Hamas commander killed in Gaza despite truce
Published: 30.01.07, 19:24
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1. Pal promises, as usual...
Chatich   (01.30.07)
...not even worth the paper they're written on, not even the ones they make to each other. What does the snivelling peanut farmer have to say about all this inter-terrorist violence and takkiya? "It's all the joooos' fault," no doubt...
2. they mean German shees fire [shoot fire]
sam ,   nj usa   (01.30.07)
3. talk about stewing in your own s**t
Cameron   (01.30.07)
good luck on this whole 'unity govt.' concept methinks you are grasping a straws, but I could be wrong
4. Does This Count As A Work Related Accident?
David ,   Marietta USA   (01.30.07)
5. I would not trust a Palestinian promise....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.30.07)
How many times have we seen them lie and break promises to Israel, their own people, the US etc??? Too many to count. This whole culture revolves around lies, but we are expected to be surprised everytime it happens? Pathetic!!!
6. At lest they are consistent
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.30.07)
Ceasefire should be spelt CeaUSFIRE
7. Phallistinean winning hand: no ceasefire, no unity, no
Uzi ,   Haifa   (01.30.07)
elections and no state. Also, no prisoners release, tight international aid, abject poverty, humiliation and disease. See article by Zoheir Andreos in today's Haaretz.
8. How many times are we gonna see "despite truce" in headlines
RA   (01.30.07)
9. Palestinian statehood a fantasy?
Youknow ,   DC, USA   (01.30.07)
How does anyone in the world expect Israel to negotiate with any Palestinian goverment be it Hamas or Fatah? In the words of Rodney King "Can't they all just get along?"
10. Fatah/Hamas The Cease Fire
rl ,   Hollywood   (01.31.07)
will not last - Keep up the good work - keep on doing what you know best -
11. WELL DONE!!!!
12. Youknow DC
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (01.31.07)
No, they can't get along. Never could, never will. They call each other "brother", but mean "bastard". It was Arafat who helped create them both, so that each alone wouldn't be strong enough to take his power. That's all that it's about...POWER.
13. Hamas/Fatah infighting=a retarded dog chasing its tail
14. Yayyyyyyy!
Daniel ,   Columbia, SC, USA   (01.31.07)
Good job, boys, keep it up!
15. Peretz...Israel's answer to McClellan
Gerard ,   New York, USA   (01.31.07)
Yet another bold move by the keystone cops entrusted with Israel's security. Let me tell you, if Peretz attacked Palestinian terrorism as fiercely as he seems to attack a table filled with Krispy Kreme donuts, then Hamas and PIJ wouldn't even exist.
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