250,000 Palestinians fenced in, says report
Ali waked
Published: 22.01.07, 12:24
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61. no terror means no fence
zionist forever   (01.23.07)
When the palestians get that into their head then everybody will be happier. The terror organistaions couldnt operate without support from the streets and its those people who are affected by the fence they are the ones terrorist rely on support from if they refuse to give it then the terror groups will not survive, Israel will have no need to build a fence and they wont be cut off. Instead of Olmert giving that $100 million tax money to Abbas use it to pay for shrinks teach the palestians how the real world works that would be a value for money investment in the peace process.
62. NL of Israel
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.23.07)
You are looking well informed about the protective fence . You explain it on a correct and comprenhensive way , but for deaf and blind people , the best explanations and arguments are not valid . I would add something . Do those anti fence people think that Israel has no better way to use this vast amount of money than in the construction of this protective fence ? And don't forget , a fence can be demolished when no more necessary , a murdered Israeli can not be revived .
63. #58 Spoff: Read #37's post before you comment
NZ's Spoff is a ,   Lazy-Boy   (01.23.07)
We no longer live in a world where politics are so black and white. It is intellectually lazy to believe propaganda without evaluating the historical contexts and political complexities.
64. #59: Call it whatever you like
but the security fence still has kept terrorists from infiltrating Israel and murdering Israeli citizens. It is an unfortunate by-product of the failed peace process. I live in America too, and I'll just bet that if terrorists from Mexico were coming into Texas and blowing themselves up on US buses and firing rockets at kindergartens, you would be in favor of a wall for the United States also, whether or not it made Mexico a "ghetto."
65. #21 - Forgetting the Kapos???
Sylvan ,   France   (01.25.07)
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