Jewish Shoah conference participants banned from Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 26.01.07, 14:21
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61. Neteria Karta do not deny the Holocaust
Meir Weinstein ,   toronto, canada   (01.27.07)
This is a bad decision. It is bad because it only targets fellow Jews and does nothing about Arab MK's that actively support the destruction of Israel. Also, Abbas wrote his doctorate thesis on Holocaust denial and Jewish leaders meet with him and leave this problem alone. It is a double standard that is wrong. Also, the peace now is more dangerous to Israel and they are not taken to task. I don't think this law will stick. And having said that, I applaud the leading Rabbis for placing the NK in harem.
62. What is "Freedom of speech"??????
Casey ,   Germany   (01.27.07)
Seems like everone is happy here, if i were to published cartoon of prophet, it would be okay and would consider as "freedom of speech" BUT if i say something about holocast it should be taken into considertation???? Can't belive this world.
63. # 45 JLS
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.27.07)
Until I read your post I always had doubts about Jesus, after all there is not one scrap of hard evidence that he existed and the stories told about him are obviously nonsense. But your post finally laid all my doubts to rest. If it is written in the Koran then it must be true. I can now go to my grave safe in the knowledge that Jesus not only was, but even continues to pervade our lives and existence to this very day. Thank you for this information, I am now greatly relieved.
64. NETEREI karta traitors
richard ,   england   (01.27.07)
i live in Manchester where this traitor cohen has now been totally ostracised by the community. What more can we do?
65. To Besalel (#40)
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (01.27.07)
I refer to the moral support with which NK caresses our mortal enemy. I am uncomfortable with the idea of any Jew being barred from Israel, but I am absolutely appalled and horrified by NK's actions and I think they richly deserve to be banned.
66. Oh, for heaven's sake, Blaine (#41)
Joan ,   Haifa   (01.27.07)
67. Free Speech
NYC Girl   (01.27.07)
What these irredentist fanatics from Naturei Karta have done by participating in this Holocaust denial conference goes beyond the issue of free speech. It's known as "consorting with the enemy" and is considered to be a criminal act in a number of countries, especially during a time of war. And since Iran is the major benefactor of several terrorist organizations, that description would seem to apply in this case.
68. #66 Joan
blaine ,   seattle wa   (01.27.07)
i wish i knew what you were trying to convey, honestly and i am sorry for the blank re: #66 errant transmission all blessings to you
69. #4 why? I think they have not converted to Judaism
70. #51 isn't that anti-semitism !
71. #2 isn't this antisemitism
72. To #62
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.27.07)
Let me see, if I can explain the difference: You can draw cartoons of prophets, Jews, popes or whatever, and those are exactly that: cartoons. Cartoons in and of themselves don't kill people.You can speak of the holocaust, and that's all right, too. The minute, however, you deny that it happened, you take away the truth and dignity from millions of people and what happened to them. All the survivors and relatives have left is the truth, and that's something we and they deserve. Denying anything doesn't change the facts. It only opens the door to repetition. Cartoons are not facts. + or - 10 million dead people are facts. There are records to substantiate those.
73. kissing Holocaust denier
NK do not deny the holocaust, but they do not agree to exploiting it. It is only a kiss.
74. To #72
Kevein ,   USA   (01.27.07)
If cartons are not fact, then the fact is that it hurts Muslims, Same way as it hurt you when some body deny holocaust. Why do so? So here if cartons are not fact, then why draw it? If Holocasit deniers are not true then why say so? Did you see that?
75. kiss and tell
steven ,   france   (01.27.07)
rumour is,that when these "supposed religeous freecks",kissed the iranian baboon,they all contracted,herpy's;and now,they are all claiming that WW1 didn't even happen,.and just for the record,those Religeous,geeks,,were in fact iranian,secret service,members;;heheheh,,,Yuk,imagine kissing that Iranian scum;;;???
76. To #72
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.27.07)
No, I do not see it. Cartoons on paper don't kill people. DEATH CAMPS DID! There is a big difference between getting your panties in a wad over cartoons and losing your entire family.
77. NK
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.27.07)
GOOD. Its about time Israel shows her strength.YAY !!
78. #41 - "Discussion"?
flavia ,   DC USA   (01.28.07)
Whyis it always those who advocate lies and hatred who demand "equality" in "being heard"? As for "getting to the truth", the truth is already known - the only people who need to "debate" it are those trying to destroy it.
79. #47 "Jews banned from Msulim Countries"
flavia ,   DC USA   (01.28.07)
Not only did the 700,000 so-called Palestinins leave of their own accord at the behest of the Arab higher Committee, there were 800,000 Jews who have been evicted - "ethnically clensed" from Muslim countries - where Jews ARE banned, anyway! Try again!!
80. #61 - NK not deniers?
flavia ,   DC USA   (01.28.07)
If so, then why did they go to this conference & kiss the chief denier? Could it be that Holocaust Denial really not about history but just about Jew-hatred (after all, it's only EVER the nunber of JEWISH dead that is lied about)? In which case, they should definitely be banned from Israel on THAT score.
81. #33: Afzal, you expose yourself as a bigot
flavia ,   DC, USA   (01.28.07)
To pretend that the Holocaust has been exaggerated is pathetic - but your further pretense that Israel is stifling the truth is disgusting. THere is nothing wrong with letting those who know the truth to speak up - but this does not apply to liars who are working with other bigots for the destruction of not just Israel, but Jews everywhere.
82. flavia
blaine ,   seattle wa   (01.28.07)
yes discussion because otherwise it is assumptions and hatred you see, i don't deny the unmitigated level of atrocity that occured. i am simply trying to say that things, as per the press item at hand (NK et al ) might get exagerated in the press. governments might not always be the best spokesmen for the people they "represent". and we as humans should find a way to cast aside our diffrerences and at least learn to coexist. all blessings to you
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