Katsav charged with rape
Aviram Zino
Published: 23.01.07, 20:12
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1. SAVE the LASS : It is high time he is charged ....
bentham ,   singapore   (01.23.07)
and sentenced with caning , but his age is his mitigation.Please save the lass. And ensure they dont blame the lass and protect the rapist. Strange things happen these days.Streets are named after the horrors like Saddam .
2. Indict Olmert
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.23.07)
For the rape of the entire Israeli people.
3. look at his photo
Joe King ,   Haifa-Israel   (01.23.07)
He has an "angel face". This guy will cost the israeli tax payer 1 million$ after he "retires" ( his pension) Israel is a good country to live in. For rapers presidents. I believe from my heart that he did everything he's acused for. But much more painful, this guy points to how the society can be or in fact is. Mafia rulz, so sad. Israel does not deserve this, this beutiful country with beautiful citizens still has values. But every day, is harder to see them because the country president is a raper Don Corleone and every day a new corruption issue comes up. We need a miracle. Congratulations to Menachem Mazus. It's painful but justice must be done.
4. A sad day for Israel :-(
Shuki   (01.23.07)
Olmert is corrupt, Peretz is inept, Katsav is a sexual predator... Ugh! Electorate, heal thyself.
5. Israel needs to change its culure of corruption
Phil ,   US   (01.23.07)
Israel really is a light to all nations in many ways. The tiny Jewish State continues to be a vibrant democracy despite the ongoing horrific terror launched against it. Even during this time, Israel continues to be a nation ruled by laws and a distinguished Supreme Court. Its achievements in science and technology, the arts, and all academic areas are almost beyond belief. However, the acceptance of corruption and reprehensible behavior on the part of its politicians poses a mortaql danger to Israel. These politicians are much more interested in power than on the welfare of the State. The Olmert/Peretz government is totally a disaster. Olmert, in order to achieve power, offered the defense ministry to Peretz, a total novice and incompetent in military affairs. To his everlasting shame, the ego-maniacal Peretz accepted and the results are written in the b lood of the brave soldiers and civilians who perished or were horribly wounded during the inept handling of the battle against Hezbollah. Israel's military is the most important part of Israel's ability to survive and yet it has been allowed to deteriorate by men and women who are more interested in their own careers rather than doing the right thing. Amazingly, there are so many investigations against administration officials that you need a calculator to keep up. Even the office of President, a post once held by the brilliant and saintly Chaim Weizmann, is under a cloud. This worm of a man who is supposed to represent Israel to the world and strengthen its relationship with the Diaspora refuses to call a major supporter of Israel by the title of Rav on the grounds of his "beliefs" is now charged with rape and corruption. Israel will never survive if it can't find decent leaders.
6. Here Is A Time Proven Defense For Him:
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.23.07)
1. Declare publicly that "he did not have Sex with that woman" 2. Have a press aid state publicly that the President never raped anyone nor did he have sex with this one in particular 3. Ask publicly what the definition of either "sex" or "had" might be. It worked perfectly for Bill Clinton, and he got away with it. And yes, he did rape Juanita Broderick, and he himself has never denied that he raped her, although his press secretary did make a denial. Try it, it works!
7. Katsav
rob ,   israel   (01.23.07)
Yeah about time the accuser got her day in court! Crimes against women must be taken seriously here,I hope that if Katsav is proven guilty he will go to jail for a long time. Crimes against women need to be proscuted to the fullest extent of the law, stop blaming the victim! Those guilty of "FAmily Honor " Killings should also get maximum jail time so that they can be an example to the rest of society that we will not tolerate violence against women!
8. katzav
sas ,   israel   (01.23.07)
He should have moved out of the President"s Residence a long time ago. The man is dishonest. Unfortunately the entire company needs to go to the cleaners................from top to bottom.
9. Weak guy without cash
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (01.23.07)
If he paid off Mazuz and Olmert families he would be a free man. He has not learnt how Mazuz's family operates and he does not live in North Tel Aviv where deals are done.
10. katsav...........
david ,   israel   (01.23.07)
szechuan chicken (Katsav) A featherless bird native to china. lives in pools of delicious spicy sauce
11. Either Katsav or Olmert
Steve ,   USA   (01.23.07)
B"H Olmert also has criminal suspicions against him on the table. Either Katsav or Olmert was going to face charges first. Now that Katsav has suspended himself, if he is not found guilty, then who gets to choose the replacement Prime Minister? I cannot see if Katsav is indeed innocent, that he would allow this situation to stand. We will have to see how this plays out in the Kenesset.
12. Katsav (shohet)
Amir ,   Tel Aviv   (01.23.07)
For my Hebrew speakers Why do we have a Katsav (butcher) as a president, because the country is full of animals I still got it, I still got it..........
13. Please Reserve Judgement.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.23.07)
We know few details of the allegations, just generally sexual misconduct & rape. The man has not as yet gone to court - there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. If he's guilty, he should be condemned. Hopefully, the trial will not be either a white-wash, acquital on some technicality, or a lynching because of public opinion. Just a fair trial.
14. katsav, Olmert, Peretz, Peres...the shames of our country
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.23.07)
As I watch the news on television, once again it seems as if the media has already condemned the president and found him guilty. As the subject keeps on being produced the tragedy of the media keeps growing. The media can destroy a person. They predict that the president will resign and a host of many other ideas. The media have never met any of the complainants and have never interviewed any of them. Who are those who accuse? This the public doesn't know. Their faces have always been clouded out during transmission. Why is their identity hidden? The media has probably done a real brainwash on the public much in the same way as the public is seduced with sexually oriented commercials. Woe to us who accept every printed word and don't wait for the proper medium to say its word and make its decision--THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.
16. To #6
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.23.07)
You forgot the definition of "is." And most of all, Katsav just gotta have that cigar.
17. There's a story behind this story
Michelle T   (01.23.07)
We don't know all the facts yet. However: If rape occurred, why wasn't there an immediate complaint to police? What we know is that there was an attempt at blackmail. What about that? Womanizing is part of Israeli culture. If that's one of the charges, then a lot more men should be charged as well. Accusations by assorted women is not enough evidence. It looks a lot like he's being framed for political reasons. Very similar to the Clinton situation. Like Clinton, he's not an angel, but there's a chance that, like him, Katsav's weaknesses are being magnified for other reasons. The question is: who's benefiting from his downfall?
18. Are there any Decent Leaders Left in Israel?
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Chefer, Israel   (01.23.07)
The possible indictment of rape, sexual harressment and abuse of power against President Moshe Katzav is a product of the 1990s when the Likud and its loutish central committee had reached its zenith. They gave themselves amazing power and felt that they were above the law. The president is part of the Likud and its manipulations during those years. The fact that he took advantage of his power in the party to influence his behaviour resulted in the problems that he now faces.
19. Trial in court - not here on ynet!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.23.07)
Why are most of you jumping to conclusions that he is guilty? And why should the side of the woman automatically be taken? Let Katsav have his day in court which he is entitled to. I sort of knew him when I lived in Kiryat Malachi and I still find it hard to believe that he could do such a thing! But we shall wait and see what happens.
20.  string of continuous testimonies and complainants
Steve ,   USA   (01.23.07)
B"H The reference to what the prosecutor said seems to indicate that this case is not based on physical evidence, but rather testimony. If that testimony is she-said versus he-said, I generally consider that very weak testimony without having full detail. Consider that she was in an employment situation where she quit, so she had motive to take revenge on her employer. Indeed she did so in that period, and the question is there evidence substantiating her revenge or not. I cannot convict Katsav based on the amount of testimony currently available from YNET. I see this still as a case of insufficient evidence until more is produced. But let us face it: even with no substantiating evidence being presented at this point several Kenesset members and the press is pressuring Katsav to resign. What trouble is there for Israel if this is just a political spin that is not substantiable, and the President of Israel incorrectly gets fired? Certainly other political groups will use similar techniques to promote their agendas, bringing Israel under slavery. Israel needs to be very careful in its consideration here. Quote: In cases like this, said the prosecutor, the string of continuous testimonies and complainants will suffice. The prosecutor added that there was a more solid base for the prosecution than in the case against former justice minister Haim Ramon, where it was a matter of one person's version of events against another's.
21. because he is Iranian Jew
Jamal Aboud ,   Ramallah   (01.24.07)
Just because he is an Iranian Jew. Had he from Russia or Europe, no one will touch him. I totally support him. I belive he is innocent.
22. O'K' , Let's get the show
Joe ,   USA   (01.24.07)
on its way..... Enough of hear say, it's time to get the facts, and may the chips fall where they will....
23. The President must not give up
Naomi   (01.24.07)
First, just to be precise, the title on the picture is not correct. He is not indicted. What I immediately checked were the drafted charges. So no selling pardons, no wiretapping. So the mysterious breach of trust and fraud mean ALLEGED purchase of some objects. Please... OK. It was enough for me. OK. I completely understand. Yes. Charges of selling pardons and wiretapping would have required real, physical, concrete evidence. No such things were found. I do not care about the rest. Everybody knows how those other allegations surfaced. After the Ramon case everybody knows how little (today a kiss, tomorrow a look if this trend continues) is enough to indict someone for harassment. President Moshe Katsav, do not give up! There is no need that you resign. Today is an insane day, when darkness is at noon, when many people are howling like wolves, but things will return to normality. I hope very soon.
24. Innocent until proven guilty
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.24.07)
Is "innocent until proven guilty" still the basis of law in Israel, or does it apply only to Arabs accused of terrorism? For those who have already forgotten, YNet and the talkbackers were all ready to lynch Israel Valis who was accused of murdering his infant. YNet never bothered to follow up that he was completely exonerated of any crime, there are still those on talkbacks who would like to hang him based on what they have read in YNet.
25. Focusing on idiotic items !
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (01.24.07)
While Hizbullah is trying to to takeover Lebanon, turn it into an Islamic republic....the Israeli press is focusing on.........Moshe's sex appetite and abuses ! Although of course I feel for the victims of ANY sex abuser there are other things to focus on in this country ( Russian Maffia, Discrimination , homeless, WOMEN BEATEN BY THEIR HUSBAND , "combinas", etc.....) and last but not least......Hizbullah trying to takeover why give MK the honor of YNET ? What did you guys expect ? That because he was " some kind of a high ranking civil servant paid with your taxes " he was exempt of being a sex abuser ? In sex abuse, and wife beating, Israel has a few impressive figures !and nobody will ever change this ( just like with our neighbours ) Ynet....please concentrate on real life !
26. Hey, Hezbollah probably did it....
Ali ,   Lebanon   (01.24.07)
or maybe Iran...looooool...Good luck dudes Olmaert and your other war commanders
27. to # 26
Freejay ,   Israel   (01.24.07)
Ali you idiot, maybe your mum did it,..... looooooool
28. To 27) Oh really, I don't think so because
Ali ,   Lebanon   (01.24.07)
we live in Lebanon, so if he gives us a visist, then probably, Hezbollah dude will take care of him...Get a life
Ben ,   AU   (01.24.07)
this whole situation is bedang.
30. If this is culture?
Daniel ,   Lod, Israel   (01.24.07)
#17; Michelle says, "Womanizing is part of Israeli culture. If that's one of the charges, then a lot more men should be charged as well." If this is true; there is something drastically wrong with our community, such community will be short lived; like it happened at "Lot's" time. And when we say "womanizing" the other half is a woman; unless she is willing nothing will happen, and if she is not willing it is a "rape". If it is not rape then women too deserve “Charges” for adultery; which is forbidden by Jewish basic laws. What happened between our president and that mysterious lady; only they know. We can only draw conclusions; which may not be correct.
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