Knesset members call on president to resign
Published: 23.01.07, 18:30
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1. President charged
James ,   Raanana   (01.23.07)
Remember he is the president, not voted in by the people but instead by politicians. As such we do not expect much. And look at the candidates. We have less respect for them
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.23.07)
The pathetic stance of the Knesset regarding the present issue only increases doubt about the validity of elected officials who don't relate to the public who voted for them. Who are they to judge the behavior of others when there is some much corruption within that body of chair holders and live only with the money provided to them by citizen taxpayers while using their position to weaken the morale of the citizens. Can the Knesset be the court of justice?? Let this body search itself to find how it failed gthe citizens of this country. It can ill-affored to judge others and their weaknesses.
3. In the words of the former Chief Judge of NY
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.23.07)
"A grand jury would indict a ham sandwich." The charges are very serious but they are still, at this stage, charges. If this is how the coutnry's politicians behave in the public eye, how on earth is this guy going to get a fair trial?
4. I hope
bentham ,   singapore   (01.23.07)
He gets a fair trial and get a good lawyer who can put all the defences available to him.What ever the verdict he must resign.Persons in his stature holding public office must ensure they dont get embarrassed or bring shame to the country/ Nation !This is not only seriousbut very serious!May this be a lesson, dont make fun of the ladies,Women must be protected, it is a cardinal duty of every Jew.
5. If available print the trial transcript
Steve ,   USA   (01.23.07)
B"H The calls for resignation are interesting. But is there a transcript where the Kenesset actually evaluates the evidence? Or is that subcontracted to Manzuz? It says a lot about the government structure of Israel how this is handled.
6. Institution and damage
Naomi   (01.23.07)
How pathetic is the way they are playing the part of the Chief Justice... If there is an institution to which great damage has been done, it is the Knesset - and it is because of such comments that can be read here.
7. Ridiculous
Nun   (01.24.07)
I think it is ridiculous that these MKs are now parading around and trying to show how brave they are, how well they know what the President must do or must not do. In reality, however, they are not doing other than slandering someone who can be slandered without consequence today. If I were in their place, I would immediately suspend myself for indecent act.
8. # 3 Indict a ham sandwich !
Anon   (01.24.07)
So would Ovadia Yosef
9. If it had been Bill Clinton....everyone would
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.24.07)
of let him slide. They would never get rid of the guy.
10. Lost Honesty
Azrael   (01.24.07)
sad day !!! well, I am not sure. I dont trust what I read. I dont trust serious faces. we are not stupid. THIS CASE TOOK TOO LONG. WHY ? Atilla Karagözoğlu
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