Israeli billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians
Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.01.07, 10:07
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1. Not Impressed by Saban
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (01.23.07)
Saban proudly announces that he is an Egyptian Jew; yet he refused to finance a documentary about the Egyptian Jewish Community. His excuse was that he only gives money to causes that "help the Middle Eastern peace process." Pathetic.
2. Wow.
Bob ,   Roanoke, Virginia   (01.23.07)
I wonder who is driving American policy?
3. Cui Bono
ManagedChaos ,   NYC   (01.23.07)
What is Saban getting in exchange for giving US politicians support? An attack on Iran?
4. #3
mark ,   ca   (01.23.07)
No. Just to keep idiotic "power rangers" on the air :-)))
5. Saban
Shachar ,   NYC   (01.24.07)
Why is he relevant to any Jew, he is intermarried, his child is not Jewish, he celebrates christmas, he is legally an american, has not lived in Israel for thirty odd years and gives to leftist causes whose loyalty to Jews and Israel is certainly suspect.
6. Not a bad investment
Andrew ,   Canada   (01.24.07)
Not a bad investment considering that the U.S.A. gives Israel 3 billion dollars to spent on military hardware.Of course that money gets "reinvested" back into manufactors like General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, which is great (that is if you're employed or own stock in those companies).Kind of like going to a car dealership and saying "If you give me $20000 dollars i'll buy a car from you"
7. oh the irony
Irony ,   Earth, Milky Way   (01.24.07)
Doesn't Saban now old "Arnie" Schwarzenegger was raised by Nazis?
8. Israel issue
marwan ,   South Florida   (01.24.07)
I think he said "I'm a one issue kind of guy, and that issue is Israel" so he means business.
9. Gee
Tim ,   Tampa   (01.25.07)
Is this why we attacked Iraq? Is this why the stooge(s) in The White House are pushing to attack on Iran? Does that make me an anti-Semite for having such thoughts?
10. Saban = New Owner of Univision
Phillip/Felipe ,   Los Angeles   (01.25.07)
Despite the fact Mexico City based "Azteca Television" offer was several billion dollars higher, at least 2-3, Saban still got Univision, the largest Spanish language television station in the USA...and maybe THE fastest growing ...Numero Uno...LET THE INDOCTRINATION BEGIN!!!
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