Iran: Israel, US will soon die
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 23.01.07, 22:24
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1. He looks more and more like Bin Ladden
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (01.23.07)
2. Does Syria believe Iran?
ZS ,   USA   (01.23.07)
Has anyone asked Syria why it is so eager to talk peace with Israel if it believes what Iran is saying about Israel coming to the end of its life soon? If it doesn't believe what Iran is saying, will it publicly acknowledge that it does not believe this?
3. Why don't you reprint Ahmedinejad's letter to the American
Apartheid ,   Methuen USA   (01.23.07)
people instead of seizing on and amplifying random and occasional statements? Ahmedinejad has every right to lash out verbally at the US and Israel. He has been provoked beyond endurance. Nothing more should be made of it than Khruschev's threat to bury the USA.
4. He's a dangerous little man looking for attention
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.23.07)
5. Iran vs. Israel and the US
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.23.07)
I believe the odds in Vegas are against Iran. This little monkey of a man has gotten in so deep, he has no choice but make these ridiculous statements. I hope we will see the end of him and his crazed regime soon.
6. iranian economy or hate for israel???
v n.y. ,   israel/boston   (01.23.07)
i particularly "love" how this slimy sneaky and pathetic excuse for a human being, cares so much about lebanon, instructing them to join forces against the enemy. he couldn't give a care as to lebanon. rather enjoying the mayhem and chaos he himself created for these poor lebanese. coward that he is, joined forces with syria, assassinated those opposed to him and insidiously created a terrorist element within that country to do his different than jihadists sending children to do the bloody dirty work while they hide in embassies and seek safe haven in syria and iran. this reprile additionally has a huge big mouth. i hope iranians do see that all this, though dangerous, is an attempt by a completely stupid and incompetent regime with this monkey as its head to provide a better economy and life style for his country.....something he was ellected to do but failed miserably. if this hate propaganda, riling of the masses, etc... in hopes of diverting his public's opinion from the mess and economical disaster their country is in, it won't work. iranians are not stupid. most have caught on pretty much already. the same way the shah was deposed, so will this regime. not because it is dangerous to the world, but because it is 100% incompetent to deliver the 21st century to iranian doorsteps, together with all the benefits they should get from their oil rich country. imagine only having this much oil. wouldn't you have a super economy, education, no poverty and an excellent developed modern country with the benefits of a progressive rich lifestyle??? iranians, take your oil back into your own hands and do something productive with it. do not let a despot steal your gift away and use it to destroy you economically and politically. your oil is your gift. it belongs to the people, to the iranians. not to a worm who wants to bury you rather than keep you alive and well. ahmadinejaad's political game will not last and if it continues will have dire consequences for iran. do not underestimate the israeli side of the coin. there is no way on earth israel will not respond. i can almost guarantee it will and in a most totalistic way. israel is now in a shake up. it understands what it's facing and got a taste of it this past summer. it knows that by destroying iran, it'll never have to deal with the hizbullahs of the world. most say that osrael or the usa do not have the gumption to do so, but i can assure you, it'll be done and when it happens, this regime won't know what is happening to them. israel or the usa have NOTHING against the iranian people. it has EVERYTHING against their suicidal regime.
What are you doing to prevent another Holocaust?
8. #3 I pity America for having people like you
People like you will allow nukes to be detonated on American soil
9. Coo Coo Clockajad
Carl ,   Covina   (01.23.07)
This Mini-Meajad is like a coo coo clock, whenever a certain amount of time goes by, he pops his head out, "Coo Coo- Coo Coo"
10. You can tell he is so scared!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (01.23.07)
Just look at him he knows he is gonna get is a$$ kicked!!! and I can't wait to see it!!!
11. wailed mualem
v n.y. ,   israel/boston   (01.23.07)
mualem called on "regional states to pave the ground for the establishment of peace and tranquility.....while preventing further genocide of muslims" NICE HEARFELT SPEECH BY SYRIA'S FOREIGN MINISTER!!!!! 1. mr mualem, i do not see how you desire the regional arab states to establish peace and tranquility when you support hizbullah, arm it, fund it, shelter its terrorists and leaders, pay for operation and terrorists' training, conduct terrorists camps in your country, deal in weaponry and transfer it to lebanon's hizbullah, using iranian oil money to fund the total mayhem and chaos you created the past summer in lebanon and in the saniora government and even now on the streets of lebanon. yes, the regional states like egypt, saudi arabia, qatar, uae, kuwait, israel, jordan, lebanon would like to have peace and tranquility. it is you and iran that do not wish for it. 2. "while preventing further genocide of the muslims".... the only genocide the world is witnessing is muslim against muslim. all the deaths are from "brother" to brother". the genocide taking place is from arabs fighting other arabs and sects fighting other sects. unfortunatelly, at times, now more than ever, these arabs also involve us innocent people of the world and bomb us to hell as well. terrorism my friend is your language, your holy book and your diet....a way of life sure to destroy you one day. the genocide of all muslims in the world, past, present and future was always done at their own hands against their own brothers and sisters. no one wishes you genocide. you paranoid, backwards individuals. get out of lebanon now and leave these poor lebanese to get back the beautiful country you stole from them and destroyed. if a psychiatry book were to be researched and written about islamic jihadies and islam and muslims, it'll take a million pages to analyze and explain....and still the civilized world will remain here shaking our heads in wonder as to who you really are and why death and violence motivates you people so much. if i was a medic, i'd say it is in your genes, for sure!
12. Grow up!
enzo ,   london,uk   (01.23.07)
I can't believe that in the year 2007 there are still people in this sick world planning to destroy Israel! They haven't learned anything form History!
13. what IS it with this guy???
marianne ,   colorado, usa   (01.24.07)
14. Manipulative journalism
Rob ,   NY USA   (01.24.07)
The title and subtitle are misleading. It implies that ahmadinjad wants to 'wipe out' Israel and the US.This is simply not true. Never once has he advocated genocide. He advocates ridding of the REGIMES like the US got rid of the Baathists and now wants to 'wipe out' the mullahs. Still, the absolutely naive continue the believe what the incredibly manipulative tell them.
15. I agree with #6 but see it their way
Jeremy ,   wellington   (01.24.07)
Israel will be sending warplans loaded with flyers saying: We have nothing against the Iranian people. Take your belongings, shift your nuclear installation because we are planing to destroy the empty buildings at such and such time. I was reading reports during the Lenanon war II. Israel was disclosing every single move they were about to make, in detail, only short of publishing the names and addresses of the soldiers involved. Going to war should be a strategic secret operation, not a fanfare.
16. This is the reality of Iran's quest for nukes
Zvi ,   USA   (01.24.07)
The target is NOT just Israel. If we let him get nuclear weapons, sooner or later they will be turned against us.
17. Mahmoud's threats
Robert ,   Tacoma, USA   (01.24.07)
I know the Bible of the Hebews a little better than I know the Kuran. A king in Israel once replied to someone not unlike yourself, and I quote: "Tell him: Let not him who girds on his sword boast like him who ungirds it!" First Kings 20:11. So, you know, take it a little easy, okay?
18. Fore-warned is fore-armed!!
2.4 Billion Christns ,   1/3 of all humanity   (01.24.07)
Thanks for the warning! We are getting ready for whatever you are planning to throw our way!
19. #3 truly naive
DeAnna ,   OH, USA   (01.24.07)
and probably not a legal american
20. Death of U.S. and Israel
Tom ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.24.07)
Greater and more competent tyrants have tried and failed. Will he join Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, George III, Caesar, and Pharaoh? The two nations he condemns share an indomitable spirit.
21. 3 second rule ...
MoTa ,   Swansea-UK/Persian   (01.24.07)
A Famous rule goes: Think for at least 3 seconds before you speak By kicking HIS ass, many innocent lives will be lost ... still cant wait for that to happen? I hope not, cos then you would have some trouble in counting yourself as a member of the human race ... On the other hand I can assure you that Persians are actually OK with Jews ... and they have nothing against Jews, that is a fact that needs more prominence in these troubled times but unfortunately doesn’t get the attention it needs (Iranian's fault primarily)! I don’t usually leave messages on internet forums as I’m not the most skilled of people in the ancient art of writing, and apart from that, I am absolutely shattered and need to get some sleep as tomorrow is another working day for moi! So, I’m off to bed, wishing you all the best!
22. israel/usa dying soon
steve l ,   waterboro me   (01.24.07)
where do i begin? well, we, as a country have been dying for many years . in just my short time here, 40+ years, i have watched our country slowly degrade and being taken away from us by all the bleeding hearts, foreigners, and sorry SOB'S that think we should be this or that. i thought we were a pretty damn good bunch of people. but i guess we're not worthy of anyones' respect. does amedinejad even realize that it is because of our help and support , that he is even a living being. or is he some devine being (yeah right). hey nut job, because of us you aren't speaking german. remember that !! it would probably do you some good to fugure out a lot of things to be thankful for instead of dooming yourself with one train of thought. me personally, you do not intimidate me in the least. i know that there are plenty of your people over here just waiting for the word from the likes of you. i know that you people are in our health-care, our food services, our transportation,etc, just biding time. no i am not saying all arabs or muslims are here for this reason. i am not that prejudiced , but i am also not remotely naive about what is going on here. just as the "terrorists" are plotting and planning, so are many of us. if you can't strike decisively when you are surrounded by your own kind what do you think is going to happen to you when you try your crap over here???? you sure as hell aren't going to get very much accomplished. and when you do make your move, we will respond with overwhelming force. so follow blindly little mice, we have the upper hand here and you will lose. more later i'm going to go eat now.
23. self preservation
chaim ,   miami beach USA   (01.24.07)
I believe that we are living in a false world in Hebrew it is known as Olam Hatoei. Israel was reestablished into an independent Country not as a State, as the connotation of State is being, belonging to, and owing its fidelity, to an entity consisting of other States. And is but a part of a larger Country, and does not have a total independent rights. As I know the reason why Israel is cherished world wide by the Jewish people, is they believe that the only reason they were not murdered by their host country is due to Israel being an independent Country, and if necessary as happened when the Islamic Arab countries, evicted their Jewish citizens that have lived in their country for over a thousand years with just their clothing on their backs, such oppressed Jews have a place of refuge, that is one of the reasons they provide all types of support to Israel when called upon. In a normal world if a wild crazy person holding a weapon or is about to obtain a weapon, you either place him into a mental institution or kill him before he can commit and accomplish his demented thoughts. The people of Iran must be warned, either get rid of their madman who they elected as their leader, or face the consequences they will suffer, all due the threats emanating by their chosen leaders diabolical intentions against Israel. Israel do not wait for any and I mean any country or world organization to come to your rescue when you are faced with an intractable unrelenting enemy that will without question take any and all actions to irradiate the entire land with nuclear fallout that would make the land uninhabitable for thousands of years. That madman will through his religion induced hatred commit that diabolical act even if his own family were directly effected by his supposedly instruction received by GOD himself, as he so proudly proclaimed to the world. This is an absolute requirement of self preservation which is the first law of nature
24. israel/usa
steve l ,   waterboro me   (01.24.07)
ok i'm back. i like to think of myself as a peaceful person. i do not provoke others into a fight.i do not look for obscure reasons to try and incite others to come to arms. but.......i pity the poor fool that pushes a fight on me. being an american, i am very defensive of my home, my freedom, and my rights. if you do not like our way of life , then get the hell out and stay out. i don't want you here. yes we do have several of our priorities mixed up, but that's because they haven't let me run things here. ...... P.S. that is probably a good thing for most countries, because the first thing i would do is cut off all the freebies we give a lot of you idiots. i firmly believe that there is NO REASON for anyone in our country to be hungry, homeless, or dying for lack of insurance. but here again that is because of the likes of you (terrorists, dictators, and such)what's your excuse for so many of your people dying, starving,etc., oh yeah it's because that's the only way you can have your power,at the expense of others. wow aint you something.... later..
25. #21 but HE holds the weapons
DavidLamb ,   Huay Kapi, Thailand   (01.24.07)
I agree that we have nothing against the Persians. However, the "rat terrior" not only spouts the threats, but also has the weapons (possibly nuclear). So unfortunately, if we get him, we will also hurt other innocent people. It's the sad nature of an out-of-control dictator (albeit "elected") who brings misery on his own people by his own selfish hatred towards Jews (and now Americans/British). Sad but true...
26. silly hadjis
mike ,   newark usa   (01.24.07)
what the hell is this guy thinking? Why does he want to crumble us and isreal? does he want to make it as shitty as the other muslim contries i like clean water and beautiful women im sorry count me out
27. Iran Vx. Isarael and the US
BobPHil ,   Greenville, USA   (01.24.07)
He's disgusting. I think he needs to look at the locals killing the locals - not an outside entity doing the suicide bombings. I believe his own country will shut him up.
28. to #20
Jack ,   ny   (01.24.07)
and you forgot the most recent one Saddam! he has always said he will destroy Israel! dont mess with Gods ppl!
29. Wow! You need to quit smoking crack
Rick ,   USA   (01.24.07)
I would guess Iran has a crack problem as too.
30. Geeet outta here...
Aaron ,   Chicago, USA   (01.24.07)
Go read it verbatim, he is clearly advocating genocide. He is clearly calling for the destruction of our country. Look back at his comments over the past few months. I agree with you in one respect, people should not read headlines or follow ups and not follow up themselves, So get ahold of the actual word for word speeches, I have and it's clear that this guy wants us wiped out. Anyone that doesn't see that is pulling the wool over their own eyes.
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