Bernard Lewis: Iran in apocalyptic mood
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 29.01.07, 22:01
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1. the bad, the ugly and the stupid
hanina   (01.29.07)
I am really getting tired of this guys ugly face. Just remember Hashem has great aim.
2. whoa has anyone verified this guys Semikhah
Rich ,   Clarksville, TN   (01.29.07)
From what institution did this individual receive his ordination as a Rav? I never recall anyone ever claiming they could force the will of Hashem. The "will" shall be revealed to us not dictated by us. I work with so many here in the US that think like this guy. They have assumed the identity of Jews and speak for us but, have never taken the time to study Torah. In my Tanakh I don't recall a book entitled revelations nor any passages or interpretations of Nostradamus. Honestly if he is wrong about Jews what does he really no about DR. Ahmadinejad? I am not saying the motives of the administration in Tehran are all good but we must exhaust all avenues of peace first. Let's all hope that the will of good people is enough to counter and offset the desires and will of the powerful and corrupt people.
3. WOOSY Lewis is WAY TOO politically correct
malcolm   (01.29.07)
He doesn't have the guts to tell the whole truth. The shahid , his family, community, and Islamic leadership do not consider these as acts of suicide. This is Jihad and as long as the kuffar (you and me) are killed or an attempt is made on the kuffar's life, the suicidal maniac is called a shahid and gets the virgins. This Koranic concept overrides any Koranic prohibition on suicide. So Lewis is totally (and intentionally) off base here. He's still too politically correct as he thinks he can convince Muslims they are going against the Koran. The Koran not only permits these acts of suicide (as we call it), but actually demands it of it's most devout followers. That's why the sexual reward is so high. Endless orgasms for killing kuffar. Now that's not suicide...That's the way of the Koran, Islam and Mohmmed.
4. Lewis
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (01.29.07)
Lewis is great with history, BUT he can't erase the countless modern fatwas justifying terror. He has no religious authority.
5. apologies for my previous post
Rich ,   USA   (01.29.07)
I should check before I shoot my mouth off because now I see Professor Lewis is a fine and accomplished scholar. Just, I am finding al this apocalyptic end of the world stuff rather depressing and for some reason I would rather hear predictions of celebrations and happiness than predictions of catastrophe and doom and gloom. I still hear the old axiom “hey Jews invented all this apocalyptic stuff” and I don’t know I just ain’t buying it but, again I apologize for previous post though. Shalom!!
6. Careful words
Michelle T   (01.29.07)
I wish I had the complete text of his lecture and of his book. A general comment, though, is that many scholars are being very careful not to offend Islam lest they be targeted by a fatwa. The sad thing is that these wishy-washy words do nothing to advance the defeat of evil in this world.
7. Ahmadinejad
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.29.07)
Why couldn't he just wait for Hale Bobb or some grand rapture like some other nuts? At least, he wouldn't hurt anybody else. I know a few people, who are not too happy about his contention that Jesus will play second fiddle to his mahdi. Will those two show up in separate space ships, BMW's, materialize out of thin air or what? And how, pray tell, will Ahmadinejad know who is who? Will they wear name tags or will one of them speak Farsi and the other one Aramaic??? And what will he do, if they decide to land in New Delhi or, heaven forbid, maybe in Las Vegas?? I don't think this guy has given all of this enough thought to be going off on some instant urban renewal tangent in places that don't need it or are there, already. Mahmoud, maybe you need to give it a rest for a few decades. Take a nice, hot bath, slip into some new duds, get a shave and a haircut, maybe put on a little fou-fou, learn to play mah jong or get a dog. You'll be much happier.
8. a "POWDER CAKE" or a NUT CAKE? either way it has to be cut..
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (01.29.07)
Iran could not behave as a civilised society perhaps Kurdistan, Turkmenistan, Sunistan, Shiate perhaps Bezerkistan would make lot more sense on the long run... Perhaps that is THE BIGGEST mistake in Iraq it should be BALKANIZED into Kurdistan Suni's Bezerkistan and Shiate Iraq? If country could not function as a an member of the civilized society it should be brought into a more MANAGABLE enteties. Kurds are pro-WESTERN and would be a major PILLAR of stability in the whole REGION to fend off any SAUDI "pipe-dreams" aspirations of Jihad in the region. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey (a growing Iranian influence of Muslim Brotherhood) are the major growing threat to the peace of the whole PLANET. It has to be stoped NOW!
9. lewis
toni ,   sabme   (01.29.07)
islamic law forbids attacking non combatants. really. that is mind bblowing .cause if lewis is right than the prophit muhammed broke holy islamic law. unless taken the wives and daughters of combatants and having sex with them after these women just saw there loved onse killed is not considerd an attack. and the article was about irans mood so why mention christians and jews? a warning issued. whats the warning ,it probably was eccept islam as your religion or eaccept islam dominance and pay the tax .and why is the truth somewhere in the middle? because a peacefull law or passage in the quran can be totally contradicted by a violent one a rasist ones even an outright lie.allah said new revelations nullify old ones. hopfully the newer ones are peacfull..
10. "Powder cage" or a "NUT CAKE"... this "cake' has to be cut..
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (01.30.07)
Iran as well Irak should be cut to each into 4 "new" enteties. Kurdistan is pro western, Iraqi Shia Muslims are also more reasonable than the rest of the BEZERKISTAN's wild ilk. West shoud focus on friendlies and treat the enemies not as a "social misfits" but as a enemies dream of peace never bego the peace, BUT THE VIGALANCE of the humanity to respond to the SAVAGE-"adventurism" with the JUSTICE and the DUE retribution so the rest of the ASPIERING-idiots could learn that there is a cost to their MURDEROUS DREAMS... it could be slow at the times.. BUT IT IS INEVETABLE ALL OF THE TIMES. The price of the peace is JUSTICE.
11. Should be Hale Bopp in talkback #7. Sorry
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.30.07)
12. a must read
v n.y. ,   israel/boston   (01.30.07)
have you ever read the book WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM by IBN WARRAQ ???? it'll answer all your questions about islam and its message. mind boggling!
13. Ahmadinejad
g   (01.30.07)
if he wants to meet with Allah, we will arrange for that meeting
14. "M.A.D." won't work
Sarge ,   Rochester   (01.30.07)
Mr. Lewis is much more the expert than I. However, I must wonder if he meant that the "threat of M.A.D." won't work. Ahmadinejad enjoys his power as does every man of his ilk. His power is temporal. If he were given the chance to prove his faith to the world by walking away from power to show his beliefs relly not on the actions of a single man...but are an inevitable evolution of mankind; he would laugh at the suggestion. I honestly think this man is so full of himself and drunk on the publicity and the power ascribed to him, that he would never prove his "beliefs" through his own actions. Ahmadinejad is selling a cat in a bag. I don't think there is a cat in the bag! Let's call his bluff. Open the bag.
15. iran
steve l ,   waterboro me   (01.30.07)
so if suicide is forbidden in Islamic law, all you people who claim to be Islamic, and are either doing the suicide bombing, or supporting the act of suicide bombing, are not going to get to heaven. serves you right assholes! hey Ahmadinejad, you are on the top of the list of betrayers of your faith. so say what you want, but in the end Allah will refuse entry for you and your followers. why don't you be a real man and just admit that you are a self-centered, deceitful person. you surely do not believe in Allah or his Word, you are merely using His faith to accomplish you're own agenda. oooooh, you are some BIG trouble you pitiful little man. one thing i cannot stand is someone who uses religion as a guise to get what they want. you will ultimately pay in the end, and i look forward to you getting your just desserts...
16. Is it just me?
JP ,   usa   (01.30.07)
Everytime I see a picture of Ahmadinejad's face, it looks like he really need to eat more fiber. He's so full of crap it looks like his face hurts!!!!
17. BERNARD LEWIS IS A GENIUS - one of most renowned ME scholars
student ,   USA   (01.30.07)
18. isn't this....?
Ruben ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.30.07)
same Bernard Lewis who vemenetly denies Armenian genocide? Oh yes, well, croll back to the hole you came from, you are discredited from day one.
19. Posters Like Palistanis: If It Lives It's Enemy - Attack It!
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.30.07)
Prof. Lewis is making an URGENTLY needed point about the nature of the Islamic mekhdi (messianic) mentality and the futility and calamity awaiting those willing to assume that past motivations will be effective against the Islamic mekhdi (messianic) mentality. He is right and some of those who are attacking him need to learn to read and check facts. Most also need to get an education before submitting to diarrhea of the typing fingers, while others just need to get a life. Become more educated and aware of Israel's and Jews' interests before shooting off the typing fingers about your own rants that are often ignorant and contrary to the interests of both Israel and Jews. If you don't live in Israel then you should be especially circumcspect - to put it charitably. Further, most of those who ignore Arabic aren't making the connection: the militia of Iraq’s Shiite Muqtada Al-Sadr is called the Mekhdi (messianic) Army, with ties, via Khizb-Allah, to Iran's Shiites. Haman-dinejad already has a respectable nucleus of his Messianic Army. Pay close attention in future to usage of the term Mehdi or Mekhdi or Mechdi (messiah or messianic). Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
20. Peace be to thee
Watchman ,   Finland   (01.30.07)
Judaism and Christianity truly have a common end of time scenario: Upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, God Almighty will pour the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon Him whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for Him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. (Zec. 12:10) In Christ Jesus is the peace eternal:
21. Watchman (#20) Christianity & Islam Common End-Time Scenario
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.30.07)
Both are expecting a messiah-figure. For you to take one element, pervert it, and conclude that "Judaism and Christianity truly have a common end of time scenario" is illogical, false and deceptive. Judaism and Christianity no more "have a common end of time scenario" than Christianity and Islam. Further, the Bible cannot be self-contradicting while reflecting a Perfect Creator. Therefore, according to Devarim 13.1-6, it's inescapable that the Davidic figure described by Zekharyah (12.10) CANNOT refer to the new Hellenist god of the NT developed by Roman idolaters after 135 C.E. Educate yourself to the history of the period between 30 C.E. and the 4th century C.E. by the late Oxford historian James Parkes, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue. If you cannot find it elsewhere, it's available in our website. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
22. Iran, Nukes and suicide.
AR ,   USA   (01.30.07)
First off who cares about Amadinejad? Seriously who cares? The loser has absolutely no power what so ever. Even if iran dose get nukes (which they could just buy) Its not in Amadinejads hands its in Khameni's and when he dies probably Rafsanjani. They controll the army and foreign policy not Amadinejad. The author was correct about suicide. In islam if you commit suicide you go straight to hell. The ayatollah in iran who has the most followers has publicly stated that suicide bombers go straight to the deepest parts of hell. Amadinjad is a nut but hes cracked and all the meat is gone hes a no body and if he tries to take iran into a war that his country didnt absolutely have to fight (ie getting attacked by america or israel) he and the mullahs wont be around for very long.
23. paqid16
toni ,   sabme   (02.01.07)
what conflict between 'church and synagogue , i dont see it maybe im blind to it , but in my opinion without ssynagogue there is no church. wwithout the vine no grapes can be grafted in. yours is afaith is it not? if it is pure logic than no need for ancient scriptures .not in our times.
24. Whoa, Rich
John ,   TX   (03.01.07)
Rich, wake up. They are trying to kill us and if we don't get off our political correctness they will destroy us from within. They call in infidels and will destroy anyone who doesn't believe what they do.
25. islam
muhammad abdullah ,   compton,usa   (03.01.07)
in the name of allah-the beneficent-the merciful:say:he,allah is one.allah is he on whom all depend.he begets not,nor is he begotten.and none is like him.[qur'an:112]-" just as the christian crusade went east the islamic crusade is going west." [malcolm x].what nation[s]that are regarded as muslim is occupying a nation [s]? what nation [s] that is regarded as muslim has enslaved and perpetuates enslavement upon people because of the color of their skin and their religion? what nation[s] that is regarded as muslim has dropped nuclear bombs as well as dropped nuclear bombs,cluster bombs upon civilians? to defend oneself agaist an oppressor warrants a person and a people to be a terrorist? here in america a nation that regards itself as christian has a human rights record of what to human beings from her inception as 13 colonies and then as the united states of america? what court of law and evidence has been shown to warrant america's conscious behaviour towards the people in iraq and afghanistan? we who are muslim and non muslim that are non european have and are afflicted with genocide right here today in 2007.who has and is indicting america to stand trial for human rights violations? as the reverend adam clayton powell ,jr.a christian preacher and congressman said:" the most segregated time in america is sunday morning at 11:00." muslims from africa were the first to recognize america as a sovereign nation inspite of america enslaving muslims and non muslims who were christians as chattel slaves.where is our reparations for the terrorism inflicted upon us for the past 400 years as the celebration of jamestown,virginia is acknowledged 1607-2007.taif'tul' 338-compton,ca.90223
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