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Send Blondi a stone
Yair Lapid
Published: 29.01.07, 23:51
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1. Great idea
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.30.07)
I am doing it
2. Thank you...
Lisa ,   USA   (01.30.07)
I couldn't access the website in this article. Is there another web address someone can post, or can you post the mailing address...I'd like to send a stone from the beaches of CA, in the US, in memory of Blondi. Thank you too, for this beautiful article with a lesson...I have 4 children, they know the "hand me downs" and living under the other's shadow and I needed this reminder...I am going to do something special for each of them in Blondi's memory. Please know that we pray as a family for Israel everyday.
3. # 2 neither could I
gabriela ben ari   (01.30.07)
4. Where to send stones
Yossi Tzur   (01.30.07)
I saw that people can't get into the web site. You can send stones to: Yossi Zur POB 7895 Haifa 31078 Israel Thanks to anyone that will send Asaf a stone Yossi, Blondi's father
5. Dearest Yossi
ora ,   eli, shomron   (01.30.07)
My mom died during operation in US-9y ago and all the people that loved her helped me to bring her here for burriel. Her gravestone is a map of Isr that I glued with over 300stones for each person that couldnt put a stone themselves. Our hearts have hardened in the last 6y with piguim almost every day-we remember very few of them-just the ones that media talked about for longer then 1day-only the loved ones feel the loss each day and the time doesnt heal-it just numbs it a bit. My settlement lost 5ppl in the last lebanon war while 40families from up north were taking shelter in Eli. Blondi loved the sea-we have mountains so i would really like to send u a stone from Shomron-from ancient Shilo. PS: please tell Yair that the closet to G-d place is not some Potosi but Jerusalem-he is old enough to know that.
6. Another great idea came miZion
Damir ,   Russia   (01.30.07)
I'll try tomorrow at the postoffice
7. Yossi- be strong
Eden   (02.01.07)
8. Elis name change
Pierre ,   Cumberland Island   (02.18.07)
2000 years of European intermarriage and the Ashkennazis still think they have a genetic connection to the Hebrews of the Bible. So....nothing was promised to you and no land belongs to you.
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