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Barack and Hillary: Can Israel rely on either?
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 27.01.07, 19:29
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61. #58 Clarification
Tom ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.29.07)
The Iraqi citizens have an on-going democracy. If it continues, there will be limitless succesive elections, not just one election to install a dictator. The citizens have votes, not the country.
62. response to #61
Jerry ,   Canada   (01.29.07)
How is that different than Gaza and the election of Hamas?? What happens if they have another election and Hamas is elected again, is that still not considered a democracy then??
63. #62
Tom ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.30.07)
If it is a fair election by the whole population, yes.
64. Who Wears the Pants?
Moshe ,   Oz   (01.30.07)
America is Isreal's Bitch! It will not matter who the next President is, the US will bend over and take it up the A from Isreal and pay handsomely for it. Clinton & Obama will probably run as a team, we will hear lots of criticism of the "conduct" of the war in Iraq, but there will be no commitment to withdrawal.
65. Re:Mr Obama
betty ,   LONDON/SW4 7PZ   (01.30.07)
Mr Barrack Obama is the future president. Currently, I believe America needs a young fresh face with fresh views to sort out the mess they have created. Obama has passion and vision for his people and country and currently that is lacking and we need someone who can restore that. He is impartial due to his background and that is a quality we need in a president. Let give him a chance to prove himself to the people of America who he passionately cares for and the whole world.
66. #45 what you are missing here
is the word and notion "allow?" who is US jews and Israel to allow and get to decide who would be the US president? who do you think you are? maybe this article allows for things that we don't know. maybe it is true that Israel blesses and gets to choose who goes to white house. maybe after all that is why the first place for a nominee to go israel to get anointed, huh?
67. #47 keep dreaming
Jewsih media will sell you pro-israeli candidates as the best to protect and serve Americans. you will love him/her and run to vote for him. the you will get that fake satisfaction of thinking YOU as an american decided for the best president for America... keep dreaming.
68. I know what to do!
Nachum ,   Senegal   (01.30.07)
I think we should elect nessi ha-door, our rebbe, rebbe on the wall, Menachem Mendel Sneers on to be the coming president of the USA. His running mate for VP should be Hillary Clinton. She is white just like the rebbe, and a committed noachide . No?
Ima Bleever ,   Anytown USA   (01.30.07)
I really wish Israel would pull for Christians and not secularists to run America. Was it Darwin and his secular supporters who died by the millions in WWII to free you? Were they the ones who ensured the nation of Israel was carved out for you? Are they the ones taking the heat for that now? Can they be counted on to stand up for Israel later since they were opposed to it in the first place? Obama is likely a Muslim sleeper agent. His mother is a secular atheist. His father is a Muslim. He attended hate school (madrassa) himself. He claims he is a Christian. Sure he is. And I'm a watermelon. An inordinate amount of people who ever publically opposed Bill Clinton died of mysterious circumstances. That is why his mistress, Monica Lewenski had to keep a sperm-laden dress. It wasn't for sentimental reasons. It was as an insurance policy. Does Israel have an insurance policy against the Hillary who bested Bill? Does Israel have a Plan B if Osama, I mean Obama, gets elected?
70. #67 - wish you were wrong & we'll try our best to prove it.
erik ,   new york USA   (01.31.07)
71. XXX
Walter ,   California   (01.31.07)
Israel needs protection and support from the U.S. This is the only country in the world for Jews. The next President needs to support Israel AND the U.S.A. There is no reason for not working for the interest of both countries simultaneously. The interest of U.S. citizens are being neglected but Israels is not. This builds resentment toward the Jewish lobbys and community. This can be prevented if the same influential Jewish communities and lobbys also push for the interest of ordinary americans.
72. @46
Gerhard Shmuel ,   Berlin, Germany   (01.31.07)
Or at least a jew critical site And we cannot tolerate that either
73. To andrew-READ before you spew!
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS USA   (01.31.07)
If you bothered to read the Rabbi's background, he is from Denver COLORADO USA not in Israel!!!
Domby ,   Napanoch, NY   (02.01.07)
Now that the USA is Israel's colony, we shall have to wait for AIPAC to make its decision. All will audition sooner or later. Stay tuned.
75. Relying on Democrats was your first mistake.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.11.07)
Assuming any Democrats will fight for their country is your last mistake. You will lose your freedom if you back these pascifists.
76. #20, You are being dishonest about Rudy's Saudi connections
Yosef ,   Israel   (02.17.07)
Rudy Giuliani turned down a $10 million gift to the city of New York from prince bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Your claims could not be further from the truth.
77. Israel and Iran
Hunter Hutchinson ,   Stafford, Virginia   (02.21.07)
As a Christian, I am a firm supporter of Israel, as are most Christians, especially evangelicals. Many Christians view Islam as the work of Satan, and a direct threat to both Judaism and Christianity. Anyone who wants the Evangelical Christian vote is going to have to be tough on security, and totally committed to Israel's security, even to the point of committing US forces to back up Israeli forces. Most Christians are very stongly pro Israel. I know this Christian is.
78. Israel
Steven Scott Silvers ,   Sacramento, USA   (03.09.07)
First Question: What the hell does Israel have to do with the interests of the United States, other than the usual propaganda? Second Question: I read your terms of use, obviously written by lawyers [I'm a law school graduate] and why does it allow for complete censorship of views you deem "incorrect" in a country that has the First Amendment? Just some passing thoughts...
79. Barack and Hilary
Aaron Ginsburg ,   Sharon, MA USA   (08.17.07)
I find some of Rabbi Levi Brackman's statememts about the Iraq war that the US is embroiled in rather dubious. A lot of hucus pocus was used by the Bush administration to portray Iraq as a threat. Even if most experts thought and most intelligence agencies thought he was, and I doubt that they did, this does not make it so. Just because people are thought to be experts, does not make them right. Just because we have Intelligence Agencies does not mean that they have intelligence. I am reminded of something called the "conceptzia" which bedeviled Israel during the Yom Kippur War. This does not make Barak the better candidate, but the fact that Hilary supported the war should not be considered a point in her favor. Rather the fact the the wool was pulled over her eyes points to a certain naivete...23 of her colleagues in the US Senate opposed the war, an 133 members of the US House.
stella ,   baltimore,md   (12.07.07)
With all due respect rabbi, today the 7th of december 2007 we have developments that prove you wrong! Iran does not pose a nuclear threat. Once again our Obama has shown foresight. As we say where I am from "What a wise man can see sitting in a valley an imprudent youth cannot see standing on the mountaintops!"
81. very good point
jrboy ,   Mexico City, Mexico   (02.05.08)
exactly, ron paul for 08! he offcourse wouldn't be on the zionists list since he wouldn't fight anymore wars for israel, really pisses you off hugh?
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