Israel's 'Sweet Mud' tops at Sundance
Ynetnews, AP
Published: 28.01.07, 11:59
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1. Congratulations!
Adam ,   Manchester   (01.28.07)
2. "sweet mud"
aviva ,   Omer Israel   (01.28.07)
I am always happy when Israelis win anything. I lived on a kibbutz in the south during those years-and I harbor no love for the dying institution-but I thought aside from the actors who were outstanding-that the movie stunk worse than the cowsheds! But kol hakavod to our young film makers.
3. how do you get "sweet mud" from orig title?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.28.07)
which is "crazy land" (adama meshugaat)
4. "Sweet Mud"
Chaya ,   Jerusalem ,Israel   (01.29.07)
the translations for film names range from mildly amusing to downright bizzare. the oringinal name means Crazy Earth.which would have been fine for any international film anycase always glad to see israeli films doing well. i have seen the film, it was good.very wrenching to see the boys mother fall apart.also it was very authentic-feeling.the sets and costume design.vehicles and dialogue from the seventies...KOL HAKAVOD DROR SHAUL!!!
5. the actress in the film
chaya ,   jerusalem , israel   (01.29.07)
also your article talks about the mother portrayed by " first-time actress Ronit Yudkevitch". actually she played in a very good film in 2003 called Matana MiShamayim ,title in English: Gift from Above. see link: just to keep you abreast of Ms Yudkevtich's film career.
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