250,000 Palestinians fenced in, says report
Ali waked
Published: 22.01.07, 12:24
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1. Seperation Fence Ephemeral, Illegal
Hani   (01.22.07)
It might slice Palestine into temporary cantons, but it will never slice our determination for freedom and dignity. Down with Apartheid and Land Theft.
2. The "fence"
Palestinian ,   Haifa, Palestine   (01.22.07)
Calling a concrete prison barrier with sniper towers a fence is like calling Auschwitz a Grill Restaurant. Your manipulation of vocabularly can't hide the truth for long.
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (01.22.07)
WOW!!! Do Israel's enemies never once stop in their fruitless efforts??? If the fence was such a problem the palis have had enough time and explosives to deal with it. What jerks these ficiton writers are... and what traitors to Israel!
4. That's What They Get For Choosing War
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.22.07)
And terror. Of course no fence should run right through the middle of OUR land, but it's the Philistines' fault. Oh well. That was their choice.
5. Do I Care? No, Not At All.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.22.07)
I only care about our security. Nothing else. The Palestinians are getting the consequences of their support for terrorism.
6. stude ham
Hani   (01.22.07)
Outrmont boy, just because some Israeli Arabs utter the truth about the apartheid wall INSIDE the West Bank does not make them "traitors" to the state that naturalized them against their will. Now quit the oversized smoked meet sandwiches you're eating over there, they're getting to your brains!
7. # 2 Arab, Haifa, Israel
Josef   (01.22.07)
You are free to move to any Arab state, you are not obliged to stay in Israel. It's this simple.
8. Look who is writing this article!
Shelley Boker ,   Rishon Letzion Israe   (01.22.07)
In another country the publishers of Yated would be jailed for sedition. There is a war going on and they are the enemy including those Israelis who assist them and winge. Get their education system reformed so that they will not hate us from birth.
9. The fence/wall
Amy ,   off rt 40   (01.22.07)
This is where even someone who leans left (like me) really isn't moved. In the scheme of things, a fence/wall is the least onerous way to combat terrorism. You don't want military actions, etc. etc. ... well, fine. We'll just put up a fence between us. It seems to be working, too. I'm terribly sorry for the difficulties and inconveniences it causes (really, not being sarcastic), but if a fence means the chances are better that my children and I will make it off the bus to the supermarket alive and in one piece ... it's really hard to argue with it.
Alan ,   SA   (01.22.07)
11. #7
Palestinian ,   Haifa, Palestine   (01.22.07)
Shalom, I am living in my homeland You on the other hand are under no obligation to continue occupying my land are free to move back to Polen, Russia, Latvia, Iran, Iraq, Khazaria, or whichever place you come from. The era of jews dictating terms to people is coming to an end, you're all on borrowed time now so enjoy it while it lasts :D.
12. UK&US forces would be thrilled if Suicide Bombers could be
Alan ,   SA   (01.22.07)
stopped by a wall around Baghdad or Helmand Province!. Pals should have thought about this before suicide bombing Israel . They killed enuff Israelis before the wall/barrier went up.
13. #7 Josef: Lebensraum?
MAN ,   EU   (01.22.07)
Do you WANT them to move? It seems to me that you think it is ok NOT to improve the situation for the arab population?
14. Its THEIR FAULT, they filed a court case rerouting fence.
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (01.22.07)
These home owners & villages filed court petitions against the route of the fence, so the fence was re-routed and now they want to complaign about the wierd twists and turns it makes. You made your cake, now eat it. Next time don't listen to Oppenheimer when he tells you to fight the fence route.
15. Then expell them to the otherside
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (01.22.07)
Then expell them to the otherside of the fence . Like I care about the Palis anyway. This goverment is foreign controlled anyway
16. To # 7
Casey ,   Germany   (01.22.07)
Why don't you move to western land and leave the Middle-East (Arab) countries alone, and in peace, go as far as north pole...please take the whole Israeli with you.
WAITING FOR WAR ,   ..............DACON9   (01.22.07)
THERE IS NO LEGIT REASON THAT THE ARABS OCCUPYING THESE ISRAELI LANDS DO NOT AND CANNOT GO TO THE OTHER BOUNDERIES'''' LOOKING FOR JOBS IN THEIR ORIGINAL HOMELAND OF JORDAN (formally Israel pre 1914).. ....oh i forgot jordan will not accept them nor will egypt or syria..........sorry
18. #1 hani
v. n.y. ,   israel   (01.22.07)
are you aware that this same separation fence has saved hundreds of jewish israeli lives from people such as yourself. your messages is loud and clear and hateful.....kill as many israelis you can! and all that from your secure and peaceful country canada.....sending jihadi ressistance messages across the ocean with the self righteous palestinian behavior you have straight out of a country you feel is only temporary yout haven, canada. sorry ti tell you that you would be the last one returning to your beloved land of palestine should it become a state. if as you say, you are such a fervent ressistance fighter, why don't you come over here and practice what you preach! since the building of this same fence by the israeli government, most if not all suicide bombing has ceased to happen and the killing of our citizens is almost nil by suicide bombers that did have access to our cities, bars, discoteques, restaurants, etc.... and have murdered innocent israeli civilians by the hundreds. if your dear palestinians wouldn't have engaged in such activities, there would have never been a need for this fence to begin with. even if it separates some 200,000 palestinians from the west cbank, it is still favorable to separation same numbers of israeli civilian death victims from their families. go bark up another tree. look at statistics and see for yourself how effective the fence has become in saving israeli lives as compared to before its erection. and yes, people behaving like murderous animals deserve to be in your so called "cages". i believe we are indeed sparing their lives since if they are allowed out, they'll just end up bombing themselves and us through the process.
19. I'd like to correct everything I said
THE SIMPLER TRUTH ,   ..............DACON9   (01.22.07)
THE ISRAELIS have to fence THEMSELFS in.... inorder to be protected from the arab vow to kill every jew AND DRIVE THE JEWS INTO THE SEA... THIS IS THE SIMPLER TRUTH and a lot more realisitic
20. #2
v. n.y. ,   israel   (01.22.07)
i love the way you arabs and palestinians like to jam together the word jew/israeli with nazis. you arabs know that nazi=horror, death, destruction, genocide, right???? then how come some of your demonstration bill boards slogans have I LOVE HITLER on them when muslims demonstrate in paris or london on the streets????? i have seen these boards and what is written on them.....hitler, we love you! this is what is written in them in london amongst a mass of demonstrating arab muslims. hitler, we love you? but i thought hitler and nazism are synonymus with the israeli jewish nazis in your opinion....does it mean that you are finally admitting to loving us, nazis or not??? let's face it, you arabs use nazism and hitler when it suits your purpose. 1. when you want to demonize the jews and the state of israel by associating it with nazi hitler. 2. when you want to show hitler in a faqvorite light by saying he was right to finish off tghe jews and was right to have his "final solution" implemented. arabs loved hitler since before 1948 and during the holocaust itself. they were also instrumental in your grand mufti in jerusalem living in berlin under hitler's protection and thinking out the final solution to the jewish communities even before the birth of israle as a nation. your grand mufti, huseini was such a good friend of hitler and such a fervent antisemite that he thought hitler's advice on duplicating a final solution to the few jews in jewish palestine prior to 1948.....when there wasn't even a state to fight against and no occupation to ressist and to speak of. auscwits, my foot. you arabs are so adept at lying, switching historical facts to suit your warped agendas of the moment without regard to historical facts. you are the one to talk about manipulation of vocabulary. don't you know you arabs invented this kind of manipulation through your lies and media, through talking in double messages? through controlling yuour subjects and riling them up with anti west, fervent hate messages in your mosques. you call yourselves the religion of peace and everyone else is an opressive killer nazi? you fellows are such a classical case in psychiatry . you tend to blame others for what you yourself really are. transferance baby. transferance. go look it up and educate yourself.
21. Most of the Security Fence is build by Arabs..
Jew ,   Gush Etzion   (01.22.07)
.. so you have no right to complain about it. Also, you cannot make a fortune by building so many settlements ("Made in Palestine" if you want to call it so) and than complain about Jewish presence. Hypocrites as usual!!!
22. #6 hani
v. n.y. ,   israel   (01.22.07)
israel NEVER NATURALIZED ANY ISRAELI ARAB AGAINST TGHEIR WILL!!!!!! these same arabs had the freedom and opportunity to go to the side where their brothers and sisters live in the west bank and gaza if they wished too. sad for you, but what you don't realize is that most if not all israeli naturalized arabs did so on their own. because they wanted to!!! they looked at their situation, how wonderful it is to live in a modern country with medical care, advances in technology, cleanliness, civility, social progress and lots of extras they would have never gotten in other arab lands, especially freedom, freedom, freedom! they are even represented in our government, the knesset! even if they are poorer and less educated than israelis, they still prefer to live in our country and enjoy the benefits and standard of living they wouldn't have been able to have anywhere else. they know it, you know it, and the statistics speak for themselves. hani, sorry to dissapoint. these same b rothers and sisters of yours just don't want to leave us. it's a fact. do you think israel wouldn't have been happier than hell to let them go should they have wanted to? why do we need to force them to naturalize themselves? they coulod have left israel if they chose to. believe me we DON'T need to force them to stay.
23. #9 amy
v. n.y. ,   israel   (01.22.07)
thank you for understanding that this fence was our last last resort. we tried it all before and the suicide belts kept coming. since this security, not apartheid, fence was finally built, we have no suicide attacks in israel, thanks god. our children, busses and restaurants are safe. yes, the fence is inconvenient to palestinians, but only in repeling suicide attackers from entering our country. we are a nation under constant threat and attack. we can't afford to think of another's comfort and feelings when we need our children safe on busses and safely walking the streets. i wish it was differfent, but reality is just reality. israel didn't buld this fence to insult or make it difficult for palestinians, rather for our safety and security. it is a fence of security not apartheid. by the way, the word apartheid in the arab vocabulary was non existant until our prior president jimmy carter wrote his recent book using such a word to describe israel. since then, the arabs latched onto this word as if it is god. funny, that.
24. If the fence cages you in, Palis, then...
Shai ,   Israel   (01.22.07)
...The Arab League boycott and their alliances in the UN also cage Israel in. It's not like we can drive to Europe for vacations, you know. That big fence the Syrians and Lebanese built keeps us caged in. You're getting back some of your own medicine. Don't pretend that you are the one being victimized, Arabs - you are victimizers, have been, and probably will always be.
25. Results of many wars started by Arabs
26. #2-Just more proof of the need to remove the 5th column
They like to take advantage of our freedoms, freedoms unavailable in any Muslim state, to pursue the destruction of the State from within. You will be removed to the hell you want to crate and then you can beg for a return to the JEWISH State.
27. Boo Hoo...They can't sneak across the street
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.22.07)
to walk onto an Egged bus and blow some innocent Jews up. What did the criminals, and supporters of criminals, blowing up innocents, expect? Do they want a bunch of Jews celebrating with Hamas green on in the streets of Tel Aviv? Learn to play in the sandbox with other cultures properly. Otherwise, stay in the time out chair. No sympathy for terrorist supporters with no sympathy for innocent Jews. Jews are people also....Humans....with Human rights. Of course, Human Rights Watch isn't looking out for their welfare. I'm suprised the Iraqis aren't considering walls right now.
28. whose fault is that?
Mike ,   Israel   (01.22.07)
If they did not teach and promote suicide bombers would there be a need for a fence? If they were not thirsty for jewish blood would be need ot fence them in?If they could be trusted would they be behind a fence? It is their own fault that they love killing Jews more than they love their own kids! It is their fault we can not trust them enough to hire them. They bite their nose to spite their face! If this is how they chose to act they must suffer the consequences.
29. Very few fenced in except aroundJerusalem part of fence
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.22.07)
30. Here's a genius idea for you retard Israelis.
Khalid   (01.22.07)
BUILD THE WALL ON YOUR OWN BORDERS! Ever think of that one?
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