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Barack and Hillary: Can Israel rely on either?
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 27.01.07, 19:29
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andrew ,   miami,fl   (01.27.07)
2. There is no one like Giuliani
Amy ,   US   (01.27.07)
We start by talking about Giuliani's view of the world, which he divides into people who are either good or evil. "There are some people who should be completely avoided," he says. "It is counter-productive to deal with them, and they will just drag you down." As an example, he suggests Yasser Arafat. Before Giuliani ran for mayor, he was a New York lawyer (he was born to Italian immigrant parents who had a bar and grill). One day, he was assigned to investigate the 1985 PLO hijacking of the Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro. He remembered how a disabled American man was dragged out of his wheelchair and thrown into the sea. Ever since, Giuliani has had a "special contempt" for Arafat and so, when the UN celebrated its 50th birthday in New York during Giuliani's reign, he refused to invite him to the mayoral party. But Arafat turned up anyway. When Giuliani saw him there, he told his beefiest security guard to throw him out. "That was profoundly satisfying," Giuliani says, relishing the memory of Arafat trying to argue with the guard before storming out. "Some of my aides said: 'You can't do it, because it will cause an international incident'. But I believe there is a certain level of civilisation that a person has to reach in order to be treated the same way other people are treated. You may have to deal with these people, but you don't have to put them on the same level as decent people."
3. Giuliani continued
Amy ,   US   (01.27.07)
"Maybe we should wake people up to the way this terrorist is being romanticized," Giuliani of Arafat. He also noted that Arafat had been implicated in the murder of American civilians and diplomatic personnel. A spokesman for the Clinton Administration stated Giuliani's actions were "an embarrassment to everyone associated with diplomacy." Former mayors David Dinkins and Ed Koch held a joint press conference to denounce Giuliani. "Mayor Giuliani has behavioral problems dealing with other people," Koch told reporters. Two days after the concert an unrepentant Giuliani said, "I would not invite Yasser Arafat to anything, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I don’t forget." Later Giuliani said he was "proud of that decision [booting Arafat]. I’d make it again, and the day I’d stop making it is the day I’d resign as mayor...When I write my memoirs, this is one of the things that I probably will be proudest of."
4. Rabbi L. Brackman & the new president
Ricardo Kolbe ,   Cologne, Germany   (01.27.07)
I do sincerely hope that Mr. Brackman is a good rabbi in his congregation because his political views have very little to do with the reality, eg. Iran he is describing as a threat to Israel and the world. Isn't it just the other way. Israel is bullying Syria, Lebanon and Arab Palestine now for 40 years, with no peace in sight. US-Defense Secr. Gates confirmed that in the west Israel threatens Iran with their nucl. capacity, and Mr. S. Peres (Kadima) in an interview stipulated that Israel can destroy Iran (because of the nukes they have).
5. Rudy Guiliani Is The Best Candidate
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.27.07)
The Clintons are both opportunists & pathological liars. Obama is too much of an unknown quantity. Rudy Guiliani gets my vote any day.
6. John McCain/ Rudy Giuliani - HURRAY!!!!!!!
Strong Republicans ,   Go America Go!   (01.27.07)
The Republicans definitely have some good strong people to offer as far as Israel is concerned. I hope McCain and Giuliani end up running together. What a great slate that could be!!!
7. Wow, Giuliani !
Iossef ,   J'lem, Israel   (01.27.07)
I'm not american but I vote Giuliani. I was not aware of what he did and said about Arafat. He is our man :)
8. Obama
Rick Lazear ,   Cleveland Tennessee   (01.27.07)
Obama has a middle name of Hussein and attended a Madrassa as a child. It is so easy to be charmed when you do not know the background. Israel needs to be leary of the secularists who have forsaken the ancient paths for more political correctness.
9. Assessing the candidates
Brod ,   USA   (01.27.07)
Hillary is not Bill. The latter is known to be a weakling in foreign policy. In plain language the latter has no balls. Hillary, however, is more courageous than Bill. In the case of the sale of US Ports to the Emirates, she condemned it sfrongly which aborted the sale. She has more guts and cognition than Bush. Obama, on the otherhand, may be articulate and bright. However, he seems to be another weakling like Bill--brilliant but weak in foreign policy. The fact is in post 9/11, America will never elect a weakling to be President. A candidate may have all the good qualities but if he or she is a weakling in foreign policy, that is, weak in confronting the threats and aggressions of Islamist-Jihadism around the world, he or she will fall flat on election day. Obama has another problem that will be an uphill battle for him. Although he is a good person, the reality is that, as a colored person in White America, it would be a miracle for such a candidate to win the highest office. He should not be blinded by the polls and be manipulated by the Leftists to venture into this election that would end up in defeat.
10. Neither Clinton or Obama will take on the
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.27.07)
terrorists. They are from a pascifist party. The Dems are protesting the war as we speak in Washington D. C.. If they won't protect the United States because they can't stand the sight of exactly will either of these candidates protect Israel? We are repeating the 1930's all over again. We are sitting everything out with the Democrats when elected.........until our new Frankilin Deleanor Roosevelt (Hillary or Obama) get dragged into WWIII. Most of the Jews were.....or will be....dead by then. It will be a nuclear strike this time though. For a party who supports killing a million babies a year.....What is all this anti war crap the Democrats push every day of the week? Kill 1 million 750 soldiers every year. Are Democrats mathematically challenged or what? I'll never figure out what makes these clowns tick. It sure isn't common sense.
11. Rudy is my favorite too
Neshri ,   Israel   (01.27.07)
I liked the way he reacted to 9/11, and how he refused the check from the Saudi prince. The treatment of Arafat is another story which shows a certainty which puts right above expectations. He would deal with unexpected threats without hesitation and with an instinctive sense of justice. I would vote for him, but I hope his health is not a problem.
12. Bush will deal with Iran and not "the next President" ..
redmike ,   tel aviv - Israel   (01.27.07)
Rabbi Levi Brackman puts much faith in experts. There would not seem to be an "expert" in Washington that expects Bush to leave Iran as unfinished business. Most money is on a summer bombing of the nuclear facilities. Does anyone expect Bush to step down and leave Iran on the point of getting the 'bomb' ? Like him or not, he will go out with a bang not a whimper !
13. rudi
martin ,   st evenage - uk   (01.27.07)
has to be him. he has honour, honesty, charm, balls, truthfulness, toughness. who are the others?
14. Giuliani for Prime Minister of Israel!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.27.07)
He has experience fighting terrorism and corruption. soros,speilberg and the other morons should read," While Six Million Died" by A.Morse. Then they should forget about the democratic party.Forget the hollywood crowd,they are not the brightest pebbles on the beach outside of their fields.
15. Hillary: a wolfe in sheep's clothing.
emily ,   calif   (01.28.07)
Please remember that Hillary sat idly by as Suha Arafat gave a speech asserting that Israel was poisoning the water that Palestinian children drink. She should have AT LEAST gotten up and walked away, but she just sat there politely. This is a woman who can't be trusted and doesn't have ethics. Right now, she's doing and saying what she thinks will get her elected. Don't trust her. And don't forget the myriad scandals Hillary was involved in, culminating with the furniture being "lifted" from the White House, and then all the pricey items of furniture that those who sought her influence purchased for her Chappaqua home (a way around the campaign finance laws that still allowed them to curry her favor.) She is bad news.
16. No. 3 Amy
NYC Girl   (01.28.07)
I remember that incident with Arafat and I've had profound respect for Rudy ever since. In fact, the first time I ever voted for a Republican was when I voted for him. And his forthrightness didn't end with his disdain for Arafat. In fact, after the attacks on 9/11, he so much as told Saudi prince Alaweed where he could shove his $10 million check when Alaweed insinuated that the attacks were a result of our relationship with Israel. Rock on, Rudy!
17. Guliani ?
Hebrew girl ,   USA   (01.28.07)
Yeah, Guliani would make a great president of America if his strong stand against terrorism is the only thing you look at. But I know that he is... well... liberal in other areas. Don't get me wrong. I love Guliani's personality and charisma and if it came between electing him and any fool that the Democrats put up He would definately get my vote.
18. Giuliani the future president we can trust
e.m ,   s.f   (01.28.07)
He is the man that never trusted the fanatic’s of Islam he is the man that did not let Yasser Arafat to enter to his concert and when the Journalist did ask him why he answered because he is still a terrorist he is the man which refunded to accept 10 millions $ check from prince of Saudi Arabia he is the man always carry two flags with himself Israel and USA Hillary Clinton like a her husband is ambition and care about white house she want to be Queen she care just for her interest Do not trust her
19. Barack & Hillary
Rick S. ,   L.A.   (01.28.07)
I don't trust either one. Not for Israel and not for the US. They are both commited leftists. Hillary was a strong supporter of Arafat and anti Israel, until she needed the Jewish vote & money to run for the Senate. She then changed very quickly. Obama is very bright and well spoken, but I do not trust him. He's too far left to be a friend to Israel. The Republicans are much more sympathetic to Israel.
20. Jason $14
Brod ,   USA   (01.28.07)
Not all Democrats are softies. Many have strong Christian family values. As for Guliani, it should be noted that Saudi Islamist-Jihadist terrorists attacked New York when he was Mayor. He met with Waleed--the Saudi Prince who has been funding so-called Saudi charity organizations that have been funneling money to Islamist-Jihadist terrorists around the world. Read "Secrets of the Kingdom" by Gerald Posner. He is also Roman Catholic.
21. Soros already decided
Alex ,   LA, USA   (01.28.07)
Soros have already decided, according to info from his organization, that Clinton-Obama will be the Democrat ticket. He had an interview with Obama and found him very anti-Bush and supper progressive. I also believe that Soros hopes on collaps of US economy after these 2 are elected. Soros plays market on the short side and he lost some money recently. (if you are an expert like Soros you can make much more money playing on a short side as all experts). Of course, Clinton, Jane Fonda, Obama, Reed, etc., are very upset by the US soldiers killing insurgents and fighting other progressive Islamic forces.
22. soros is a shame to the jewish people.
avraham ,   jerusalem   (01.28.07)
he hates himself. there is no better president then bush!!! all the money in the world will not bring soros his childhood that he has lost in world war 2. he is a sad sad man. all liberals hate themselves and love the terrorists.
23. Clinton/Obama
Georg von Starkerman ,   Berlin, Germany   (01.28.07)
It doesn't make a difference who gets elected the outcome for Israel will be the same. Isolation, and scolding.Nothing more and nothing less. The US Embassy is still in Tel Aviv, even after Presidents Bush and Clinton approved its move to Jerusalem.In fact the US Congress approved the move many years ago,, yet every 6 months it gets delayed. Will this pokicy mover under Hillary or Barack? No. The status quo will be in effect.
24. Emily #15
Brod ,   USA   (01.28.07)
Don't misjudge Hillary. You mentioned about Suha. This happened longed before 9/11 and long before there were Current Affairs books--information written about Islamist-Jihadism. Moreover, at that time she was not even a Senator. And don't be contaminated by the anti-Clinton craps spewed by the Republicans who devoted much of their energy and time harassing the Clintons and President Clinton on personal attacks, distracting President Clinton from going after the Islamist-Jihadist terrorists around the world. In post 9/11, things are different now. Candidates who are weak in foreign policy, that is, weak in going after Islamist-Jihadist terrorists and their sponsors around the world will lose the election.
25. #24 so b/c she hugged Suha pre 9/11 it's ok???
Jenny   (01.28.07)
We will never forget how Hilary hugged Suha after Suha accused Israel of poisoning Pal children. We will never forget how Clinton sold Israel down the river with Oslo in order to fullfill his dreams of a Nobel Prize. We will never forget!!!
26. Jenny #25
Brod ,   USA   (01.28.07)
Oslo was created by Norway with the approval of the then Israeli government. So, don't blame President Clinton for the sins of other people. What you have now, is that the Israeli government is being manipulated into a 2-state crap engineered by the Saudis whose terrorists attacked America on 9/11. Why Israel would agree to this is a mystery. Israel has a choice to reject such a crap. What Israel should have done is reject all the external interferences in its internal affairs. Why would Israel even think of giving away its Biblical and Historic homeland of Judea and Samaria to the Arab Islamist-Jihadists? GOD has given this land to Israel for the Jewish people since 4000 years ago. It is mind boggling to see Jewish leaders, who have forgotten their GOD, give away Israel's land to the Arab Islamist-Jihadist occupiers, usurpers and aggressors. If they think this will end the Middle East conflict, they are living in fantasyland. This means that they do not know the history and nature of Islamist-Jihadists that have plagued the world since the 7th century and persisted up to the present time.
27. Brod
Emily   (01.28.07)
Don't worry. I have not misjudged Hillary. I see her for exactly what she is. The fact that the thing with Suha happened before 9/11 is immaterial. The lies that Palestinians have spewed about Israel were wrong before 9/11, just as they are wrong after. It did not take 9/11 to make me see Arafat and his ilk as terorrists. I could see that from the time I was old enough to think.
28. Emily #27
Brod ,   USA   (01.29.07)
You are right about Arafat. In fact, the master terrorist should have been stamped out a long time ago to avert all the attacks the Arafatists launched against Israel and the Lebanese Christians the past 30 years. The past mistakes and failures by American Presidents should not be seen as something to be repeated again in the future. The events of 9/11 have awoken the 'giants' in all Americans. No American leader will fail to protect America from Islamist-Jihadist threats and attacks. Those who are soft on this issue will lose any elections for high office.
29. Hilly or Obama won't matter
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.29.07)
The Democrat moonbats will screw things up so badly in the next two years, Mr. Ed would win, if he ran as a Repuplican. Soros, btw. bet on the wrong horses the last two times. Hopefully, he'll end up with a hat trick.
RCA ,   USA   (01.29.07)
The only one for the job in 2008 !
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