Jewish Shoah conference participants banned from Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 26.01.07, 14:21
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1. Where are the investigative pieces on Sderot? Interviews!??!
Where are the investigative pieces on Sderot? Interviews!??! Why arent they featured daily on ynet?!?!? This should be our concern, our own citizens. Where are the daily interviews, comments, video, from the citizens of Sderot and the Negev and Ashkelon?!??! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Good, now get rid of the others
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.26.07)
"Peace Not," "Gush Shalom," "B'Tselem," Uri Avnery, Shulamit Aloni and Yossi Beilin.
3. ALL Enemies Of Israel Should Be Banned From OUR Land
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.26.07)
Regardless of race, color, or creed.
4. Should have banned Arab MKs returning from Syria, Lebanon
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (01.26.07)
They are just as bad ad Neturei Karta traitors.
5. Surely not!!!!!!!!!
Shula ,   Poland   (01.26.07)
I don't believe it, Israel has done something good for it's people? Israel is preventing the scumbags from entering the land? Well blow me down with a feather and call me Rifka.........there are still intelligent people in Israel
6. Neturei Karta
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.26.07)
These people should not only be denied entry into Israel, but they should be stripped of their status as Jews. Democracy and free speech are fine things, but they, too, have their limits. Just as one can't yell, "fire" in a crowded theater, for a Jew to deny the holocaust is, in my opinion, much worse.
7. Just the NK?
Israel   (01.26.07)
How about all the anti-Semitic "Law-of-Return" sheissters?
8. # 7 I second your moton
bob ,   potomac md   (01.26.07)
the fact that there actually exists a white-suprmacist, pro-Nazi group in Israel is too bizarre for words. Put those losers on a plane with a one-way ticket and send them to wherever.
9. Very good move!
Y ,   N   (01.26.07)
11. #2 and Southpark Wisdom
Rustum ,   London, UK   (01.26.07)
You demolish your own rather pathetic case against the misguided fools from Neturei Karta by insisting that Peace Now, B'Tselem, Avnery, Beilin etc are all in the same boat. The inability to distinguish between towering intellectuals who have been fighting the good fight for human rights and equality and a bunch of no-life medieval clerics from NK shows that the University of Southpark Colorado has granted you a remedial school certificate in abject error. One of the problems of seeing the world in a monolithically fascist manner, is that you divide the world into two camps: extreme right-wing Zionist fascists and everyone else. This inability to distinguish between shades of political opinion only serves to undermine your own credibility and to show you up as a hate-ridden bigot with only one axe to grind. By the way, when are you emigrating to Israel? How good is your Hebrew? Do you know anything about Judaism? Who were the Karaites? What were the causes of the uprooting of the Jews of Egypt post 1952? I'm pretty sure that you know nothing about any of those subjects, but still that doesn't stop you from writing your totally worthless remarks on an hourly basis.
12. #6 NK
Rustum ,   London, UK   (01.26.07)
What a pity you don't base your opinions on what actually happened in Teheran. Those medieval freaks from NK, who bear great resemblance to other medieval freaks whom you don't condemn, actually stated that they went to Teheran with the aim of stating the historical veracity of the holocaust and to set the record straight. You might not like them, but to accuse the NK people of denying the holocaust is a blatant untruth. I believe they also stated that they believed that the holocaust has been used by the state of Israel as a justification for the many atrocities it has carried out and it is that which they were complaining about. So do try and get your facts correct.
13. Good. Now Throw Out The Arab MK's.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.26.07)
14. about time the Israeli government did something productive!
telavivit ,   tel aviv   (01.26.07)
15. I am
Yasir ,   Great Britain   (01.26.07)
I am trying to post some racist comments and ynet wouldn't let me. The swains.
16. Well Done
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (01.26.07)
I am not surprised that these trairors have the chutzpah to have visited Israel. I am happy that they are being banned.They should be avoided by all Jews.
17. What happened to freedom of speech?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.26.07)
While I despise NK and wish them nothing but harm to them and their families, I am disappointed by this decision. No Jew should be denied entry (1) because of verbal support for anything and (2) for being anti-Zionist. Israel belongs to every Jew and so long as that Jew is not an actual threat to person or property he or she should be allowed into Israel. Israel does not belong to Ben Gurion but to all the Jews. If it is determined that NK is participating in more than just verbal support for terror than they should be banned but so long as they are just speaking their (disturbed) minds, they should not be denied.
18. Excellent Decision
Mark ,   usa   (01.26.07)
19. NK are losers but...
They should be denied entry into Israel because they seek to undermine it. This is beyond free speech. They wish to deligitimize Israel and see its end pursuant to their religous beliefs. I think any sane country should expel those who undermine its legitimacy and rule. Yeah, I am talking to you extremists who talk of of overthrowing Israel/US/Europe...especially certain Israeli Arabs who don't do anything to show patriotism or civil service (the Druze are to be lauded for their participation in the IDF and being loyal citizens) Citizenship is a priveldge, not a luxury. You want the country to do for you? You have to do for the country in kind.
20. To Rustum in Kyle's defence...
Aaron   (01.26.07)
I have been a Ynet reader for a while now and have become familiar with certain 'personalities' here From what I have seen Kyle isnt an extreme fanatical Zionist (though he is an ardent one) nor is he lacking in knowledge about anything Jewish be it historical or cultural. I think you need to chill Rustum. I have read your posts too and they are insightful, though I may not agree with you. You are much better when you write bout the topics and not disintergrate into petty trash talkin Let's stick to discussion of the issues and not ad hominem attacks. Whether you think Kyle is a 'tard or a steller guy is irrelevant. Its much better that we discuss the article at hand.
21. Banned... PATHETIC
Tony ,   Durban   (01.26.07)
I read this order with horror. NK approach things from a halachic perspective. Israel is a secular state. So in a sence the decision is correct but it bodes badly for Israel because. 1. Too many jews define their jewishness by the collective pain we as a nation have endured and not by Torah. 2. The Shaul was a tragedy, that much is true and beyond dispute, and yet when asked WHY... most jews cringe at the notion it was because of our averos. Yet halachically this is correct, as hard as it is to beleive. I dont beleive these NK members actually deny the holocaust. 3. There is so much more but these are the main points. Tony
22. #17
Yeah verbal support never incited anyone to do horrible things.... So if a Jew expresses verbal support for Hitler its all good in your books??
23. Why pick on Neturei Karta
Choni Davidowitz   (01.26.07)
This evil group does not deserve any support,but they should also not be a bother. They are a crazy group seeking publicity and the best thing is to ignore them. What does bother me is that there wish for the destruction of Israel and Zionism is only a wish,whereas leaders like Sharon, Olmert,High court Judges actually carry out these evil deeds as expulsion of 8000 Jews from Gush Katif ,and handing over the Land to Hamas has shown. Where were the condemnations then? It was not Neturei Karta that rewarded Arabs by destoying Jewish Homes ,businesses, schools, Yeshivas etc. It was Israels own leaders who did this evil work. Instead even Orthodox Rabbis supported this Jewish expulsion. How quick are they to bash a ineffectual group of crazies,but slow to say the truth about the real destroyers of Israel such as Sharon and Olmert. Jews round the world should ignore the low-life N.K,s and concentrate on fighting the real destroyers. Many have said that Neturei Karta is a Chilul Hashem, and motivated the huge outcry against them. Sounds nice,but what could be a bigger Chilul Hashem than a mosque sitting on top of the Temple Mount. No! Rabbis and Leaders of Israel Leave N.K. and others alone and concentrate on the real danger.
24. To Rastum
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.26.07)
A common complaint against those on the "left" is that they feel that they are smarter and better than the others. Stewart is smart, O'Reilly is stupid. If you're from Manhattan, you're smart, from Staten Island, stupid. Beilin is a towering intellect but Kahane was a crazy cleric. And your posts, here, and in general, ooze of this stuff. You will have to recognize that there are plenty of intellectual giants on the left and on the right, who are pro and anti (fill in any topic), who are religious and who are not, etc etc. Enough with this elitist nonsense from the left.
25. To: M. Hartley
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.26.07)
How does one strip a Jew of his Jewishness? They are criminals, of course, but even crimnal Jews are Jews.
26. Hey Rustum
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.26.07)
Your emotional invective makes no sense. I also believe that BTselem, Shalom Achshav, etc., are truly enemies of peace rather than promoters of it. However, because you don't agree, don't assume in your silly rant, that those you disagee with are ignorant. Karaites, for your information, make pretty good sense. Reliance on Talmud is outdated.
27. Rustum the eloquent
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.26.07)
I most certainly agree with your comments regarding your adversary from Southpark. Empty vessels do make a lot of noise. However I must take you to task on your comment,"extreme right wing Zionist fascists". I do not care how left, liberal, progressive or human rights oriented your ideaology and philosophy are, to put the two words Zionism and Fascism in the same sentence is a travesty. By doing so you equate the leaders and founders of Zionism with no less than Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. Hitler was a degenerate member of the human race who unfortunately came on the scene just when Freud was expounding his theories. Either Freud came too late or Hitler was an early bird, otherwise the world could have dealt with him and avoided the war. We simply did not understand (Churchill excluded ). The other two were Simians of the first degree, actually they were a zoological anomaly, Simians with aquiline temperament and lupine behaviour. Whereas all Zionist founder leaders were indeed intellectual giants, in a class far above most intellectuals of their generation. Rustum, you are both intelligent and knowledgable, you know the facts of history, both ancient and modern, you know full well that Israel was established by international convention and that from the very outset the Arabs were bent on its destruction. You know that they have no one to blame but themselves for their current situation. You know that they could have had a State years ago, partition was agreed upon internationally on more than one occasion, they did not accept it, they wanted only destruction. Knowing all the facts as you do why do you persist in rhetoric, useless baseless rhetoric that contributes only to fan the flames of hatred. Try something that would contribute to peace. I do not like the Arabs because of their behaviour and their attitude to life and other world communities and philosophies, but I do not deny them the right to exist, I do not want to destroy them. I want to live with them in harmony. I know this is possible because I have been doing it all my life, in the limited context of the vicinity in which I live. It is also possible in the context of international relations, on condition that they manage to bring forth leaders with the intellectual qualities of the founders of Zionism and not the dubious qualities of the aforementioned Fascists. The twain trod different pathways. Zionists, the one of construction and contribution to humanity. Fascists, the one of destruction and human suffering. Zionists built Israel. Fascists destroyed Palestine.
28. finally a very good decision from a minister....
Ron   (01.26.07)
29. #21 Tony, working with the enemy is anti halacha
since it endangers your fellow Jews. Thus while Satmars are acceptable under Halacha the NK arent since they work and align themselves with those that want and have killed Jews. End of Argument
30. Great news!!!
enzo ,   london,uk   (01.26.07)
That's why I'm always so proud of you!!! You have "balls"!!!
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