Italy to outlaw Holocaust denial
Nir Magal
Published: 26.01.07, 00:06
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1. About time , congratulations Italy
Rose Michael ,   Spain   (01.26.07)
2. The world's problems are all solved!
Persian CAT   (01.26.07)
This is a shameful easy way out for ignoring, apartheid, hunger, poverty and illiteracy. Hooray!
3. Viva Italia!
4. shameful ...and not.
v n.y. ,   israel/boston   (01.26.07)
not more shameful than most arab leaders and terrorists causing hunger, stealing aid money, opression, illiteracy, vilence, murder, killings, beheadings and hate. now, that, the above is shameful! there is NO SHAME in acknowledging a significant historical tragedy done unto a people. but there is a shame when the "apartheid" people, the palestinians, were never allowed to have a state by their own leaders' ambitions and hate.
5. Very bad idea
RedStarYeast ,   USA   (01.26.07)
This legislation, designed to silence a handful of nuts, threatens the most essential freedoms of all Italians, present and future. There are no rights more essential than those of opinion and speech, no matter how obnoxious. The prosecution of a few stupid and/or malicious people now sets the precedent for future prosecution of decent individuals whose "crime" is to profess unorthodox ideas. Galileo was tried and convicted for the same offense. Are we returning to the era of the Inquisition?
6. Why don't they...
Mustafa ,   Canada   (01.26.07)
Put whoever calls Muslims terrorists in jail?
7. #6: They're going to jail for lying...
Barbarism ,   Saudi Arabia   (01.26.07)
not telling the truth! Nearly all terrorists are Muslim. Many (most?) Muslims are apologists for terrorism. As you can see, there is a strong connection between the two.
8. #2, maybe if you people taught your kids real history
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.26.07)
stuff like this would not happen. BUT, since many countries and cultures refuse to teach their children about real events that actually took place, laws like this are implemented. Palestinian chioldren are taught that there is no Israel and that Jews eat little kids. Do you think this makes for a better world???
9. #5..teaching history is a good idea.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.26.07)
Children in England are already forgetting about the Holocaust. Crazy isn't it? If we don't teach our kids about history, they will repeat it. Denying and ignoring facts is a dangeroue game.
10. should be a comedian!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.26.07)
Funny stuff Mustafa. I'm sure people in Canada find you very funny, but here in the real world where most terrorists are Muslims, this is not a joke. #7 hit it on the head, too many Muslims these days make excuses for and defend terror. This only encourages terror scum to keep up the fight. Very sad culture you got going there.
11. Sorry #6
DH ,   Dallas, TX   (01.26.07)
Not trying to gang up on ya here, but the rest of the gang here are calling it true. Most terrorists ARE Muslim. Perhaps the muslim community should reign in the extremists. The world is not anti-Islam, but they are appalled of the terror and those who who make excuses for it.
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