Israel faces nuclear Holocaust warns Gingrich
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 23.01.07, 19:51
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1. Atlanta?????
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.23.07)
Newt, now wait just a minute! Make that New Orleans, or DC, or some other place that could stand cleaning up, but not Atlanta. As you, yourself know, it's not just such a nice place to live, but Jimmy wouldn't like that, at all.
2. Right Wing propoganda
Ingrid Stoudt ,   SF, California   (01.23.07)
More scare tactics by the Christian Right. These people make me sick. The Persian people are not a threat, but a society full of diversity that embraces all faiths, even the Jewish faith.
3. #2 Left Wing propaganda
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.23.07)
It is not the "Christian Right" threatening to use nukes on Israel, it is not the "Christian Right" threatening to wipe Israel off the map, it is not the "Christian Right" that hosted a "Holocaust Denial" convention, and it is not the "Christian Right" that has a wild-eyed, megalomaniac midget for its leader. You need to pull you head out of your large intestine.
4. What about the envirnoment Newt?
Forrest Gump ,   Bubbaland   (01.23.07)
Please sotp talking about the Iranian threat, there are more urgent matters in this world. Ask Al Gore! The environment, gay rights, abortion, cut and run from Iraq, i mean if I believe my american jewish friends (all of them voted for the Dems) the real issue is the environment. Please Newt don't wake us up!
5. Hey Ingrid
Karl Hagemann ,   Sherman Oaks, CA   (01.23.07)
The Persian people are not a threat, but a society full of diversity that embraces all faiths, even the Jewish faith. You are deluding yourself. Why don't you go live in Iran then? Hmmm. I'm sure that you'll be treated equally as that of a man. Oh wait, no, you won't because your a woman and won't have the protections that your forefathers fought for. You know, those AMERICAN forefathers that saved your freedoms from being taken away by tyrants.
6. to #2. diversity? then why seperate bus lines for women?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.23.07)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.23.07)
My answer is no,we did not listen in 1939 and many times before. As a son of holocast survivors, i can tell you that my parents told me many times over,that the jewish leadership of that time was in big part responsible for what happend to the jewish people. They told them to go to sleep and that everything would be ok. As we see now,many people know that a 2 state solution is a lie and are telling us to not be fooled. But listening to olmert,peretz,livni and other irresponsible leaders,they keep on going on the path to selfdestruction. As a bunch of blind fools they keep on going. They are corrupt to the core and will sell us out at the cost of many of us. We have no caring leadership .Now see if ynet is going to publish this.
8. #2, I think you mean Right, as in CORRECT
Chatich   (01.23.07)
"For all of the Soviets' deep flaws, they were never suicidal. Soviet commitment to national survival was never in question. That assumption cannot be made to an irrational regime (Iran) that celebrates martyrdom," BINGO! Give that man a cigar. It's utterly amazing how the leftist moonbats can allow an ocean of undisputable facts to be dangled before their eyes yet remain completely oblivious to anything not blatantly supportive of their delusional agendas. See talkback #2, re: Ingrid the SF nutroot for a textbook example.
9. I've been screaming that Israel is in mortal danger...
Al   (01.23.07)
You don,t need a degree from Harvard to understand that which is happening. The endless pathetic political posturing that we see day in day out will eventually lead to Israel's destruction. For those who simply raise their hands in despair and mumble the pathetic "G-D Help", I need not remind you that G-D helps those who help themselves. Its time for decisive action and strength. Do not wait for the USA to save your bacon. It will not happen. For those who harbor such illusions I suggest you read history, for history is a pretty fair barometer of the future. Get it together or you'll be history. Its that simple!
10. #2 Ingrid
The Raccoon   (01.23.07)
Ingrid, luv... which universe are you living in? Because in our universe, Iran of 2007 is a theocratic, tyrranical regime, astonishing in it's oppressiveness, with fanatical zealots of a millenial cult in lead. Wake up!
11. Pay Attention #2
Ruben ,   Cleveland, USA   (01.23.07)
Nowhere does Newt G or Mitt R say that the Persian PEOPLE are a threat--it is pretty widely acknowledged that they are more with us than not. Rational, intelligent people everywhere (yourself excluded) are afraid of the Persian LEADERS (Ahmadijead, the Ayatollahs, Military leaders, etc.) Open up your eyes.
12. What the hell is wrong with the Herzliya Conference?
George W ,   Chicago IL   (01.23.07)
Each year is dumber than the last. Every speech is super paranoid and militaristic; existential threats all over the place, calls to attack this country and that country, peace talks are always a terrible idea, we must cut out Israel's Arab citizens, Israeli Arabs are all going to become active terrorists any day now, etc. etc. I've criticized Israel before, but I also lived there for quite a while and I know the average Israeli is nowhere near this level of paranoia and agressiveness. Someone put Prozac in their water, please.
13. He wouldn't get money from Soros, Saban and other extremists
Itzik ,   Haifa   (01.23.07)
Nether this guy no Romney will get any money from Soros, Saban, and other left-wingers.
14. Do not worry, this will never happen. We are not worried!
Palestinian   (01.23.07)
15. Forrest Gump
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.23.07)
If you hug those trees hard'll sqeeze petroleum out of them. That's Al Gores new theory on the environment. They'll tell you the Polar Bears are vanishing. We went ftom 5000 Polar Bears to 25,000 Polar Bears. They'll tell you the Porcupine Caribou are vanishing too. The Caribou went from 12,000 to 36,000. Has a weatherman in Alaska ever missed an opportunity to report the weather from outside of the studio? They are outside every day reporting the weather. Why is that? They are scientifically trained to predict accurate weather information. And nine times out of ten they are full of moose dung. And the same can be said for their scientific professors that trained them. If they can't get the weather right every night of the is it they can predict that humans are causing this massive climate change? The earth has had meltings and freezings for millions of years without these emissions. These guys are blaming all of us for something that would of occured anyways. And don't even think about drilling for oil in Alaska. The porcupine Caribou will fall over dead from seeing a steel pipe running through their back yard. It's a disease called steel-I-Tis. It kills the Caribou every time.
16. #2 and Persian Love
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (01.23.07)
17. To all Geopolitical Simpletons
vit ,   usa   (01.23.07)
To all Progressive Leftists and other Geopolitical Simpletons: THE EVENTS THAT WILL FOLLOW IN 10 SMALL STEPS 1)Israel strikes Iranian nuke sites. Although it could just as likely be the US. 2) Iran will respond by launching Shahabs at Israel and medium range missiles at US targets in the Mideast. Their attempt to block the Persian Gulf is a non-starter due the the presence of two American Carrier Groups in the gulf. (A third Carrier Group is also near by .) 4) Iran will also activate Hizzballah and will most likely goad the Syrians into making a move. 5) Infiltration across the border into Iraq by Iranian funded insurgents will increase. 6) US responds with a 30-90 day aerial and naval campaign the sight and magnitude of which has never been seen. The campaign will obliterate the Iranian navy and 90 % of the Iranian military targets that are worth hitting including all nuke facilities that Israel did not get in the initial strike. There will be no ground invasion. There will not be a need for a ground invasion. 7) The muslim street will do something original. They will go out into the streets and riot. (Wow...We've never seen that before.) 8) Sunni Arab Nations like the Saudis will express their regret but will privately laud the action. I guess it has something to do with the rightful succession of the prophet Mohamed or their interpretation of it. You know...It's that Sunni - Shia thing! 9) Meanwhile the Israeli Arrow anti missile system will take care of 98% of the Shahabs that Iran will launch and the new advanced Patriot system in the hands of the Americans (and Israelis) will take care of the rest. 10) Israel responds even more aggressively against both Hizzballah and the Syrians since they will shoot rockets at Tel Aviv. This time Israel does not hold back like they did last summer. THE RESULT: The Syrian Army is demolished. Damascus is in ruins. Lebanon suffers even worse damage this time around. Iran will be devastated from the air by the Americans as their civilization is pounded into 'year zero' until they sue for peace on American terms. Meanwhile Israel suffers moderate but acceptable damage. OH...AND ONE MORE THING: When this happens the Democrats will support the effort since Iran will be firing missiles at Israel ! (Remember the bipartisan resolutions in the Senate and House supporting Israel in it's war against Hizzballah this past summer.) After all, what will the Dems do, support Iran & Ahmadinijad ?!? Only the Progressive Leftists (AKA The New Jew Haters) & their Islamist allies will be up in arms with insane Bush / Israel hatred. Although David Duke (the new hero of the Progressives) will be with you. Wow ! That's some nice company you keep ! We shall soon see who is more important politically: Israel or the Progressives and their Islamic allies. For years the Progressives have masqueraded their Jew Hatred by cloaking it in the 'World Peace Movement' . This war will expose you like no other. ...and these are the facts Jack ! HAVE A NICE DAY. Now start the seething ! I wanna hear it ! Please don't let me down. It took 15 minutes to write this.
18. #3 The Christian Right and its gory fantasies
xcheck   (01.23.07)
Actually, the Christian Right contributes to these negative developments by refusing the resolution of the conflict and pumping up the tension until it explodes all over Middle East. Which will be, of course, the fulfillment of their gory apocalyptic expectations.
19. what is wrong with all of you people.
avraham ,   jerusalem   (01.23.07)
dont you know that al qaida is looking to destroy all of us. they are trying as we speak. its not a dream. that is reality!
20. The Christian Right IS Right On This Call
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.23.07)
The fine liberal Jewish leftists of the US would happily vote for Adolph Hitler and Aldolph Eichman for President and VP, as long as they ran as Democrats, Liberals, and bashed Bush. Newt is correct, and he is no wild eyed, Christian right winger. Iran wants the weapons, they refuse UN atomic inspectors (as if the UN would do anything even if they found them...) and have said prepeatedly that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Only a San Francisco nut case wouldn't take that threat seriously. America is not going to protect Israel. Nor is Europe, nor is the UN, nor is the San Francisco City Council. Whether Israel chooses to protect itself is a reasonable question to ask.
21. Not Bad Vit but.....
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.23.07)
You left out a few, Italy's assistance to Israel, EU legislation against Islam after riots and vandalism, hate crimes. Sleeper cells within the US Venezuela and their latin allies? Russian backroom assistance Does Japan instigate something with North Korea to keep the Chinese and Russians occupied?
22. Vit, Also
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.23.07)
Everyone knows a global war is not a war without the french waving a white flag. I also think the brotherhood will rouse attacks from Egypt into Israel, as well as small arms attacks from palestine.
23. I agree with Newt
Hebrew girl ,   USA   (01.24.07)
but I still hope that it doesn't happen. America and Israel need to wake up while there is time. It is too late for Europe.
24. #17
v n.y. ,   israel/boston   (01.24.07)
i do not know about others, but from my point of view, your summation is a bull's eye. you are right on the button here. no pun intended. i truly believe that after the disaster in the last lebanon war....and i don't mean that israel lost...what i mean is that israel could not properly finish the job 100% because of the usa, un and european pressure....well, after the lesson it has learned, the gloves are off and all roads of opportunity are open. go get them and do not look back.
25. Not all US Jews are Dems!
Jew ,   South, US   (01.23.07)
I voted Rep all my life!
26. It looks like every loser and has-been in America is
Apartheid ,   Methuen USA   (01.23.07)
speaking at the Herzilia Conference. They hope to crawl back into the limelight by competing to hurl the most outrageous accusations and sinister threats against Iran. The ever loquacious Mr Gingrich forgets that at the time of the 9/11 attacks our only enemies were a few fanatics in the mountains of Afghanistan. If our enemies are now legion it is the inevitable result of the insane violence we have unleashed on the world since then. As for Mr. Romney, the handsome and inneffectual former governor of my state, he knows absolutely nothing about Iran. When he speaks about "an irrational regime that celebrate martyrdom" he is babbling like an idiot.
27. The Ingrid's of this World
mairiT ,   Glasgow Scotland   (01.24.07)
As they say in your country "Wake up and smell the coffee". It is not just what they can do to Israel that worries me, it's what they can do to the UK and elsewhere. Until you have a lunatic like "Amadinnerjacket" in charge of a nation , nobody is safe.
28. iran
james ,   uk   (01.24.07)
israel's got the means to destroy their capability and iran knows it.. it will happen very soon and the sooner they deal with them the better. its bye bye iran if they continue their nafarious ways.
29. Newt's article & Good Scenario #17
The Bobs ,   Rural Texas   (01.24.07)
I sure like Newt more than I like Jimmy Carter. Newt is a smart person...don't sell him short. I was entertained by #17. Good scerario,vit. When I hear the rants by that vertically challenged nut case that runs Iran......I just turn on the Military Channel on Direct TV and watch the show on our Boomers. Makes me feel a lot better.
30. Mitt and #26
Jim ,   Tucson, US   (01.24.07)
Mitt created a surplus in MA that your current governor is now depleting. This guy is an expert Iran because he has done his own research. Read a book #26. Try Future Jihad. Then you'll know what the Jihadists are up to. You think they don't want to kill you and your family too? Do you listen to their rhetoric? How about Hitler, did people take his rhetoric seriously? Not until it was too late, and by the end of WWII tens of millions of people died. So get a clue #26, the idea is to stop WWIII before it begins, and save lives. You don't think it could happen? Well all I can say is it has happened before, twice. We can't ignore the threat, man you are so ignorant 26! Seriously, get a clue! Can you blame the Israelis for holding conferences like this when they faced extermination in WWII and in 1967? Put yourself in their position right now. All of your neighbors want to kill you and say so openly, oh, and they're unabashedly seeking the technology to do so. So, what would you do? Sit on you hands and hope it passes?!!?! Man, get a life. Seriously! Aggghh, I can't stand people who refuse to get it. Where is your sense of self-preservation?!
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