening Amadinejad sounds that loser dosnt have any power in Iran. I mean the only thing he has gotten done over there is to allow woman to go to football stadiums. The supreme leader has the real power in iran and his threats are the ones we need to worry about. Also iranians are nothing like the arabs. Im not trying to knock arabs or anything but in the course of 100 years iran has had 3 revolutions i cant think of any arab nations added up where the people have had 3 revolutions in 100 years that one almost every 33 years. Im very confident that if we keep up with sanctions etc. we will put the Mullahs in a position were they cant keep the people in check anylonger and ill say in about 6-10 years things will be very different in iran. Iran had a democracy 54 years ago we (USA) destroyed that democracy the least we could do is wait for them to attack us or show that they intend to attack us before we unleash "shock and Awe" on the iranians. Bye the way "shock in awe" in iraq was pretty bad. Their was more firepower dropped on iraq than in all of the european front of WW2. Anyways to your iranian threat to america thing imagin this hypothetical senario for a minute. China says some mexicans attacked Beijing and they are gonna fight the terrorist in mexico. They invade mexico. The US helps them because of what happened in Beijing. Then the chinese say they need to go to Canada and continue their fight against the canadians because they are planning attacks on china. And they put Canada, USA, and Israel in the Axis of Evil. What do you think america would do? That is what has happened to Iran they did help us in Afghanistan. They wanted to discuss Hezbollah and nuclear issues after 9/11 but bush then goes out and puts them in the axis of evil speech and invades their neighbor iraq. Iran is scared right now and they dont know what to do except hold their ground. I dont think N. Korea would think twice about its nuclear program it would do just what iran is doing now except they already have nukes so that could mean they would do something irational and we dont want that. Iran hasnt invaded another country in over 200 years. The US has been at war in some way or another for its entire existance how can we tell the iranians especially after the way the international community shunned them when saddam was dropping mustard gas on their civilians that we (usa) helped him acquire that they are supporting terrorist? They are looking out for their own country and their own intrest. Their president isnt doing a good job politically but they are prepared for us and attacking iran is WAR with iran and they can mobalize a million man army that our army just wont be able to handle with all of its resposiblities around the world. Sad to say but i think what you want or think should happen will happen and america and the middle east are gonna screw each other up so bad it will take generations to fix. Good little discussion here huh?
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