Iran: Israel, US will soon die
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 23.01.07, 22:24
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61. Jewish newspaper....
Rich ,   oaccy Leicester   (01.24.07) the rest of the jew media....always making mountains from mole hills.
62. Jimmy Carter is responsible for this.
Darren ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.24.07)
Remember folks, it was Jimmy Carter's refusal to support the Shaj of Iran that lead to the failed Islamo-facist state of Iran. Just think of how different the world would be but for this critical and disasterous blunder.
63. Give them Pigs instead of nukes
BP ,   USA   (01.24.07)
The USA should take every C-5A we have and fill them full with PIGS and let them loose in Iran. The more the better !!
64. Ama--who--da--wad?
Timinator ,   Western, Ky. USA   (01.24.07)
Iran's Prez is a moron that thinks that just because the Democrats are running the show now, we won't kick his rear.
65. Revelations
Derrold ,   Ringgold Texas   (01.24.07)
2000 year old predictions coming true, yet we still don't believe
66. Iran
Dan ,   USA   (01.24.07)
67. USA is to blame for Muslims slaughtering each other?
Asma bint Marwan ,   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   (01.24.07)
So, officials in Syria and Iran blame the USA for Muslims slaughtering each other in Iraq. That's basically saying, "we are so stupid, that we can be manipulated by other countries into killing our neighbors and countrymen." Not so fast. Shiites and Sunnis have hated each other before the USA even existed.
68. 3 second rule
BIll ,   New York, USA   (01.24.07)
Sorry MoTa, but my children are important enough to me to not care about the 'innocents' threatening their lives. The peace loving people in the middle east have to clean their own house, or we, the United States will. And when this sleeping giant finally wakes up, it will be a sad day for the people we recognize as enemy. Simple fact.
69. Israel
Kathy ,   Orlando Fl USA   (01.24.07)
My secret fantasy: Probably will offend some people, however, here goes: Kick out the 20 million illegal aliens who are breaking ours laws, killing Americans, and sucking our government services dry. Move Israel here. It breaks my heart that Israel has to live in the middle of these religious nutcases. We love you guys.
70. Not too wise
G ,   Philadelphia   (01.24.07)
First of all, it's not wise to make such a bold threat to the U.S. I'll admit that we possibly hit our peak and now are on a slight decline, but still has the potential to make Iran a smoldering crater. Even stupider, they threatened Israel, basically the power house of the middle east, complete with extremely formidable ground forces, U.S. bought weapons, and an impressive Air Force. Smooth one Ahmadinejad
71. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Jim ,   Honolulu, USA   (01.24.07)
These comments are clearly an act of war and should be adressed immediately. It is beyond time to take out the Iranian nuclear facility
72. Iran is now close!
Carl Friberg ,   New York, USA   (01.24.07)
A second USA carrier battle group is on it's way to the region, Look for Israel to launch a first strike soon!! We will be in position to land a hand sort of!
73. Iran
Robert L Stevenson ,   Suisun,CA,USA   (01.24.07)
I cannot understand why the civilized world does not recognize the danger posed by this madman. It's 1938 all over again. With the Democrats in control of Congress any possibility of US action to prevent another Holocast is about nil. If President Bush were to take out this threat to the world he would no doubt be impeached. At this crucial point in history, the strongest nation on Earth is politically paralysed. That sucks.
74. israel/usa dead soon
steve l ,   waterboro me   (01.24.07)
right now our pres is giving his state of the union address. whoopie !!! all i want to hear from him is that we are all done putting up with all this BS we keep getting from pissants like ahmanutjob or any of the other big bad bulliesthat want to see us dry up and blow away. i would like to hear him say "OK boys come on home we'll let france, or maybeone of you other snot nosed holier than thou countries take care of your own backyard. we're going home to take care of our own and screw you assholes that don't agree with our general policy of freedom of, by and, for the people. oh by the way defend yourselves because we aren't doing it for you " wouldn't it be a beautiful thing if israel felt threatened enough by this moron to "wipe him off the face of the earth". i do have to say that they(israel) has shown pretty damn good restraint by not laying waste to him and his mouthy litte entourage. remember. there'll be seven virginians waiting to kick your ass on the other side .
75. No, no...he's just misunderstood people
Gregory ,   Petal, USA   (01.24.07)
Our own Democrats here in the U.S. think we've caused all this hatred from Iran directed at us (and at Israel). I'm sure the radical Muslims of the world agree with our Democrats. There's such a big war coming; Iraq is nothing but a teensy prelude. People will have to choose sides; I side with you, Israel!
76. Evil
Dirk ,   USA   (01.24.07)
Both he and Kim Jong Il remind me of Dr. Evil's hench men in Austin Power's! They're so evil!!!!!!
77. Oh, please
Bob ,   Rock Island, Il   (01.24.07)
Just what kind of diplomacy do you think will work with these kooks? There is nothing to negotiate. They won't even concede Israel's right to exist. You are just an appeaser, and that won't do anything but stall the inevitable and make it that much costlier in the end. Bush is not the problem. This stuff has been going on since the mid-seventies through every administration. You villify Bush for fighting back. WWIII has been going on for quite some time, you just aren't smart enough to recognize the fact.
78. I still support Israel
Capt Johnny Mac ,   Seattle   (01.24.07)
I used to think like every other unknowing person that there could be peace between Arabs and Jews. While in Desert Storm, I found the whole arab world to be a hole and waited until I could leave. Then after reading the bible and understand the Abrahamic covenenant which was to Abraham thru Isaac, not Ishmael mind you, that all who curse Israel is cursed, and all who support Israel is blessed. Read the bible, it's a great book, and it has a great ending with the good guys winning.
79. Israel/US ending.....
j ,   cn   (01.24.07)
Strange how all these negative stories about Iran originate from Israeli government sources. If you translate the speach it says that the current governments of Israel and US don't have a future. I think that is something we all agree to.
80. Ahmadinejad again?
sanjosemike ,   San Jose, CA   (01.24.07)
Now, the Islamofascists are blaming their own self destructive wars...on guess who? The Zionists and Crusaders.... Another poster here pointed out (correctly) that internecine Muslim wars have gone on for centuries. It's called "Takfiri." Takfiri is the Quran's word "allowing Muslims to kill each other if the other group is not practicing the 'correct' type of Islam." Whatever that is today. It may change tomorrow...another excuse for internecine wars. Now, added to the mixture is the "Somalization" of both Gaza and Lebanon, and of course Iraq. Never again means never again. I don't know what the U.S. will do, but Israel will "not go quietly into that good night." Count on it. San jose Mike
81. Iran
Bob ,   Rohnert Park, Ca   (01.24.07)
Israel should crush that pathetic little man and all that he stands for. A large first strike is the only answer as Iran will not back down.
82. stupid little monkey
paul ,   st. louis, mo usa   (01.24.07)
We should shut Chim-Chim's mouth by dropping a couple of MOABS or Daisy Cutters on key communications/ defense systems in Iran. Then, we should tell president MONKEY that next time it will be a Thermonuclear bomb in the middle of Tehran. This would light a fire under the spiness population in Iran to rise up and kill the little MONKEY
83. rob
kYLE ,   sOUTHPARK, co   (01.24.07)
84. I thought Rick Warren declared Syria peaceful!?
K.P. ,   Georgia, USA   (01.24.07)
I'm shocked that Syria would host such a divisive bully, and to then agree with him. After all the most knowledgeable pastor in America, Rick Warren just got through having a love-fest with Syria, the country that he declared was a Christian loving bunch of peace-niks!
85. He must have a small one
Walter ,   RI, USA   (01.24.07)
He must have a little pee-pee
86. Pity President I'm-on-a-jihad- he's terminally syphilitic
Lon ,   Fremont, CA USA   (01.24.07)
The world frequently fails to take crazy people seriously and the result has been millions of dead. Think we'd learn a lesson? Apparently not. Muslims have far more to fear from other Muslims than from the US.
87. Ahmadinejad = new hitler
jason ,   usa   (01.24.07)
88. #41
SMOTD ,   USA   (01.24.07)
Please qiut smoking whatever it is or share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
89. Hey dude
mohammed ,   mecca   (01.24.07)
learn to type coherently!!! Or are you a Berkley English professor?
90. What a loser
Hokie ,   Vinton,Va   (01.24.07)
thats what He is.
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