World War III has already begun, says Israeli spy chief
Published: 27.01.07, 20:32
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1. Terrorist Israel has nukes too!
2. I Can't Decide . . .
emanon ,   USA   (01.27.07)
. . . if this is a scare tactic or for real. For some time, I too have felt the Muslim world has declared war on the West and all non-Muslims. There is a slight variation between the two: Except for Jews and the Western world in general, the populations will be given the opportunity to convert and be fully accepted. Jews, the US and its allies are not to be given the choice. They are to be killed regardless. The part of what Halevy says that *may* be just a scare tactic is the nuclear scenario. It is certainly within the realm of probability, but I don't know if they will really do it. If a device is detonated locally, i.e. somewhere in the Middle East, there is too much of a chance of the fallout, particularly from a dirty bomb, coming back to their territory. Yes, though, I think it is more probable they would try this on another continent . . . such as North America, South America or Western Africa.
3. Thanks Ynet for printing this,
Tracy W   (01.27.07)
but I wonder how much coverage will his words have on the world press. They won't let anything disturb the widespread belief that "Israel is the greatest threat to world peace", as an international poll concluded not long ago.
4. He is 100% correct!
enzo ,   london,uk   (01.27.07)
JP ,   USA   (01.27.07)
Oh wise one, the difference with Israel having a nuke and muslim terrorists, is that Israel does'nt want to NUKE THE MODERN WORLD back into the 7th century so it wil submit to Islamo-facists teachings. They don't use terrorism(the use of fear as a weapon) to make the world submit to their religious views. Let's face facts here, the muslim world has called a Jihad only to use that term as a take over politically and not to convert the infedel to the muslim religion. The war has started and I can guarantee you that Israel and the U.S. may suffer a few set backs, but they will by no means be the looser of this war.
6. This is not news!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.27.07)
Some of us came to that conclusion on 9/11. It's only a matter of time before some asshat will overreach his limit, let go of an A-turd and all hell will break loose. Those of us still around afterwards will look back with nostalgia on the good ol' days, when we "only" had to deal qassams and katyushas and when the asshats were mostly killing each other. (Maybe Greenland isn't such a bad idea, after all.)
7. we are all
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (01.27.07)
8. 5- thank you my friend!!!
t.i ,   Israel   (01.27.07)
we are in the front of this war, but no one would move us from our historic land, I am ready to be martyr (althought that I don't belive it) if the security of my people is in dangerous position. god won't leave 'the people of the book' and the koran says the same thing.
Scott ,   Australia   (01.27.07)
Yes, #1 - what a stupid comment.
10. No deterrent
Anna ,   Canada   (01.27.07)
I have to disagree with Emanon, #2. I believe the populace of the Arab countries have become so indoctrinated with the ideal of becoming martyrs, that the threat of fallout is not much of a deterrent.
11. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.27.07)
12. To #1 I hope the NSA will find you because u support terror
13. The United States has more.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.27.07)
And when the Muslims try nuking the Israeli's.......the Israelis can bomb you religious nuts as well as the United States. There will be lots of glass.
14. Nukes
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (01.27.07)
I was in the73 war so I know what war is, but now I feel we are in a more dangerous time than in the cold war. Living here in the states I feel we are the main target of a possible Nuke Strike. Suicide Bombers Dirty Bombs don't scare me the Nuke scenario does. I know that more than likely it will happen here, and also if one occurs more than likely a accidential nuculer war could result between Russia and the US, and that could cause us all to have a bad day.
15. War with Islam
Reis R. Kash ,   Springfield, USA   (01.27.07)
Of course Islam is at war with the West, and of course the majority of people in the West do not understand this, but it is necessary to point it out whenever possible. Islam seeks world rule and the universal imposition of sharia law and believes itself justified to use any means, including nuclear weapons, to achieve this end. I hope Israel has nuclear weapons and hope again they will use them against their enemies if and when necessary.
16. Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH
Patrick Henry   (01.27.07)
17. To #13
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.27.07)
I do hope you meant to say that Israel and the US as well can nuke the religious nuts. Reading your post, it sounds like Israel is going to nuke the religious nuts as well as the US. (Y'all had a bit of snow up there, huh?)
18. That "never again" slogan should be put into practise
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.27.07)
I don't think we should wait and expect the world (UN, ect) to save us. They did not for the past few thousands years, WWII included, Oslo War included, Lebanon War included, SO WHY ARE WE STILL SITTING AND WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE ??? Because it will affect also them, so we conclude, for a change, they are going to do sthg? It has always affected the world, and no one ever gave a damn, so AHEAD ISRAEL DONT GO TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE AGAIN Arabs will chicken up the sooner the better
19. Thanks to radical Saudi SunniWahabis & Iranian ShiaMullahs!
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.28.07)
20. WW III
sam tayar ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.28.07)
Let's hope Jimmy weighs in on this one: Israel harrasing the Palestinians and the West - Iran. Give "JC" a budget & he will write against/for any cause. I bet he would write for peanuts too!
21. Great Ynet. Wa wa wa wa wa :(
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (01.28.07)
This is called "bum-out" journalism. I guess I should just go indulge my urges for substance abuse and unsafe sex - no point in staying healthy if we're all going to die anyways.
22. Prediction--
Jo ,   USA   (01.28.07)
The Socialist , leftist, weak minded , power hungry leaders of the Western world will not concede to the danger we are in until it is too late. But wait--these chicken leaders will then unite, and radical Islam will be literally wiped off the map.
23. If Israel is harmed...
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City, Kuwait   (01.27.07)
it won't be due to it being attacked by its incompetent Arab Neighbor or the by the idiot of Iran Ahmedi Nejad but it would be cause by Israeli arrogant and Western World ignorant of the causes of the whole conflict! Israel must understand and live with the fact that it no longer holds a monopoly for nukes in the region and it should start by looking for another means of survival, a truthful, honest and fair peace should be a starter! Peace.
24. #1 no name
I would be ashamed to put my name by that comment to! YOU MORON!
25. Let me think OOH NOT
!.5 billion Muslims   (01.28.07)
Let Us see the premises ot this Artical: A. IRan Is Muslim . B. Any Muslim country who get Nukes will give Terrorist: Therefore Iran will give Nukes to Terrorist . It Make sense : Wait minute what Am i talking about !!!!!! Pakistan is muslim country who have nukes and i do not see Osama bin Ladin running around The Dirty Bomb so Please do not insult our intelagent and stop being Crying Baby . Iran any other muslim country who wanna have nukes will get without asking any body 4 permission . PERIOD. Reality Check , world
26. Soon time to close the opportunity.
Nossen Meir ,   York, Pa   (01.28.07)
Iran can not be allowed to be the wholesale house for nukes to the Arab world. I believe we will in the near future see Israel take out their reactors and hopefully their oi fields that support their hostilities. If we are going to pay such high prices for gasoline let OPEC know we have taken their views into consideation of holding us hostage.
27. War with Islam
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.28.07)
What I, for the life of me cannot understand, is that Putin and the Chinese gerontolocrats , think that somehow supporting Islamofascists is in their best interest, just because it frustrates U.S. policy. LUNATICS !!!
28. A war between the 'West' and 'islamic militancy' how conveni
Apartheid ,   Methuen USA   (01.27.07)
convenient for Israel. How far would Israel go to foment such a war? How far has Israel already gone?
29. #15, I agree with you. #22, hope you are right
madeleine7 ,   Andalucia. Spain   (01.28.07)
What a pity this article is nor printed in all the Western news-papers. Front page, too.......!
30. Islam is peace not war
Babar ,   Dallas   (01.28.07)
Islam teaches and gives message of peace. In todays world only Muslim are being attacked, framed, slaughter, butchered. Convicted without proof, abugharib, guntamo, prisons in afghanistanand around the world are witness for human eye and reasonable human mind, prophet Mohammed-SM says killing one innocent is like killing whole humanity, why if Islam so bad and Muslims, west is fearing and accepting Islam so fast, Islam is the fastess growing religion in the west says christian scholars, don't wee what is the west doing to people in iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine who is attacking Muslims all over the world and trying to caputure their resources, history will be a witness one day. Who has the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction and biggest weapon industry, I wish we could see who is our real enemy, it is not Muslims and Islam. People protesting in DC are not Muslims active duty soldiers against their own President and govt policies. Lets be realistic for humanity cause and peace and try seeing the truth with honest not evil eye, may God help us against all evil and let humans live in peace. Amen
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