IDF brass praises chief of staff candidate Ashkenazi
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 22.01.07, 01:50
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1. Peretz does not care for the security of Israel's citizens
Chanan ,   USA   (01.22.07)
Ashkenazi's political appointment like Halutz is not good for Israel's security. It is done only because of the power struggle between Peretz and Olmert and Peretz and Barak. Peretz does not care for the security of Israel only for his political survival.
2. What else can the IDF officers say about their next boss?
Chanan ,   USA   (01.22.07)
They will be punished in this politicized IDF if they will say anything else.
3. Hanan #1
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.22.07)
Hanan your post shows you dont have a clue who Gabi Ashkenazi is. How can you ?? in USA ??
4. #1
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.22.07)
I agree with Birdi - you clearly know nothing of Gabi Ashkenazi or, indeed, what goes on in Israel. Sounds like you just had to write something, pity it was a load of nonsence.
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